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How Did I Get Into Physical Therapy?

This is a question I get more often than not after working with a patient or client for some time. I have been in the field of Physical Therapy and fitness since 1995. And as I have told countless others who have asked, I feel I have not worked a day since.

I know this is off topic of what my blog is about but felt it was important to share with all of you that have a desire to move on in life no matter what your age is.

I previously worked in the automobile finance field for a major automobile manufacturer for many years. It was a job that paid well, had back at that time great company benefits but, I soon found after several years, I was not happy with what  I was doing. There had to be a better way to make a living if I had to work.

I had always from a young child enjoyed medicine, the human body and more importantly the human skeleton and orthopedics in general. I also was someone that enjoyed the field of fitness and exercise and thought hospitals were cool, yes, I really did.

Then one day back in  1988 I had an epiphany that came to me after reading a number of books on self-development and the mind that I  would have me make the move to leave my job after many years and, seek out that  what I wanted to do, to work in the field of Physical therapy and medicine.

I put in my two-week notice and left the job with no job to go to at the time. That is how desperate I was to get away from the corporate life I had lead. Mind you, I was single, no home mortgage etc… so  I could be a bit cavalier in my thinking and actions. My mind was made up and there was no turning back at this point.

I knew change is a scary thing for people especially adults who become entrenched in a job or lifestyle that they may or may not be comfortable in but if they would like to change cannot come up with the courage to get it done. It’s hard I know.

I was immediately offered a job by a previous business acquaintance in no time and found a  job that was perfect for my situation. The hours were less and I did not have the supervisory duties  I previously had, this way I could spend more time in my preparation of going to college and would have time to study.

I decided that I would go to college and start my journey of becoming a physical therapist and, do what ever it took to get into the profession. Though I was often told ” you will never get accepted” due to the competition to get into school, I continued to press on one class at a time taking my general studies every semester.

I had an inner intuition that told me at the time that this was the right move and it would come to pass!

The first year I applied my application was rejected I was not surprised, it gave me more time to continue my general studies and then once I was accepted into PTA school on my second attempt, I could concentrate on physical therapy classes only.

Once accepted in 1993 the rest was history. I graduated in 1995 and started my new career in physical therapy.

My situation is not new. Many adults like myself go back to school or reinvent themselves to a new career later in life. I was 35 when I went to college for the first time.

I always tell anyone that asks to find a dream and goal to go after then go after it with no doubt you will succeed in achieving it. If you do not you will regret it the rest of your life.

We all were placed in the world to do something special, it’s our job to find out what it is, we all have a gift for something and if you search your soul and find it then go after it. You will never be sorry the rest of your life.

And that my friends that is the short version of how I got into the field of physical therapy and personal training and if I can make a career change at 35, I know darn well you can, nothing is impossible.

Leave a comment below if you have a similar story to tell or would like to share what your dream occupation is.

Richard Haynes PTA.CPT
Total Joint Fitness LLC
Bradenton, Florida.

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How Did I Get Into Physical Therapy?


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