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Why You`re NOT Building Muscle!

Here’s a question I see over and over again in on the internet bodybuilding and also physical fitness online forums:

” Hi, I have been functioning out for __ [insert long time period below] months and also I have only acquired __ [insert little quantity of weight below] pounds. I train tough as well as have actually been taking XYZ supplements. I can not put on weight or get stronger! Please aid!”

This is an all also typical tale for people without experience or expertise on how to build Muscle and gain weight. For the most part, after trying to acquire weight for several months the individual will certainly stop. That’s a pity, due to the fact that the only point stopping the individual from progressing is knowledge.

In this write-up I’m going to discuss in information the possible reasons you’re not developing muscular tissue. I have actually got 15 reasons detailed below, which covers 99% of reasons you’re not growing.

15 Reasons why you’re not building muscular tissue:

1. You’re not getting sufficient calories

Calorie usage is the solution to concerning 90% of the grievances lifters have about not being concerning to get larger and/or more powerful. Your body calls for a certain variety of calories to keep your present weight. This number is recognized as basic metabolic rate (BMR), and differs from individual to individual relying on your weight, muscular tissue mass, task level, age etc. If your calorie intake is less than BMR, you will certainly drop weight. This is called a calorie deficiency. If your day-to-day calorie consumption is greater than your BMR, you will put on weight. This is referred to as a calorie surplus.

How do you understand the amount of calories your body needs?

The simplest method to calculate your BMR is to utilize our BMR calculator. This calculator utilizes the Harris Benedict Solution (among one of the most exact approaches) to compute your day-to-day calorie demands. Go over to the calculator and also work out your everyday calorie requirements. Most individuals are amazed at exactly how numerous calories they need just for maintenance!

Let’s concentrate on your objective. You wish to build muscular tissue and also gain weight, so your calorie consumption requires to be even more than your expenditure. Take the number the calculator gave you and also add 500. This is the amount of calories you ought to be consuming every day to develop muscle.


  • Your calculated BMR is 2,760 calories
  • You call for 3,260 calories for weight gain
  • You call for 2,260 calories for weight loss

2. You’re not eating the appropriate foods

Generally speaking, if you’re eating excess calories everyday and training with a respectable workout you’ll grow. However, if you’re not consuming the right foods, the chances are that you’ll be limiting your potential, placing on excess body fat, and also not expanding sufficient lean muscle.

The finest way to intend your bodybuilding diet plan is to split it up into protein/carbohydrate/fat (P/C/F) ratios. Probably the most effective proportion of Muscle Mass growth is 30/50/20. This mean you’re getting 30% of your overall calories from healthy protein, 50% from carbohydrates as well as 20% from fats.

So allowed’s look at our 3,260 calorie diet regimen from above and damage it up:

  • 30% of 3,260 is 980 calories from protein.
    Divide by 4, and that’s 244g protein per day
  • 50% of 3,260 is 1630 calories from carbs.
    Divide by 4, and that’s 408g carbs per day
  • 20% of 3,260 is 650 calories from fat.
    Divide by 9, and that’s 72g fat per day

Now all you need to do is spread those amounts over 6-7 dishes each day. For more comprehensive details on building a diet plan see our exactly how to create a bodybuilding diet regimen article.

3. You’re not consuming adequate meals

When you consume is equally as important as what you eat. The days of eating “3 square dishes” are lengthy gone. Research study has revealed that eating a lot more smaller dishes is not just excellent for advertising a fast metabolic rate, yet helps maintain, lose, as well as gain weight. Think about your body like a log fire. If you place as well much timber on at as soon as, the fire burns slow-moving and also sluggish. If you progressively add much more wood as the fire obtains bigger, it melts extra successfully and also obtains bigger.

You should be aiming for a minimum for 6 dishes spread out at even intervals throughout the day. You intend to make these dishes as even as possible, however it’s OKAY to eat a little bit extra at breakfast/lunch/dinner if you don’t have time throughout the other breaks.

So you’re possibly thinking, “I do not have time to eat all those dishes”. If I had a buck for every single time I listened to that I might retire. The fact is you can, it simply needs a bit for forward planning. There are unlimited means you can cook as well as keep food for dishes throughout the day. Invest a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon food preparation up your lunches and treats for the week. Utilize your creative imagination. Here’s some instances of foods you can prepare, after that freeze or refrigerate.

