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I Doser Peyote

Today I decided to give I doser peyote a try. You should give it a try; you can download it right here. Peyote is basically a cactus that doesn’t have any pokers on it and is a psychoactive alkaloid of which mescaline is the major culprit behind ones experience. You can find it in areas around Texas and in the homeland of our neighbors to the south. Peyote is ingested in order to experience the psychedelic effects associated with it. Experiences are often described as metaphysical and spiritual in nature. I doser peyote is noted by the I doser team as one that should not be taken lightly and if you have never tripped before. In fact they recommend a slightly moderate dose called TRIP. I knew I would be able to handle whatever I doser peyote had to throw at me so I decided to give it a try and my experience is documented below. I mean come on, I've done i doser hand of god. Nothing could ever be that intense and mind blowing right?

I definitely wanted to get the most out of this dose so I did a bit of meditation before I started. I just sat in silence for a while and tried to clear my mind of any distractions and thoughts. When I sit down for an I doser dose experience I want to make sure it’s worth my time. This dose is 35 minutes long so I didn’t want to waste my time fidgeting or being distracted. I have never personally taken peyote so I cannot tell you how similar this dose is to the real plant. However, I did feel very strong sensations from this dose and also experienced amazing closed eyed visuals. If you dare to download I doser peyote you can do so here .

Recreational (VERY VERY Strong)
35 Minutes
Overall Rating 8.5/10

As usual I decided to begin my experience in a calm quite environment with little outside light. My bedroom is also my go to because my bed is extremely comfortable and therefore keeps me from stirring about and moving around. I think the premeditation was a good idea because when I climbed into bed I felt calm and relaxed and ready to trip. I believe the state of mind I was in was optimal for a successful I doser dose experience. And successful it was.

As previously mentioned I started with some premeditation before I did this dose. Once I was satisfied with my state of mind I entered into bed and proceeded to give I doser peyote a try. The story behind this dose comes from the trip to Amsterdam by an I doser employee to test some of the worlds best peyote. He was then assigned the job of creating as similar of an experience as possible and I would have to say he did an excellent job. I understand that not having personal experience with the drug may make my opinion seem less credible but I can only do my best with explaining exactly what went on. The effects were awesome and I’ll do what I can to describe them below.

The dose started off like any other. The mix of sounds in your ears and the calamity that ensues during the first few minutes. I always do my best to ignore the shock and focus in on the trip itself. What i really try to do is focus in on what is going on in my own mind and not really what is going on in the real world. I always feel so disconnected and it's an amazing experience. I try my best to zone out from reality and experience everything that is to come. My first noticeable effect was the come up of some close eyes hallucinations. There were just some simple geometric designs that I could see on the back of my eyelids as if they were a movie screen. It was a very cool experience that I have experience before with different drugs. The designs and colors became more vibrant as the trip went on and the whole experience was outstanding. The only thing that I would have improved with this i doser dose would be to make it longer. When the dose ended I wanted to go back and be experiencing those feelings forever. Too bad it was only 35 minutes.

I rated the I doser dose peyote 8.5 out of 10 because it was an extremely strong and visual experience. I normally don’t receive any visuals from I dosing so this experience was bar none one of my favorites.

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I Doser Peyote


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