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7 Reasons Travelling Can Make You Smarter and Healthier

Have you ever experienced being so burned out that you literally need a break from everything and everyone? Do you spend all day and all night just staring at your computer with piles and piles of paper works that don't seem to end? Well then, now is the right time to Travel and escape your office responsibilities and life pressures.

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In our busy world today, that everything appears to go at a fast pace that pausing for just a little while might leave you on your tracks, having your leisure time may seem to be a big issue. I'm not talking about a five-minute wee break but a whole week or a month-worth of travels in different exciting places. Sounds great, right?

In the recent studies made, researchers have found out that there's a lot more benefits that traveling can do for you. As someone said, “traveling is an investment in yourself.” Travelling can be your happy hormones in your pessimistic environment. It can make you grow to a whole new human being which you never knew exist.

Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport

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7 Reasons Travelling Can Make You Smarter and Healthier

Reason 1: Planning For a Trip Can Make You Happy

Who would deny that just by the thought of you going somewhere you’ve never been will make you go crazy with the overflowing excitement?

Although collecting stamps on your passport won’t add up to your IQ points, still, planning and choosing from different wonderful places and building your vacation itinerary are just some things to look up to.

Search for the 7 Wonders of the world, have a dive through the Great Barrier Reef, or climb the Mt. Everest, and even have the best romantic dinner with your loved one at the top of the famous Eiffel Tower. The possibilities are endless. Think of traveling the whole world and you will sure find yourself happier than you could ever be.

We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel next, to find ourselves – Pico Iyer

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Reason 2: Helps To Develop New Skills

Traveling from country to country will not only make you feel so adventurous. As you travel, you will encounter a lot of new things such as new language, different traditions and even unusual food preference. Most of the time, staying in a place for a little while is quite difficult, and this is where your adaptation to the environment will be challenged.

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In this case, take advantage of your struggles and learn new things. Increase your cognitive flexibility as you teach yourself to speak the same language used in the place you stay in. Master hand signals for universal communication that anyone can understand. Adopt people’s tradition by familiarizing yourself on their way of living. Go to different shops that offer you a brief recipe on how to do their famous dishes or how they maintain the greatness of their wine through the years.

Reason 3: Traveling Helps To Connect With New People

Widen your circle of friends as you meet new people throughout your vacation. And if you are lucky enough, you might get some pen pals as well. Bring out that congeniality in you and be friends with people. Expose yourself to strangers. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you. In fact, it can help you a lot in your travels.

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Having new friends with you in a new place can be comforting. You don’t have to feel alone. Enjoy the company of others and let your social skills do the talking. In this way, you will gain a better understanding of their culture and share life experiences with each other.

Reason 4: Develops Understanding within You

Solo traveling can reveal the creativity in you. Imagine being stuck on the roadside with a broken car engine, or stuck in the subway confused on how to go to your next location. What will you do? Overcoming these obstacles can give you an intellectual boost that can yield to a better understanding of yourself.

More often than not, we don't have any idea that we can go beyond our limitations and our comfort zones, not until we have no choice but to step out and be challenged to do something we haven't even tried. In other cases, some travelers gain more knowledge to themselves when they climb the highest mountain or just dine out alone. Just the solo time with yourself can help you love yourself more and helps you assess what keeps you going in life.

Reason 5: Brings Curiosity to Learn New Things

As it might be tempting to see what the most people see, why don't you feed your curiosity and try something that only a few dares to do. Go to the nearest winery and experience how to make one. Or in a local pottery and create a memorable pot that you'll surely remember forever. And to extend your curiosity, familiarize yourself with natural remedies with different leaves of plants that you might encounter when walking through a forest. One of the beneficial knowledge you might want to know is the use of Kratom leaves as a pain reliever, improves the immune system, and energy booster. This might come in handy when the time gets a bit tough.

Reason 6: Mind Gets Relaxed

Take time to detox yourself from the pressure of your boss and friends. Give yourself some “you” time that you deserve. Breathe and enjoy your private space that is away from your usual day-to-day activities. Embrace the silence and peace from within. Try some medication to enhance your focus and release your stress. It’s your chance since the only thing that matters now is you.

Reason 7: Generates the Feeling to Live Life Again

Travelling can open your overall being to be inspired again after all the obstacles you'll go through. Seeing new hope in places and people you've encountered will make you rethink and reconsider in quitting your job. Sometimes, all the things we nag for are just the same things that someone somewhere in the world needs for. And as you travel, you will see deeper that life has so much to offer for you. Your misfortunes can be your greatest experiences in the end. Learn to embrace it, cherish it and create more memories with it.

Image source: Huffington Post

Author Bio: Angela is an editorial assistant at Kratom Crazy, a premium supplier of kratom extracts that are sold for research and educational purposes. Being working as an editor, Angela is also responsible for studying kratom effects on various health issues. Connect with Kratom Crazy through Facebook.

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7 Reasons Travelling Can Make You Smarter and Healthier


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