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Maximal Training Efforts Will Get You Maximal Results

When it comes to Fitness and life, in general, we all would like to think that we “give it all we got”. If the truth is known, many of us are coasting through life in more ways than one.

Take for example when it comes to our fitness or physical rehabilitation routine. When we think about it, are we giving it all we can? Are we really pushing it to the limits?

Most of us that have been reading this blog or the multitude of fitness blogs out on the web know or have heard somewhere that, ” the body is a slave to the mind” it’s not the other way around where we let our bodies control our minds however, many will give up on an exercise or will not push through the pain or discomfort that comes from rehabilitating an injury.

Once a little discomfort or pain arises, many will stop, many will give up, they let their minds tell their bodies when they have had enough remember, when we think we cannot do anymore physically, we are only about 40 percent physically spent! That’s right we have much more to give. Our bodies have plenty of reserves left in it

That’s right we have much more to give. Our bodies have plenty of reserves left in it

Sure there is good pain where the building process is taking place in our bodies and there is bad pain or in other words where an injury can occur if we are careful.

Muscular discomfort is needed at times to produce muscular growth and strength just like adversity and obstacles and in life turn us into stronger individuals mentally if we do not give up and if we learn to see these obstacles as stepping stones to bigger and better opportunities.

But understanding and coming to grips that we have limited time on this earth will make some of us want to make each of our workouts count and to be sure that we give it our all. I think we can agree that should go with everything we do in life, but as fitness enthusiasts or if

I think we can agree that mindset should go with everything we do in life, but as fitness enthusiasts or if you’re coming back from knee replacement surgery, for instance, just some days will be better than others. It can be tough business giving life 100% everyday right?

And of course, as humans, we do not give 100 percent every day of our lives.

To be sure you give your next workout or physical therapy session your very best and, leave no regrets on the table, be sure you know precisely what you will be Training on your next session or workout, set a goal and then visualize in your mind the actual training session.

One of my favorite sayings is ” preparation breeds confidence” the more organized and aware of what you are trying to accomplish, the more efficient you become.

In other words, visualize the training session beforehand so that both your mind and body will get a feel for what is expected of it and you will find your fitness or physical rehabilitation sessions much more productive.

This plan of attack is nothing new. Olympic and professional athletes have done this for years prior to competition and, we now know through scientific studies, that the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between the real workout and one that you are visualizing and, if you put some emotion behind it, it just magnifies the results.

Making sure you are staying away from distractions will help in your concentration levels and will help you in coordinating that mind-muscle link you want to create and tap into to get the most out of your training sessions.

Concentrate on the task at hand if you want the best from both your mind and body, casual chit-chat and the TV can wait until later, your time in the gym or PT clinic is limited!

I stress this in the home with my home health patients to turn down the TV or ” can we put the dog away for awhile” until the session is over if I am being assaulted by the animal the whole time I am there for example.

By visualizing your strength training session or physical therapy session beforehand, and concentrating on developing your body or recuperating from an injury,  will assure you that once you hit the gym or PT clinic that you will be training your body like there is no tomorrow.

The Take Home Message Is This, You will only get out what you put into your training sessions, good things in life do not get handed to you, it takes hard work and a concerted effort to be the best you can possibly be.

Richard Haynes PTA, CPT
Total Joint Fitness
Bradenton, Florida.

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Maximal Training Efforts Will Get You Maximal Results


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