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How To Prepare Your Body For Growth And Repair First Thing In The Morning

Whether you are a strong Fitness enthusiast, currently working with a personal trainer or, like my clients, receiving physical therapy after surgery, immediately upon rising out of bed, one of the first things you want to do is stop the catabolic affects of the fasting event that took place while you were sleeping.

The importance of getting high quality nourishment consisting of a high Protein meal into your body first thing in the morning upon arising is imperative to continued muscular growth when working out or soft tissue repair after receiving a surgical procedure.

For instance, properly hydrating yourself with water along with adding a protein shake with some carbohydrates added will stop the wasting away that the all night fast created. It is impractical for us to set the alarm every two to three hours through the night to have a quick protein shake or bite of cottage cheese for instance, to keep our bodies in an anabolic or growth state. So your body in turn is starving for quality fuel first thing in the morning. You want to get your bodies metabolism up and running and turn this temporary catabolic process into a constructive anabolic process.

You can slow down the affects of muscle wasting by getting some nutrients in your bloodstream immediately. Your body is operating and rebuilding all night long and, if it does not have sufficient stores of carbohydrates and amino acids to fuel itself and help repair itself,  it will start stripping off the required fuel source from your muscles, that’s not a good thing.

Many of the patients and clients I work with in home health are in a weakened and deconditioned state physically to begin with. This lack of understanding on the importance of eating immediately is a major problem with the elderly as well,  and many are not eating enough protein in their diets which creates this problem. The last thing they need to contribute to is the breakdown of muscle and the overall healing properties of their bodies after surgery or illness.

I like to make sure that either my fitness clients or, physical therapy patients and their caregivers understand the importance of nutrition in achieving their fitness or rehabilitation goals. And I start with driving home the importance of feeding their bodies first thing upon waking up in the morning with a high quality protein food or supplement.

This advice I give to everyone I treat whether its for general strengthening due to lack of exercise with my geriatric patients or, total joint replacement patients recovering from a knee, hip, or shoulder replacement.

How compliant the client is with this information is just one of several key components  that will help determine their physical outcome. Now I am not a registered dietician so I do not hand over information freely that may present legal problems however, again its a well known fact that low protein diets are detrimental in maintaining strength in the elderly.

One of my first meals of the day before I go to the gym in the morning is two scoops of a quality whey protein with  two scoops of raw oatmeal added in water. I drink that down within fifteen minutes of getting out of bed. I follow with breakfast immediately once I get back home.

I have been doing this for years now and was doing it also when it I was going through rehab with my own knee replacement.

Your body is a machine and it will operate and recover depending on the quality of fuel you place in it along with the use of proper timing with those meals. Both the quality and frequency of those meals are important for overall success at any age.

Richard Haynes PTA, CPT
Total Joint Fitness LLC
Bradenton, