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How To Avoid Weight Gain During Total Knee Replacement Recovery

One of the questions I receive from time to time from recent total knee replacement patients is  “How can I avoid gaining more weight during my Recovery ?”

No doubt many of us will have picked up a few more pounds prior to surgery due to the decrease in physical activity however, during the recovery period, the area that you need to pay special attention to is your nutrition.

The quality of Food you consume will play a major role in your overall recovery and body composition during this time.

Your physical activity at this time during your recovery will generally consist of your physical rehabilitation only not necessarily weight control.

You want your physical resources spent on your recovery and getting the needed strength and knee mobility back, not being too concerned about weight gain.

Therefore your main concern to help minimize any significant weight gain will consist of the quality of your nutritional intake.

Many of us during a recovery period will tend to let out guard down so to speak and find us consuming all kinds of fattening foods feeling we may be entitled to letting go of some of the food restrictions we had prior to surgery.

I know , I went through the same thing eating foods I generally never eat when I am training  prior to surgery.

For instance, a smorgasbord of baked foods, drinks containing high sugar content, fried foods and the like may for many be their main staple of nutritional intake during the recovery stage.

This is exactly what you want to avoid.

And at the same time immediately after surgery, the last thing that is recommended is to go on a diet.

Your body needs the calories to help heal itself during your recovery period.

What I recommend is to stick to foods that have a high quality nutritional profile to them.

Consuming protein will be of upmost importance. Foods like chicken breasts, eggs, Greek yogurt, turkey etc. will catapult the wound healing process and yet fuel your body with quality nutrition.

Of course fruits and vegetables will play a big part in your recovery as well.

Also eating smaller more frequent meals during the day prevents you from feeling bloated and placing too much stress on digestive tract at this time.

for instance I eat anywhere from 4-6 small meals a day. That works for me.

Does it hurt to have a cheat meal now and then? of course not, the trick is not to make theses types of foods an everyday occurrence.

Fortunately with the types of total knee replacements done today due to  minimally invasive surgeries, your healing timely is reduced and that gets you back on your feet quicker allowing you to begin your participation back into most, if not all of your previous physical activities.

So the take home message here is if you continue to monitor yourself using proper nutrition during your recovery with low fat and high protein foods, you should get through your recovery  period without too much collateral damage.

Your body during your recovery benefits from cleaner food sources anyway to help speed up your recovery and get you back on your feet.

Once the healing process is over and your orthopedic surgeon gives you the proper medical release, you will be free to resume your life again as usual and continue to create the type of health for both your mind and body that you deserve to carry you through the rest of your life!

Richard Haynes PTA

Bradenton, Florida.

Richard Haynes PTA

Richard Haynes is a Physical Therapist Assistant licensed in the state of Florida.
Richard lives and practices in Bradenton, Florida.

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How To Avoid Weight Gain During Total Knee Replacement Recovery


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