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Burn Xt Review- Does it work?-

What is Burn-XT?

Burn XT is a fat burner from Jacked Factory that boasts of achieving weight loss benefits by using few but potent ingredients. You see, fat burners are usually associated with two things. One is the prevalence of caffeine and other stimulants in them and the other is in the vast number of compounds that they use. With a huge list of ingredients, there is always the concern of possible side effects that users are likely to get. This prevents the majority of people from accessing such supplements. Jacked Factory meanwhile claims to have come up with a brief but powerful enough formula that has incorporated only the needed ingredients to achieve weight loss.

According to the manufacturer, this supplement is formulated to achieve weight loss in various ways as discussed below:

How Burn XT works

Firstly, the burner is said to contain the elements necessary for suppressing one’s appetite. Appetite has always been a major issue when trying to lose weight. It is one of the reasons why people normally opt to include a supplement in their weight loss plan in order to achieve faster results by fighting the urge to eat more. Jacked Factory explains that the natural extracts contained in this supplement will be more than enough to cut down your appetite allowing you stay off calories-filled meals more easily.

While some ingredients in this product are trying to reduce your eating urges, others are included to approach weight loss more directly by burning down fat. This is formulated to ensure that you can break more fat than if you were to solely rely on workouts and a healthy diet. These compounds are believed to alter the chemical balancing and functioning in the body facilitating faster and even fat loss for pleasant results. Additionally, Jacked Factory says that all this will be done while preserving and boosting your muscles. So, you will not only be losing weight but your muscles are also likely to be more defined giving you a slim yet mildly built-up body. All this is supposedly achieved by just five natural compounds present in the supplement!

Burn XT will then go ahead to promote your body metabolism enhancing the efficiency of your digestive system. This will break down carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients consumed. Adipose around your belly and limbs will also be broken down resulting in massive weight loss. Metabolism will then consequently lead to higher energy levels. How is this energy important? With improved strength, you’ll be able to take part in more rigorous workouts which should help you get your dream physique.

As if that’s not enough claims, Burn XT further promises to improve your focus and overall cognitive functions! Several clinical trials have linked obesity and overweight problems to emotional distress. Stress, anxiety and other similar problems lead patients into becoming more emotional and a big majority end up eating in an unhealthy manner resulting in weight gain. Moreover, lack of mental focus is believed to make it rather difficult for most people in weight loss programs to efficiently engage in the necessary gym sessions and dietary plans. Jacked factory believes that by improving your cognitive functions weight loss will become more fun and effortless to you.

Burn XT Ingredients

Looking at all the things promised by this supplement it is hard to believe that they can all be achieved by just five ingredients. The good thing when looking at the list of ingredients used is that the small quantity of compounds used has enabled the makers to supply quite big dosages of each ingredient. This should help them reach their therapeutic levels if indeed the compounds are beneficial. Another positive to take from this list is the lack of artificial additives. This means that the supplement is likely to be safer with reduced chances of side effects.

Here are the compounds used:

  • Acetyl L Carnitine

Acetyl L Carnitine is the highest supplied compound in Burn XT at 700mg per serving. Acetyl L Carnitine is a popular ingredient associated with benefits extending from fat burning abilities to brain performance enhancement.

Clinical studies show that this amino acid is safe and easily absorbable from the small intestine. They also claim that its presence in the system at high levels is essential in promoting fat burning. It is believed to achieve this by channeling fatty acid into target cells where they are burned down to release energy.

The efficiency of this amino acid in weight loss has, however, been questioned in several trials. Yes, there is a possibility of it aiding fat loss but the impact is said to be so low and almost insignificant thus making it not the most powerful weight loss ingredient you can use. Maybe this is why Jacked Factory decided to supply it in huge quantities but we still believe that it can’t achieve the kind of impact most overweight and obese people look for. Furthermore, a few studies showed that Acetyl L Carnitine can only work to people that have a carnitine deficiency. In individuals that already have adequate levels of this amino acid, any further supplementation is unlikely to cause any impact.

  • Green Tea Extracts

A very common ingredient in weight loss supplements. There is 450mg of Green Tea Extract in Burn XT that is standardized to provide 45% EGCG. Green Tea Extracts provide EGCG and small amounts of caffeine all of which are said to assist weight loss by improving metabolism in the body.

Green Tea Extracts are widely used due to a good number of studies supporting their efficacy but there is also a few trials that have provided conflicting results while others are warning people of potentially harmful side effects. There is, for example, been reports of liver problems caused by the consumption of too much green tea extracts. Caffeine too is known to cause some unpleasant reactions which can be problematic particularly to patients with cardiovascular issues and diabetes.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous

Stimulants are believed to be good for weight loss and perhaps this is why Jacked Factory has gone further to include 270mg of caffeine anhydrous on top of the caffeine that is already supplied by Green tea extracts. Caffeine is known to aid weight loss by improving metabolism which breaks down the fat present in the body. The manufacturer further claims that its presence helps in boosting cognitive functions. Caffeine can improve one’s alertness and memory but the side effects if oversupplied are usually too severe to ignore. This product hence seems to have way too much of this stimulant raising safety concerns. Another problem with the use of caffeine is that consistent consumption makes the body to build tolerance reducing its effectiveness. Unless consumed in cycles with breaks in between caffeine will, therefore, end up being ineffective.

  • Capsimax (50 mg)

Capsimax is used to supply cayenne pepper extracts that are exceptional in boosting thermogenesis. This ingredient increases the internal temperatures in the body enabling faster burning down of fats.

Theoretically, thermogenesis is an excellent approach to losing excessive fat in the body but the problem has always been the negative effects that such high body temperatures have to the body cells and tissues. Even though cayenne pepper is effective in raising body temperature to burn down fat its side effects are too severe and that’s why scientists discourage its use.

  • Bioperine

Bioperine is supplied in this supplement through black pepper extracts. Bioperine by itself has no impact on weight loss but is usually used to promote the absorption of the other ingredients used in the supplement. The black pepper, on the other hand, is believed to aid weight loss by burning down fat. Its effectiveness is under-researched and hence might not be as effective as claimed by Jacked Factory.

Potential Side Effects of Using Burn XT

Burn-XT has high contents of caffeine stimulants which are likely to cause insomnia, restlessness, jitters, and irritability to users.

Taking Burn XT

Each Burn-XT bottle comes with 60 tablets. The recommended dosage is two tablets daily both taken in the morning with a full glass of water. The bottle also says that users can take another two pills in the evening but consider the high levels of stimulants in the product it’s best that you stick with just a single serving.

Where can I buy Burn-XT?

Burn-XT is available on various online and other retail stores. A one month supply bottle costs around $29.99. Three bottles cost $74.99 which represents $24.99 per bottle.

Burn XT Review

Burn XT’s inclusion of a few ingredients is an incredible thing because a majority of weight loss supplements are usually supplied with vast compounds most of which are experimental and barely effective. A brief formula saves users from consuming unnecessary compounds but if the few ingredients used are not effective then the supplement is also just not good enough. Jacked Factory seemed to be obsessed with caffeine stimulants, which has a decent weight loss record, but their levels in this product seem to be too much and harmful. The only ingredient that may be considered beneficial and slightly safe is Green Tea Extracts and unfortunately, this compound alone isn’t enough to achieve the sort of benefits Burn XT is promising. When looking for a weight loss supplement it’s advisable that you get a product with proven and safe compounds to avoid frustrations.

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Burn Xt Review- Does it work?-


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