  • Chili
  • Stir fry
  • Mexican hen as well as potatoes
  • Pasta bowls
  • Potato and chicken salad
  • Beef stew

The other alternative is weight gain trembles. There’s absolutely nothing much easier than banging some water into a shaker with some powder, having a shake, as well as alcohol consumption. Good dish replacement drinks generally consist of around 600 calories with great quantities of protein, BCAAs, glutamine and carbs. It’s actually a dish in a mug. All you require is a couple of shaker containers, include the powder prior to job, after that simply add water and beverage on the task. Simple.

4. You’re not getting sufficient water

Water is nature’s marvel supplement, it’s essential for an entire host of physical functions. Several lifters undervalue the importance of being moisturized well before they enter the gym. If you really feel dried right before you’re regarding to educate, it’s far too late, you won’t be able to rehydrate on your own time. Maintaining yourself hydrated ought to be a top priority from the moment you rise. Dehydration is a severe problem, and in severe situations can lead to death. Here are some indicators of dehydration you should watch out for:

  • Feeling thirsty (obviously)
  • Tiredness. Really feeling tired for no apparent reason.
  • Dry mouth and also possible sore throat
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dark urine with strong odor

Drinking an ample amount of water is easy, and there’s no excuse why you can refrain it. Simply take a bottle any place you go as well as keep sipping from it throughout the day.

Some supplements, like creatine, might bring about dehydration. If you’re making use of creatine monohydrate you must enhance the amount of water your consuming.

5. Your exercise routine sucks

Choosing the best regular to fit your body type, training experience and goal is important. Many new lifters get their workout regimens from magazines as well as short articles written by specialist bodybuilders. These exercises are not made for novices, as well as will just lead to a lot of lost time, energy and frustration.

A good exercise regular needs the following:

  1. Training days arranged to permit for sufficient rest
  2. Muscular tissue teams organized so overtraining does not occur
  3. Muscle groups prepared to ensure that each muscle mass can be functioned to maximum effect
  4. An excellent choice of compound and seclusion exercises
  5. Good warm up and cool down

We have a big data source of workouts on this site that have been made for novices throughout to advanced lifters. Look into our workouts section.

It’s likewise important to understand as well as recognize the features of your type of body. Various physique reply to different methods of training. What help your friends may not work for you. For more information on physique see our “which of the type of body are you?” article.

6. You’ve been making use of the very same exercise too long

Building muscle is just the procedure of the body reacting to increased anxiety. You placed tension on your muscles in the gym, and they grow bigger to cope with the anxiety. The body is extremely quick to adjust to any kind of changes, this includes your exercise. When your body adapts to your exercise regimen, it will not see the demand to construct more muscular tissue or obtain more powerful. You have to change.

As a basic policy you should alter your workout when you quit obtaining more powerful or larger, or after about 8-10 weeks. If you have actually been doing your workout for 12 weeks and you’re still growing, do not change it, everyone is various – if you’re still growing, stick to it. We have plenty of great exercises on this site for all experience degrees. Look into the exercises section.

7. You’re not concentrated on progression

Progression builds muscle, without it you won’t grow. Development is the consistent increase of weight, stress and also intensity required to tell your body that it needs to grow even more muscle.

You ought to intend to enhance at the very least one facet of your exercise each week. It might be boosting the weight, maybe your increase the associates, yet it has to be something. This is where a training log comes to be so important. Prior to every workout you need to recall at what you did the previous week, precise weights and also reps. Pick the locations you intend to boost, and also enter the fitness center and do it.

If you’re discovering that you can not proceed (ie you’re not getting stronger) reviewed the other factors in this write-up, especially the points regarding diet plan and also exercise routines.

8. Your exercise technique is bad

You’re doing the ideal exercises, yet are you doing them right? If you want to position the maximum amount of tension on the muscle mass, and protect against significant injuries, you have to implement every motion with good form. Do not replicate what others are performing in the health club, this is exactly how bad habits spread out. Here are a couple of general guidelines that relate to many exercises:

  • Keep your representatives slow and controlled
  • Don’t utilize energy to move weight (no swinging!)
  • Use a full range of motion
  • Do not secure joints out at the top of movements

Check out the exercises area on this site for instructional videos on how to do all the muscular tissue structure workouts correctly.

