Professional triathlete and unbeaten Ultra Running champion Alice Hector shares her immense experience and knowledge in Ultra Running.

What is Ultra Running?

‘ I spotted at my friend’s wedding celebration,’ said Jemima. Whoops of laughter. ‘I ate a 150 oz steak difficulty’ stated Betsy. High-fives all round.

‘ I ran 100 miles in someday,’ said a little voice at the end of the table. The celebration looked at me, after that left.

Is Ultra Running for me?

Ultra-running is an unusual past-time. There’s no qurestion that people do believe you are a little odd. I believe the incentives are abundant.

Not so numerous moons back, people believed the marathon range was the Holy Grail of endurance operating. Greek legends died in the pursuit of 26.2 miles on foot. It doesn’t obtain more challenging than that.