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How To Make Your Weight Loss Resolutions Last 365 days!

How To Make Your Weight Loss Resolutions Last 365 Days!

NJ Body Transformation Expert Secrets For Fast Weight Loss!

The very first month of the year I hear all kinds of goals everywhere. From friends, to acquaintances, family members, client’s friends, etc. The goals, always  at the top of people’s list are the same all the time:

Lose weight, start exercising and quit smoking. Year, after year,  a weight loss resolution  process begins. It all starts in January and finished by February the 12th or even before.

According to ABC news last year, 85% percent of people fail their new year’s resolution goals. And that number is even higher with weight loss resolutions!

These are 10 of the most common excuses I heard every year from people who were quiescent all year and tried to get going with their goals:

1-My wife/husband is bringing junk to the house. It did not help me at all. So, I quit!.

2-The gym was always  packed, so I quit. It’s  very difficult to use machines.

3-My favorite TV show was on at the same time I scheduled my work outs. Therefore, it gave up exercise.

4- I was starving with that new diet, I needed more calories. I don’t know what to do, so I quit.

5-I got promoted, now got more responsibilities, can’t leave work till late. Therefore, I had to quit the gym.

6-I ordered 3 different ab training infomercial products and now my stomach is 3 times the size it was.

7- I messed up and ate a chip on Day 2 so I gave up until next January.

8-I don’t want to insult my co-workers by not eating their junk Food at the office.

9- I have to buy snacks (junk)  foods “for the kids” Now I am eating it too.

10-I need to eat dinner at night. Can’t go to sleep on an empty stomach!

These are some of the most common excuses I hear, but let’s  try to come out with a solution,  that  you not longer have to fall into these traps, which  kill every part of your weight loss resolution goals.

If you apply the following 10 rules, you will not only stay consistent to your new year’s weight loss resolution, but will also see how  your goals shall blossom quickly!

1-Stay away from negative people. I was listening to a renown  psychologist, mentioning, how much  people that we love and love us, can become toxic to our endeavours  in times of change. She assented, that these people don’t want to hurt us intentionally, but they get in the middle, every time we try a new task. Identify those people, and make sure they are not on your way. Have clear goals, make a plan each week, read it every day. Start with few tasks, but execute them and marked down. Commence today:

I will drink more water

I will do 20 minutes cardio at the gym

I will snack healthier

I will work out 4 days a week

I will eat more greens..etc

2-Stop weighting  yourself every hour!

This is a bad practice, you must weight yourself once a week or once every two weeks. If you are doing all these work by yourself, and are losing 2, 3 lbs a month. Trust me is healthy and worthy, but, most importantly better than what you did last year. If you need to expedite things, look for help. We have master the art of extreme weight loss, through personal training using the Tornado system. But if all you can do is stay focus, with your weight loss resolution goals. 1 lb of weight loss at a time is good, and trust me, it is  better than  no results. Just listen to your body and keep moving and reading below. May be there is  a tip you can use, that will make the weight melt down faster!.

3-Use our tornado 20/20 rule : 20 percent of your meals should consist of enzymes, and the other 20 percent fiber. This is a winning technique, because the more you feed your gut with fiber and enzymes, the faster your gut will digest food, and,will get rid of toxins and unwanted bacteria. For example a great lunch could be; a  dish of broccoli with half of grapefruit a small portion of quinoa and may be a piece of your favorite protein. (Highly recommended to  stay away from red meat through the first few weeks)

Breakfast can be a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, and dinner a dairy free protein shake like the Tornado shake. Full of enzymes, probiotics and high digestible iso whey protein.

4-Meditate 10 minutes a day. The benefits of meditation are countless, but better if you try this with classic music for the brain. ( I meditate and study with these Mozart tunes  most famous, just love it),  repeat to yourself, what is the most important goal in your weight loss resolution list, repeat it for 10 minutes, you will soon realize how easy is to get to it. Because, by envisioning  while meditating, anything can become as a second nature. For example; most people’s issues are  sweetens or late dinners. Resolute, while meditating to stay away from the kitchen table at 7 pm. See yourself as the healthy, thin person you always wanted to  become. It works. JUST DO IT!

