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Electronic Breast Pump – What to Look For When Choosing

An Electronic Breast Pump can be just what a woman needs to express her breast milk quickly and comfortably. Unlike a manual breast pump, an electronic breast pump does not rely on the pumping action provided by working a lever or handle. Instead, it uses an electronic motor to generate the suction that expresses the milk from your breast. This can make it much easier to express milk in a very short period of time which can help you to reduce the amount of time you will be spending pumping your milk. Examples of an electronic breast pump include the and the Nuk electric breastpump.

It is important to keep in mind though that each woman will typically have a different experience when using an electronic breast pump. If you have larger breasts, for example, you may find that some pumps that may be comfortable for smaller women may cause you discomfort or make it difficult for you to express milk quickly and easily. Therefore it can be helpful for you to understand the different models on the market so that you can choose the best electric breast pump for you.

Features to Look For

Some of the features that you should look for in an electronic breast pump include:
Soft breast shields that do not pull or pinch your nipples. This can damage your nipples and cause you problems if you are pumping frequently

  • An electronic breast pump that is easy to transport. This is important if you will be travelling with your pump (this may be particularly important for women who commute and choose to pump at work)

  • More than one level of speed and suction. This allows you to customize your pump’s performance and it can make it more comfortable for you to pump

  • Storage systems that include a cold pack so that you can keep your expressed milk at a safe temperature if you are pumping away from home

Electric breast pumps come in all different sizes and shapes and range in price from as low as $50 up to $350. If you are looking for an electronic breast pump then you probably need to pump often. If this is the case, you should certainly consider a double electric breast pump over a single electric breast pump because pumping both breasts simultaneously will save so much time. Although their are many double electric breast pumps available, not all are efficient, comfortable, and easy to use. For instance, the models such as Avent electric breast pump and the Evenflo electric breast pump do not get nearly as good reviews as the breast pumps made by Medela and Ameda. Following are the top three most popular and efficient electric breast pumps on the market today.

The Pump In Style Advanced

The Pump In Style Advanced is one of the best electronic breast pump models on the market today. It is extremely popular with many women as it is comfortable and easy to use. It is a dual electronic breast pump that has a two phase suction cycle. This pump does a great job mimicking the sucking patterns of a nursing baby, something that can help assist with letdown.

This breast pump is durable enough to be used multiple times each day, something which a less well-made electronic pump may be unable to handle. The pump comes in a bag complete with accessories that make pumping on the go safe, comfortable and discreet.

The Medela Freestyle

If you are a woman who needs to multi task, you may want to try the Medela Freestyle. This is the best hands free electronic breast pump on the market today. Like the Pump In Style, the Freestyle has a two-phase suction cycle and comfortable, soft breast shields. It is an extremely efficient, portable, and easy to use breast pump. This pump fits in the palm of your hand and is packaged in a bag that makes it easy to take it with you when you head out the door for the day.

The Ameda Purely Yours

This electronic breast pump also has a great reputation and deservedly so. Like the Freestyle and the Pump In Style, it is a dual pump, meaning that a woman can pump on both sides at the same time in order to shorten her pumping time. It has 32 different settings that can allow you to choose the precise level of pumping force that is comfortable for you.
It offers pumping women the option of using the three different sizes of nipple flanges to create a more precise fit on the breast. This can help to increase your comfort and milk production while minimizing the chances you have of damaging your nipples. The Purely Yours electronic breast pump also offers you the ability to use the manual pump handle in order to express milk if your power supply has been interrupted.


An electronic breast pump uses batteries or a wall adaptor to provide you with the suction that expresses breast milk. Women need to look for comfort, portability and dependability in the breast pump that they are going to purchase. The Pump in Style, Medela Freestyle and Ameda Purely Yours are three models of electronic breast pumps that are comfortable, efficient and durable enough to use for daily pumping needs. Regardless of which electronic breast pump you ultimately choose, knowing that you have a reliable method of expressing milk for your baby can be a huge relief. Only you will be able to tell which pump has the features and benefits you find most important.

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Electronic Breast Pump – What to Look For When Choosing


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