Embracing all that life offers

But those who live life enthusiastically, extremely, happily as well as meaningfully – possibly a mix of all – currently that deserves an epitaph! As with the Margaret Thatcher film The Iron Woman – regardless of your personal national politics – it is a sharp pointer of what does it cost? you could fit right into a life, day in day out of such energy, enthusiasm, wit, drive, commitment as well as endeavour.

My daily routine

I felt like a super female myself the other day and ‘change the country and world’ wasn’t even on my list of points to do.

In fact there was no listing – it was the very same old drill. Beginning as ever at night, walking the canines with an icy woodland, returning, making household breakfast, clothing Oscar for institution, taking him to school, going back to the snowy forest for individual training sessions (in -4 c!), then time to collect Oscar, take him back, stroll canines, bring kilos of shopping up the 32 actions to the house.

Then ultimately a chance to engage the brain, create a write-up, neglect the mail, walk the pet dogs once more (they’re pups with tiny bladders!), obtain my child, do laundry and housework, make a well balanced meal and guarantee every human and also animal enjoys. Whew!