9. You’re doing the incorrect exercises

This goes hand in hand with a strong workout regimen. Doing the incorrect workouts is an usual mistake made by new lifters. Normally, the lifter is either doing a lot of isolation exercises and also not nearly enough compounds, or just doing exercises they “like”.

Big compound movements recruit the most muscular tissue fibers and put one of the most stress on the body. These are your large muscle builders. A great compound to isolation proportion is 2-1, or 3-1. So for each 2-3 substance exercises you do, you do 1 isolation. This naturally does not relate to arms, lower arms, and also calves where most workouts are isolation motions. Below are some huge mass building contractors that you must be including in your routine:

  1. Squat
  2. Deadlift
  3. Wide grip pull up
  4. Chin up
  5. Rows
  6. Bench press (dumbbell and/or barbell)
  7. Dips
  8. Shoulder press (dumbbell or weights)

Check out the exercises section for direction on these exercises.

10. You’re not educating your legs

Want to increase your bench, boost your squat. Yeah, yeah, I know most of us want big arms as well as upper bodies, however here’s 2 reasons you ought to train your legs equally as hard as the rest of your body.

Firstly, assume lengthy term here. Do you wish to get the ostrich appearance?! A large top body on thin legs does not look great, actually I have actually seen it in extremes, as well as it’s absurd! Second of all, exercises like squats have an effect on your entire body. Not only does it use the majority of your top body muscular tissues in the movement, yet this exercise is so stressful that the body releases growth hormonal agent to try and also handle the tons. This results the entire body.

Leg training is hard, yet necessary for a well created figure. See the leg exercises section for in-depth guidelines on exactly how to do leg exercises making use of stringent technique.

11. You’re not getting adequate rest

This point sort of returns to direct # 5, your exercise regimen does not enable for adequate rest. Rest is simply as vital as training. Many individuals believe that muscle structure takes place in the health club, but it’s really the contrary. Weightlifting is actually creating numerous tears in the muscle cells. In impact, you’re really damaging the muscle mass. Your muscular tissues obtain “inflated” due to the fact that of the swelling created and enhanced blood circulation to the area. The real bodybuilding (repair service and also development of new muscle mass cells) takes location out of the fitness center, when you’re relaxing and sleeping.

There are 2 ways you may not be getting adequate rest. Initially, you are educating a lot of days without taking as time off. Although you may not feel it, you body requires days of full remainder to recuperate from difficult training sessions. It’s not just the muscular tissues that require to recoup, it’s your whole neurological system, tendons, joints, also your brain need rest.

Secondly, and this comes back to your exercise regimen again, you may not be permitting muscle mass teams to completely recuperate between training sessions. If you do not allow adequate recovery time, your muscle mass will not expand. It’s that basic. If your muscle mass group is still aching from the previous exercise, do not train it. For a lot of muscle groups, one training session per week suffices. Some smaller muscular tissue groups like calf bones and abdominals might be educated twice, but still need at the very least 2 days off in between sessions.

12. You’re not obtaining sufficient sleep

Sleeping is you body’s time to recharge. For you, the weight instructor, it’s your body’s time to fix damaged muscle mass cells, as well as grow even more muscle. As I talked about in the previous point, no remainder, no muscle mass. Aim to navigate 7-8 hours of great quality rest every evening. Here’s some ideas on just how to obtain a great night’s rest:

  • Just rest when you’re tired. There’s no factor it attempting to when you’re not.
  • Create resting rituals, going to sleep and also rising at the same time every day.
  • Refrain from difficult tasks for 1-2 hours before bed
  • Don’t take promotes within 4-6 hrs prior to bed time
  • Have a light treat prior to bed

13. Your message workout nutrition sucks

Your post exercise shake/meal is perhaps one of the most crucial dish of the day. When you finish your exercise, your muscle mass are crying out for nutrients that were shed throughout training. Your protein degrees are down, creatine degrees are down, as well as glycogen is diminished. The majority of people think that a straightforward whey healthy protein shake is all that’s needed after your exercise. This is not true. While a protein shake is better than absolutely nothing, it still drops well short of a great blog post exercise shake. Here’s what would be better:

Shake consisting of the following:

  1. 30-40g of whey protein powder
  2. 5g of creatine
  3. 60-70g of dextrose

1 hour later:

A well rounded dish including protein, facility carbohydrates and also fats.

