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Vegan Protein Powder – Benefits & side effects-

Vegan Protein Powder Introduction

When an excessive amount of fatty or oil based food is consumed on a daily basis, our body starts gaining weight. We gain weight mostly because of the accumulation of bad carbohydrates which are mainly present in food items like chips, candy, cold drink, cookies, etc. Though all the mentioned food items taste really good, they make our body fat and sluggish. They not only make our body fat but also slow down the body process. Many people also face issues like digestion, high cholesterol, obesity, etc. To get rid of all these issues and to become a healthy person we must start losing weight.

Just because you are vegan, it does not mean that you cannot take any kind of supplement or vegan Protein powder. Today where there is everything for everyone, people consuming vegan food will not be left out when it comes to vegan protein powder as vegan protein powders are now available. Even if they are plant-based, they do not lack any essential component which is needed for bodybuilding purpose. Below is a list best vegan protein powders, to know more about them in details please keep on reading.

Active women vegan blend

Available in three variants, this vegan protein powder is perfect for women. The three flavors are apple caramel, banana cinnamon and pineapple and coconut. All these flavors taste amazing and are very popular. In per serving of this vegan protein powder, you will get around 90 calories and a blend of 16g plant-based protein. It is a very healthy alternative to the normal supplements as it is gluten free and has no added sugar in it. It is specifically designed for women who are engaged in various physical activities throughout the day and is loaded with many vitamins and minerals. Apart from being a healthy and vegan alternative, this vegan protein powder also contains other active ingredients such as green tea, folic acid, and enzymes. All these ingredients are very beneficial for our body. It also comes with ample amount of vitamin C and thus helps in increasing the energy level.

Benefits of consuming Active women vegan blend

  • Protein: As each serving of Active women vegan blend contains 16g of plant-based protein, it keeps the body muscles maintained and helps in their growth.
  • Calorie content: Each serving of this drink contains only 90 calories which are a perfect amount for someone who is looking for a meal alternative.
  • Formula: The vegan powder is formulated using amazing ingredients such as green tea, folic acid, and enzymes which are very necessary for our body.
  • Vitamin C: This vegan protein powder contains a good amount of vitamin C which helps in increasing the energy level so you don’t feel tired all day long.
  • Choline: Choline is an ingredient which is not present in much vegan protein powders but it contributes to the normal lipid metabolism.

Vegan blend

If you are looking for a powerful vegan protein powder then you might like this one as it contains 22g of plant-based protein per serving. It is a perfect blend of pea protein isolates, brown rice and hemp protein which makes it an ideal vegan protein powder. This dairy-free vegan protein powder also contains a good amount of digestive enzymes which helps in better digestion. In addition, it is also a great source of BCAAs. Consuming this vegan powder, you will get the best of everything as it is the perfect blend of healthy protein. Though vegan products from one manufacturer by default will be different from that of another manufacturer, most of them contain brown rice, pea protein isolate, and hemp protein. When all these ingredients are combined together your body gets the necessary amount of amino acids, both essential and non-essential.

Benefits of consuming vegan blend

  • Specially designed for vegans.
  • Contains all the necessary ingredients such as pea isolate, hemp powder, and brown rice.
  • Each serving contains the right amount of calorie and protein.

Vega one

Available in 7 different flavors, this is one of the most popular vegan protein powders that has taken by people all over the world. It is available in berry, natural, vanilla chai, chocolate, French vanilla, coconut and mocha flavors. Apart from the natural flavored nutritional shake, all the others are well consumed by many people. Though there are many nutritional shakes which are grainy in texture because of the ingredients used in them, this one is not at all like the rest and is very smooth. When it comes to the satisfaction level, this is one of the shakes that has received a high amount of positive review. If one serving of this product is consumed the individual is expected not to feel hungry for the next 2 to 4 hours. It does not make the individual feel like they are Starving and keeps them full throughout the day. When this nutritional shake is consumed without any kind of diet or exercise, an individual can lose after 2 to 3 pounds a week. When consumed with a combination of diet or exercise an individual can lose up to 5 to 7 pounds per week.

Benefits of consuming Vega one

  • It is vegan and has great nutritional value.
  • Contains probiotics and antibiotics.
  • It is fairly priced and not all costly.
  • Available in various flavors and each of them tastes amazing.
  • Contains low calorie.
  • Have amazing mixing features.

Sun Warrior vegan protein powder

This protein shake made out of plant-based protein is helpful for maintaining overall body health and fitness. It is available in three different flavors natural, chocolate and vanilla. Each sheet contains 19 grams of protein and hundred grams of calorie. It includes ingredients like amino acid, stevia extract, probiotics, fiber, minerals, antioxidants, fruits, and vegetables. It is a gluten-free, Dairy and soy free alternative regular weight loss shakes. The texture of this protein shake is not at all grainy, it is very smooth. The vanilla flavor tastes amazing and when mixed with apple and cinnamon it becomes way tastier.

Benefits of consuming Sun warrior Vegan protein powder

  • All natural ingredients
  • Fast weight loss
  • Available in three different flavors
  • Amazing taste

Vega Sports Performance Protein

When it comes to meal replacement shakes, Vega is one of the well-known manufacturers. They produce high quality of vegan protein powders, pre-workout shake, recovery drink and plant-based vegan protein powder. This protein shake by Vega is made out of pea protein, pumpkin seed protein, organic sunflower seed protein and alfalfa protein. It provides 150 calories per serving. It has a smooth consistency and mixes without any problem with any plant-based milk, water, and Juice. Though there are various opinions regarding the taste of this drink, some people may find it very tasty. If you do not like the taste of this drink, you can always mix it with other drinks to make it taste good. In pursuing it provides 30 gram of protein and various other minerals and vitamins.