5-Follow my  ‘nutrient timing system’ part. It works! The Tornado weight loss has a special feature in it. There is always food on my client’s kitchen table, in the car, heck, even in their water. By infusing fruit in it. Always have small portions of food with you. Almonds, grapes, chopped jicama, cashews, kiwis,etc. By doing this, you will hastily endeavor to concentrate your forces. And not longer be thwarted by junk food interference. But don’t be casual about this. You don’t know when you are going to be hungry and be exposed to junk. feed your body after your work out. Your body needs food to replenish your weight loss cells, and activate your insulin levels to synthesize proteins and help you store glucose in your liver for hours to come. Although, there is many benefits of fasting, Its absurd, irresponsible and dangerous for some people in the industry with not nutritional science background, and little knowledge of how the energy cells work, to recommend intermittent fasting or any kind of fasting to a person who just started a diet program. Don’t try that. Just sound nutrient timing for  your body. Things such as: fiber for breakfast with a piece of  protein, like, an apple with a hard boiled egg.  healthy snack with enzymes is a grapefruit, grapes, strawberries, another snack after your work out like  almond butter on ezekiel or genesis brands bread, a protein shake, lunch can be  essential fats and protein, such as an avocado salad with hemp seeds. Etc. Nutrient timing is key.

6-Use these 3 plants on everything you cooked, even in your water.

1-“Epazote  or wormseed” . One of the best intestinal healing plants for your gut. Removes parasites and detoxifies your digestive system. Put it on your beans, soups, etc.

2- Use cilantro: Cilantro is well known for its boosting flavor  effects in guacamole..But trust me, there is more in it. this marvelous plants can also:

  • Rids the Body of Heavy Metals. …
  • Protects Against Oxidative Stress. …
  • Lowers Anxiety and Improves Sleep. …
  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels. …
  • Protects Against Cardiovascular Disease. …
  • Prevents Urinary Tract Infections. …
  • Settles Digestive Upset. …
  • Protects Against Food Poisoning

3-Parsley. It’s a great diuretic as well as toxin remover for the liver, put it in your water, make tea with it and use it on your salads.


These two hormones are in battle with  your body’s chemistry  constantly, They go up and down. Problem is when they plummet, and all hell breaks lose.

Serotonin best describe as  (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT) is a chemical found in the human body.

Our serotonin carries signals along and between nerves -it is  a neurotransmitter, that is mainly found in the brain, bowels and blood platelets. An imbalance of serotonin may influence mood, in a way that leads to depression.

Serotonin is thought to be especially active in constricting smooth muscles, transmitting impulses between nerve cells, regulating cyclic body processes and ‘contributing to well being and happiness’.

So it is basically a neurotransmitter that acts  as a chemical responsible for maintaining mood balance, thus,  a deficit of serotonin leads to depression. When days are shorter like in winter season, it is worst, because our body don’t produce enough at night time. This is when you should stay close to your goals and work harder. Try your best for a healthy meal at night, tons of water, have fruit with a low glycemic content, in case  you have cravings. Green grapes, green apples, jicama, blueberries, etc. Revise your goals before bed.

Dopamine is a chemical in the brain, that is normally associated with feelings of happiness, and pleasure as well as seratonin. But it may also increase the risk  of depression. Here is the trick, dopamine levels can be swelled up by feeding your body with wine, chocolate, diet coke, and junk. Causing depression by dropping your levels down and increase them with: alcohol and junk. In many studies is proven that drugs can increase your levels and make you dependent of them.  Short-term surges of dopamine are normally associated with feelings of pleasure. But abnormally high concentrations of the chemical messenger are linked to schizophrenia, adhd, and other psychiatric disorders.

Good news is that you can easily activate your dopamine levels naturally through physical activity. With exercise, your brain actually releases fun chemicals like serotonin, endorphins and yes, dopamine. The great thing is that,  even non-strenuous exercise can help increase dopamine levels. I suggest a slow to fast walk in the treadmill at night for 10 to 15 minutes. Even if you exercised already. I found swimming a wonderful activity to increase my levels for hours during the day. Even, the whole day since I can go 3, 4 miles in the water, with no problem. On my last vacation, I planned a 20 mile swim in 7 days, I felt high, excited, energetic and happy. Everything in proportion and to what you can do. But try any of these activities.

Please share my post if you think was helpful!

To Your health!

Jose Fuentes/Endocrine disorder certified specialist/CPT-CN

PS-If you want to be trained by Master Trainer Jose, or need information on any of our programs, please visit here

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How To Make Your Weight Loss Resolutions Last 365 days!


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