You see above I have actually pimped out your article exercise shake by including dextrose and also creatine. Dextrose is the most basic of easy carbohydrates. Research studies have actually shown that taking dextrose in these dosages produces a substantial spike of insulin in the body. Insulin is an exceptionally anabolic hormonal agent and also aids relocate nutrients quickly throughout the body. This suggests that the creatine, protein and also BCAAs are quickly soaked up into muscle mass cells where they’re required for muscle repair to begin.

14. Your pre-workout nutrition sucks

Carbohydrates are the trick to having appropriate fuel in your storage tank for a difficult workout. There are 2 sorts of carbs, straightforward and also complicated. Easy carbohydrates (like dextrose discussed above) are rapidly converted right into energy for usage in the body. Complex carbohydrates take longer to digest as well as refine, but supply you with lengthy lasting energy. Complicated carbs are your key gas resource for your workouts.

What you consume throughout the day, and 1.5-3 hours before your exercise is mosting likely to influence just how much energy you have. Like I pointed out at the beginning of this post, you require to room your dishes out uniformly throughout the day. If you eat a big breakfast, a large lunch, after that train after job, you’re probably going to feel tired and slow-moving. What would certainly be far better a better approach would be to eat a tiny breakfast, mid morning dish, smaller sized lunch, afternoon dish, then train after work. This provides you about 2 hrs in between your last meal and also training, which is ideal.

So what should you have in your pre exercise meal? This dish needs to be well rounded, including healthy protein, facility carb and also fats. The quantity of calories in the dish depends on your individual diet regimen plan. Attempt and also keep the protein/carbs/fats (PCF) proportion to around 30/50/20. Below is some examples of top quality sources of complicated carbs:

  • Brown rice
  • Potatoes
  • Brown bread
  • Pasta
  • Oats
  • Pita bread

15. You’re not motivated

Finally, if you’re not obtaining it might be because of absence of inspiration. Can you honestly state you put in 100% each time you struck the gym? There are a number of ways you can aid yourself remain determined and also concentrated on your goals.

  • Keep a training diary
  • Establish little bi-weekly achievable goals (use your training diary to videotape outcomes, good or bad)
  • Take in the past and also after pictures
  • Obtain a picture of somebody you intend to resemble and stick it someplace you’ll see it all the time.
  • Obtain included with conversations concerning bodybuilding and also find out more (take a look at our forum)
  • Enjoy training and also exercise video clips from the pros before you train
  • Fire yourself up prior to a session with some songs that gets you going

OK, let’s recap.

Let’s rapidly recap what I have actually simply spoken about in this post. So if you want to build muscle and also gain weight you require to …

  1. Know the number of calories your body requirements, then eat 500 even more than that every day.
  2. Consume the correct amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats in your diet.
  3. Eat 6-7 dishes expanded uniformly throughout the day.
  4. Maintain on your own moistened all day, whether you’re working out or not.
  5. Get an excellent exercise routine to match your goals.
  6. If you’re not expanding, transform your routine.
  7. See to it you’re gradually including even more weight.
  8. Constantly utilize right workout technique
  9. Do the ideal exercises for your goal
  10. Train your legs as tough as the rest of your body
  11. Obtain sufficient rest between workouts and also muscular tissue groups
  12. Get enough sleep
  13. Have excellent blog post workout nutrition and supplementation
  14. Have good pre workout nutrition
  15. Keep motivated!

I hope this write-up has actually shown you the light, and you can see where you have actually been going incorrect. If not, you can constantly head over to our muscle building forum and ask among our seasoned members for some suggestions on your training, workout, supplements or diet.

Good luck with reaching your goals!

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Why You`re NOT Building Muscle!


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