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5 Challenges Facing Chiropractic Care And Treatment

We have handled numerous Chiropractic treatments for the past many years. One thing remains certain though, that is there are many challenges in chiropractic care and treatment. These challenges face both patients as well as the doctors of chiropractic. For the best results in chiropractic treatment, it is always desirable to mitigate these challenges. In as much as we would like to get rid of all these challenges, we cannot for certain assure patients that they will be gone forever. This does not mean, however, that we cannot put in place measures to handle these challenges. Moreover, we have chiropractic associations all over the world. These associations are put in place to help in providing long lasting solutions to some of these challenges. With regards to the challenges themselves, there are things that an individual can do to try and avert them. But one cannot plan for something they do not have knowledge about. This is why our post today focuses on various challenges in chiropractic care and treatment. Pay keen attention to the challenges we shall shed light on, hopefully; you can also come up with suggestions on how to handle such issues and concerns in the future.

Sciatic Pain

Sciatic Pain

The challenges to chiropractic care and treatment are many, but we can categorize them according to the financial, social and regulatory basis. Economic or financial challenges are monetary. Social challenges to chiropractic care and treatment are related to public perception as well as the availability of chiropractic clinics. Regulatory challenges to both DCs and patients of chiropractic care and treatment is generally about licensing, insurance cover and rules and regulations in practicing chiropractic.

Below are some common challenges which face doctors of chiropractic and patients on a daily basis. It is best to figure each challenge and familiarize yourself with it. This is important because you might have to deal with such challenges as you walk the path of chiropractic care and treatment.

  1. Lack of Funds to Pay for Chiropractic Care and Treatment

Sometimes we get very ill maybe due to sciatica or chronic lower back pain. In many cases, we resort to paying for cheap painkillers. These painkillers only relieve pain temporarily. In the long run, the illness continues to grow, and it can affect other parts of your body. Why do you think people fail to seek proper treatment for serious medical conditions? The answer is almost obvious; it is due to lack to of the necessary finances to pay for chiropractic treatment.

There is a notion that chiropractic care and treatment is expensive. This is false, but we shall look into it under social challenges in chiropractic care and treatment. I would mention however that chiropractic treatment does not come free of charge. For low-income earners, it can be a very expensive cost to incur. It is for this reason that chiropractic clinics try to reduce their costs of operations to make their services affordable to low-income earners.

Although studies find chiropractic care and treatment costs to be low compared to conventional treatment, some people are still not able to afford it. This is a common challenge which is distinguishable quite easily. Walk into a chiropractic clinic and take a look at the patient inventory. Most of the patients are either the retired senior citizens who have decent retirement schemes or working professional such as sportsmen. This is a clear indication that unlike an OTC painkillers which cost less than a dollar, chiropractic treatment and care costs an average of $100.

  1. Lack of Finances to Maintain and Run a Chiropractic Clinic

We all agree on the importance of chiropractic treatment to not only the community but practicing chiropractors as well. Chiropractic clinics provide a source of income to doctors of chiropractic. However, there are costs related to the general maintenance and daily operations of a chiropractic clinic. If for some reasons, a chiropractor is earning less than they are spending, in the long run, the clinic will run out funds. Without the funds to buy equipment, pay for its staff or bill, the clinic will go under.

This is a common challenge facing chiropractors all over the world. It especially common when you try to set up a chiropractic clinic in places with the low patient turnout. You have electricity bills to pay, and maybe you are renting out the facility you are using as a clinic. If you have to incur these bills, where are you going to get the funds to run your clinic if no patients are coming for treatment? It is for this reason that chiropractors should be very careful when setting up a chiropractic clinic anywhere.

  1. Controversies and Social Misconceptions about Chiropractic Care and Treatment

For the past centuries, many myths and misconceptions have surrounded the practice of chiropractic treatment. Some said chiropractic treatment was only good at treating lower back pains. Others claimed that chiropractic treatment was too risky. On the other hand, there were claims that chiropractic treatment was too expensive and unaffordable.

It was not until research and studies were conducted that most of these misconceptions were ruled out. Nevertheless, not everyone has been lucky to get access to these research findings. There those among us who still believe in these rumors and speculations about chiropractic care and treatment. This provides a serious challenge in chiropractic care and treatment. Such notions have misled people against seeking chiropractic treatment.

Additionally, doctors of chiropractic are faced with the challenge of proving the effectiveness of their techniques. Many controversies have been encountered with regards to the effectiveness of the spinal adjustment. Forceful manipulation of lower vertebrae has raised concerns over the years. Popular controversies claim that forceful manipulation can result in serious damage to the spine. Such issues have generated some of the modern challenges in chiropractic care that doctors of chiropractic must find an answer to.

  1. Side Effects of Chiropractic Care and Treatment

Nearly every type of medical treatment has some reported side effects. For some reasons though, people seem so keen on the possible side effects of chiropractic care and treatment alone. It is true that there are some side effects associated with chiropractic treatment. The seriousness of these side effects is sometimes blown out of proportion.

When people hear about the side effects of chiropractic care, they think twice about seeking chiropractic treatment in the future. Doctors of chiropractic must, therefore, come up with measures to reduce or if possible eliminate the side effects of chiropractic treatment altogether. It is true that side effects are a challenge in chiropractic care, but there is no need to blow it out of proportion if advising someone on whether or not to seek chiropractic treatment.

I must mention that chiropractors are making tremendous progress in coming up with chiropractic techniques with zero side effects. It is only good that you let someone make their decision without trying to discourage them. Maybe chiropractic treatment would have provided the best remedy for their condition.

  1. Licensing

In most countries, it is mandatory to get a license from the relevant authority before starting your chiropractic clinic. In some countries, however, the licensing officials are corrupt. They demand to be paid some amount of money before agreeing to give you a license to practice. In some cases, the rules and requirements that you must comply with are anti-chiropractic. This is especially the case where conventional medicine and chiropractic are at war. Since conventional medicine has been around for many years, it is always the case that doctors of conventional medicine hold key positions in health boards and committees. Where these boards don’t want to limit the practice of chiropractic treatment, they put in place impractical and stringent measures. Failure to adhere to these measures ends up costing you a practicing license. This issue has been a major challenge in chiropractic care and treatment in some countries.

Now that you know one or two common challenges in chiropractic care and treatment, what do you purpose to do to remedy them? It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that they get decent and affordable healthcare. It is for this reason that we must all strive to find solutions to the challenges in chiropractic care and treatment.

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5 Challenges Facing Chiropractic Care And Treatment


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