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Lean Xtreme Review – Benefits & Side effects-

Lean Xtreme Introduction

Lean Xtreme is a dietary supplement from Driven Sports that is formulated to tackle weight loss by decreasing the amount of Cortisol in your system. According to Driven Sports, this supplement will help you lose fat a lot faster especially in the abdominal region. We all know that the abdomen usually is one of the most affected areas when we are talking fat deposits. It causes a very undesirable aesthetic look both in men and women. Driven Sports explain that the product will not only facilitate faster fat loss but will also promote mass muscle growth.

This product works without the use of any stimulants and claims to deliver remarkable results mainly if it is used alongside extra cardio and a decent dietary plan. Lack of stimulants in this supplement may be an excellent thing to other users because it also means that the pills can safely interact with other supplements that one may be using. Even though some people have enjoyed somewhat good results, a few individuals have reported that this supplement works at specific fitness levels. This raises eyebrows because it could mean that unless you are at a certain level of fitness, you may not be able to enjoy any of the benefits associated with it.

How does Lean Xtreme Work?

Weight loss can be approached from five key angles. For a product to successfully achieve fat loss, therefore, we usually expect it to efficiently tackle at least three of these. One of these is through fat burning or binding. When a supplement has incorporated all the right ingredients to either burn down fat or bind to it, it makes it easier for your body to lose or excrete all the excessive fat. Secondly, weight loss can be approached through appetite suppressant compounds. Appetite and cravings have always been one of the trickiest challenges in weight loss plans. Someone could be working hard in the gym and with a decent diet but if they are unable to stay away from all the sugary foods then they are bound to witness slow or no weight loss at all. Suppressing the appetite will hence prevent one from taking unnecessary foods resulting in faster results. We can also achieve weight loss through better metabolism. Improved metabolism helps to break down all the fat in your system fueling you in the process to take your gym workouts to the next level. Carbohydrate blocking is also essential for weight loss. It helps to prevent how much starch is retained in the body thus preventing its conversion and accumulation as fat. Finally, we know that weight loss can be solved through a well-planned diet plan.

When we look at the ingredients and other information about Lean Xtreme, we see that it only addresses one of these problems. The only potential way to which this supplement may help you lose weight is through fat burning and binding. This is all allegedly achieved through reducing the amount of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is said to be capable of influencing how a body can store fat. When it is present at high levels, it not only causes your body to increase solid body fat but will also make it burn muscle mass. This results in overweight and weak body which tires after the slightest of physical exercises. At low levels, it causes a reverse effect where more fat is burned as muscle mass increase.

Now, for a person to witness a significant weight loss impact using a product that only offers fat burning, the supplement has to be extremely powerful. The manufacturers must have gotten everything right with the formula to achieve this. Has Driven Sports done this with Lean Xtreme?

  • Lean Xtreme Ingredients

Lean Xtreme Ingredients are provided to us in a single serving of 395 mg capsule. The manufacturer then decides to hide the dosages of the individual ingredients used in a proprietary blend. We, therefore, have no way of telling whether the dosages of each of these compounds are sufficient to elicit the effects we are looking for. Here are the ingredients nonetheless:

  • Green Tea Extracts

Green Tea Extract is a widely used ingredient in weight loss supplements. This compound is believed to have a wide array of health benefits from boosting immune systems to facilitating faster weight loss. According to information from Driven Sports, Green Tea Extracts make up the biggest percentage in this supplement.

Green Tea contains an antioxidant known as epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG that boosts the operation of fat burning enzymes. As these enzymes work efficiently, they speed up the breaking down of fat which happens even faster if you are also doing some exercises. Green tea also contains caffeine which is believed to be capable of improving metabolism and suppressing appetite.

Lots of clinical trials have been done to examine green tea’s effectiveness in promoting weight loss. Majority of these studies showed that consuming around 625mg of catechin for a 12 week period will indeed boost weight loss. The problem, however, is how to supplement such high amounts of catechin without increasing caffeine levels. We all know caffeine could be useful in controlling metabolism, but at high levels, this compound can result in severe side effects like irritability, insomnia, nausea, frequent urination, diarrhea, and anxiety. Driven Sports have not provided us with any information to tell whether the green tea or caffeine in this supplement is safely dosed to deliver the needed results without adverse reactions.

  • Coleus Forskohlii

This herb contains a compound Forskolin that has been speculated to be useful in promoting fat burning. It is not a very common substance in weight loss supplements because it is also under-researched. According to Driven Sports, the herb can also increase enzyme Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP) which could increase one’s testosterone levels.

Looking at the few studies done on this herb we come across some conflicting results. One clinical trial that was done on six overweight women claimed that daily supplementation of 50 mg of forskolin taken in two servings per day delivered weight loss results after eight weeks. In another much bigger study involving 19 overweight women showed that no weight loss was achieved. Instead, the compound showed signs of maintaining the current weight hence suggesting that it can be used to prevent weight gain. The herb may, therefore, be promising but at its current state, there’s no conclusive study to guarantee its results. Another concern is the presence the purported testosterone boosting cAMP enzyme. With such a compound, how safe is the supplement to women?

  • Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine is the compound expected to control cortisol levels in your body. This chemical is believed to be efficient in repairing cortisol receptors in your hypothalamus that could be damaged due to the high levels of cortisol. This compound will hence assist in reducing the amount of cortisol released due to stress or other reasons allowing its user to burn fat much quickly and steadily.

There’s very little information online regarding how this chemical can influence weight loss. This even makes us wonder why it was included in Lean Xtreme in the first place. One of the few studies done on it tried to look at the impact the compound could have on exercises. This trial showed that its users might be able to exercise for a more extended period. The study had, however, used 750mg of phosphatidylserine which is way above the total serving of this proprietary blend.

Benefits of Using Lean Xtreme

Even though there isn’t much to be excited about this supplement after looking at its ingredients, the manufacturers still claim that it can:

  • Control cortisol
  • Burn Fat
  • Boost testosterone
  • Improve muscle mass
  • Enhance the immune system

Potential Side Effects of Lean Xtreme

Every supplement comes with its possible adverse effects. These can be caused by a single ingredient as discussed in the Green Tea Extracts above or can be due to the interaction of all the compounds used. Some of the complications you can expect include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach upsets
  • Tremor
  • Coughing
  • Restlessness
  • Jitteriness

These side effects are, however, not prevalent especially if you go to your doctor first before using the supplement.

Taking Lean Xtreme

The recommended dosage of Lean Xtreme is one capsule taken twice or three times per day. It is advisable that the pills be taken with the three main meals of the day. Driven Sports encourage the users to take it for 4-8 weeks to witness any results consistently.

Where can I buy Lean Xtreme?

Lean Extreme is available on Amazon, Predator Nutrition, and the Driven Sports official website. On the manufacturer’s website, this supplement (90 capsules) will cost you £33.99. Predator Nutrition has the lowest price of £28.99.


The lack of stimulants makes this supplement ideal for people who are already using other dietary supplements. This supplement, however, is faced with various issues that cause major concerns. One, is we do not think it is advisable for women to use it due to the presence of a potential testosterone boosting compound. Secondly, other than green tea, the other two compounds have insufficient science to show us how they can influence weight loss. If we knew the levels of green tea in the compound, it might have been possible to tell whether these extracts alone can boost weight loss. As it stands, however, very little is known about the supplement, and this makes it hard to recommend Lean Xtreme.

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Lean Xtreme Review – Benefits & Side effects-


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