Benefits of consuming Vega Sports Performance Protein

  • Increases energy level.
  • Contains various essential ingredients.
  • Tastes good, though some people may not like the taste.
  • 150 calories per serving

Nuzest Clean protein

If you are in search of a protein supplement which is Vegan and also contains no soy then this one is perfect for you. In one serving of this protein drink, you will get 1.7g leucine which is a very important amino acid. It contains fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics and enzymes which are essential for the body. Though it is little pricey than other supplements, it is worth the money.

Benefits of consuming Nuzest Clean Protein

  • Gluten and soy free.
  • 7g of leucine per serving
  • Rapid weight loss

Reasons why we should only consume vegan protein powders

If you are thinking of increasing the amount of protein in your diet, vegan protein powders are a good option. Most of us have an idea that vegan protein powders only used by bodybuilders, which is not exactly true.

In the market, you will find different types of vegan protein powder and you can easily find a one with whey protein, soy protein, and plant-based protein. Even if each of the vegan protein powders is prepared differently, the main motive is same. Vegan protein powders are also very useful when it comes to weight loss as they provide an extra source of protein which you may not be getting.

As we can already guess by the name, plant-based protein get the protein from plants. Plants are a great source of protein and are recommended by many doctors. It is very necessary that we had even a very little amount of plant-based food item in our daily diet. Below are some benefits of plant-based protein.

  1. Helps the earth

Often the most important benefit of using plant-based protein is overlooked. Manufacturing plant-based protein is less harmful to the environment. Growing plant-based protein requires fewer resources like water and land as compared to animal-based protein. Additionally, they are also lot cleaner for the environment as plants are biodegradable in nature and thus create less waste. If you want to make this world a better place to live in, purchasing plant-based protein might contribute to it. Vegan protein powders are good both for our body as well as for the environment.

  1. Ally without any allergy

Though proteins are good for bodybuilding, some people may be allergic to whey. Plant-based supplements do not contain whey and thus they are a great option for people suffering from whey allergy. They are also great for having a gluten allergy. Though there is some protein powder that is not gluten-free, there are many that are gluten-free. As long as you don’t have an allergy to any ingredient that is present in a plant-based protein powder, you are in a quite safe position to consume them.

  1. Friendly Fiber

Another reason why vegan protein powder is good for our health is that they contain fibers. To be very honest they are loaded with fiber! Both insoluble and soluble make a fiber. Though fiber constitutes both insoluble and soluble fiber, insoluble fibers help to make our digestive system run smooth. Soluble fibers keep us feeling full and happy after having the drink all day. A plant-based protein shake contains the mixture of both soluble and insoluble fiber so we stay full all day and the digestion process also remains good. Additionally, fibers are essential for our heart as well.

  1. Metabolism booster

Plant-based protein shakes are also very beneficial for our body metabolism. They help in boosting the metabolism of our body. Protein takes a longer time to get digested as compared to carbohydrate and fats. When you are trying to lose weight, consuming a larger portion of protein daily is essential as it helps in speeding up the metabolism rate. Plant-based protein powders contain a high amount of protein which means that your body will metabolize more and you will, as a result, shed the excess amount of fat that you have over time accumulated in your body.

  1. High amount of vitamins and minerals

You must be already aware of the fact that plant-based protein shakes contain a high amount of vitamins and minerals. There is no doubt that vitamins and minerals are an essential part of our daily diet and that we consume them on a regular basis. Plant0based protein powders contain the right amount of protein that is needed by your body to stay healthy and lose weight at the same time. The vitamins and minerals that a plant-based protein powder contains are not easily available when we consume only animal-based protein.

  1. No antibiotics or growth hormone

Though plants also contain fat, there is nothing to be worried about. Fats are an essential part of our daily diet as they consume the vitamins and provide other important factors that we need. Fats like saturated fat, which is mostly found in coconut is beneficial when you are willing to lose weight. The fat present in coconut is weight loss friendly fat and thus is consumed by many people all around the world in order to lose weight. Different kinds of dishes are prepared using coconut oil by people who are willing to lose weight.

  1. Low calorie

When you are trying to lose weight you will surely want to consume low calorie. Animal-based food as you may already know, contain a high amount of calorie. Let me tell you, the concept that animal-based food contains a high amount of calorie is totally wrong. One cup of chicken contains 231 calories and 9 carrots contain 225 calories. This means if you consume 9 carrots instead of a cup of chicken you will only consume 6 calories less, which is okay.

So now that you have known all about vegan protein diet and the fact that they are equally useful like animal-based protein powder, I am very sure that you will no longer feel that you are getting anything less. Vegan protein powders are no less powerful. All the above-mentioned vegan protein powders are some of the best vegan protein powders and are very easily available. Most of them do not taste bad and are having positive consumer reviews. Mostly all of them cost very less and are worth the money. They are also available in different variants so you can choose the one that suits your taste buds. So what are you waiting for? Go grab the one you like and shed those extra fats.

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Vegan Protein Powder – Benefits & side effects-


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