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Stomach Flu Remedies and Hacks: 16+ Survival Tips for Moms

Looking for stomach flu remedies to assist you endure cold and also flu season?

You have actually concerned the appropriate place.

While the majority of people dislike vomiting, I have actually struggled with emetophobia – an anxiety concerning vomit – since I was a little woman. The idea of hearing or seeing someone throw up makes my heart race, and if I ever see a heap of vomit in public, I am overcome with worry I have actually gotten some on my footwear as well as will bring it into our residence and make my household unwell. My medicine cupboard is always outfitted with anti-nausea medicine, I’m truly rectal regarding food security, I never consume anything with mayonnaise in it, and I avoid ill people like the plague.

For a long time, my evasion methods functioned really well, however since my child began full time institution a number of years back, there’s only so much I can do. I talk her about not placing her hands in or around her eyes, nose, as well as mouth as well as I ask her to clean her hands with soap after making use of the washroom and also prior to eating, however I understand my pleas enter one ear and also out the other.

And given that I don’t want my kid to mature with a fear of getting ill like I did, I attempt my hardest to maintain my fears to myself, as well as after she was struck with THREE Stomach insects in an 8-week period at the end of 2017, I locate my anxieties diminishing a little bit.

I’ve spent so much time investigating as well as speaking to various other mommies concerning the most effective Belly Flu treatments, and also while I still break out in a cool sweat when I hear the words, ‘Mom, I have a stomach pains …,’ I have actually concerned find out that direct exposure to our phobias actually does help.

Whether you experience emetophobia like me, or just require some reminders on how you can aid your family members browse the winter season throwing up insect without losing your peace of mind, I’m sharing every little thing I’ve learned about the Stomach Flu along with my preferred belly flu remedies below.

What is the stomach flu?

Funny sufficient, the stomach flu isn’t truly a ‘influenza.’ It’s in fact called viral gastroenteritis, which is an infection that triggers swelling of the tummy as well as intestines.

What are the signs of stomach flu?

The major symptoms of tummy flu are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal and/or tummy cramps
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of appetite

A low-grade fever and body pains as well as pains could additionally occur.

How long does the tummy flu last?

Symptoms typically come on progressively within 12-48 hours of direct exposure, and last anywhere from 1-3 days. The majority of the literary works I have actually read online verifies you are infectious for 3 days after your signs have actually quit, although I bear in mind reviewing the infection can live up to 2 weeks in a person’s feces, so always err on the side of caution.

When could my child go back to college after the belly flu?

Some institutions require a child to remain home for 24 hrs after symptoms subside, while others require a youngster to stay house for 48-72 hrs after the last bout of looseness of the bowels or throwing up. Get in touch with your local school board, and be reasonable. If your youngster is still not eating effectively, it’s finest to maintain them residence an extra day or 2 to be safe.

How could I avoid the stomach flu?

  1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water
  2. Wear surgical gloves and a mask when caring for somebody that is sick with the tummy flu
  3. Clean infected surfaces with a bleach-based clearner like Clorox
  4. Wash soiled clothing and linens in hot water

How to get eliminate a tummy virus

I made use of to utilize anti-nausea as well as anti-diarrhea tablets whenever I felt a belly flu beginning, and also while I still do that often, experience and also research has actually proven to me that there isn’t much you can do to accelerate the recovery process various other than give your stomach and intestines a break as well as obtain some rest. As well as while OTC medicinal remedies could supply alleviation, they really finish up prolonging the disease, so I decide for these all-natural belly flu solutions instead.

  1. Reduce liquid intake. Giving way too much liquid prematurely can make throwing up as well as diarrhea worse and lead to dehydration. Begin with a tablespoon of water or flat ginger ale, wait to see if it could be tolerated, then increase.
  2. If you’re bothered with dehyration, electrolyte solutions can aid. Check your regional drug store or supermarket for child-friendly choices like these Pedialyte Freezer Pops to protect against dehydration when belly bugs strike.
  3. Avoid solid foods and stick with the BRAT diet plan (bananas, rice, apple sauce, and also salute).
  4. Use a heating pad in order to help ease tummy cramps.
  5. Apply pressure to the ‘Nei Kuan’ acupressure point that is located 3 finger sizes below your wrist on the inside of your arm making use of Sea-Bands. They come in 2 sizes – one for youngsters and also one for adults!
  6. Brew a cup of chamomile tea. Its anti-inflammatory residential or commercial properties can assist ease intestinal tract pain in older children and also adults.
  7. Ginger offers a wonderful all-natural treatment for nausea. Peel, cut, as well as boil fresh ginger and after that drink to treat a distressed tummy.

What to eat after stomach flu

While it’s ideal to stick with the BRAT diet regimen (bananas, rice, apple sauce, and toast) once throwing up as well as looseness of the bowels has actually decreased, recognizing what to consume when your appetite returns could be tricky. Stay clear of points that could additionally irritate your belly, like fried foods, spicy foods, high levels of caffeine, as well as alcohol, and adhere to easy-to-digest alternatives. Here are 5 foods to think about post-stomach flu!

  • Coconut water is a natural means to restore your electrolytes without taking in all of the included sugar discovered in sporting activities drinks.
  • Yogurt could assist restore intestine bacteria, however make certain to wait until you feel up to it and stick to non-dairy alternatives if you are lactose intolerant.
  • Chicken noodle soup has long been understood to assist us feel better when we’re under the climate by aiding us to replace fluids, and the hen as well as pasta supplies us the perfect mix of protein as well as carbs to provide our energy a boost.
  • Scrambled eggs are an additional easy-to-digest source of healthy protein for delicate tummies.
  • Plain pasta and bagels offer a dull method to enhance your energy when you could stand solid foods again.

More stomach flu survival tips

  1. Be prepared. Constantly have a container, lots of towels, and also a supply of face masks, surgical handwear covers, Clorox anti-bacterial, saltines, applesauce, as well as ginger ale useful so you aren’t left rushing when a stomach influenza hits
  2. Keep a bucket and also towel within arms reach as quickly as anybody in your family starts suffering a stomach ache
  3. Quarantine ill member of the family within one room to avoid spreading germs
  4. Use towels rather than blankets as they are extra absorptive and simpler to clean
  5. Double (or three-way) sheet an ill kid’s bed with a water resistant cushion cover in between each layer making middle-of-the-night bed modifications easier
  6. Cover all surface areas a sick member of the family could enter call with (sofa, bed, flooring, etc.) with towels for simple tidy up
  7. Since stomach flus are usually transmitted by means of the fecal-oral route, wear surgical gloves as well as a medical mask while aiding and cleaning up after an ill family member
  8. Don’ t thrill back to school or work after a belly influenza. I’ve found out with experience that you could relapse if you push yourself or your children prematurely, as well as an additional day in bed can make a globe of distinction in containing illnesses
  9. Seek medical advice if a family member reveals indications of dehydration, has a high fever, reveals indicators of appendicitis, has blood in his or her stool or vomit, throws up or has looseness of the bowels for more compared to 48 hours, or reveals other signs or symptoms that fret you

While the belly influenza isn’t generally create for worry and also usually vanishes by itself with proper remainder as well as rehydration, it could be extremely undesirable, specifically when little kids are included. I wish these stomach influenza solutions, ideas, and also tricks aid make your experience a little much less unpleasant, which this year’s cool as well as flu period is great to you!

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Stomach Flu Remedies and Hacks: 16+ Survival Tips for Moms


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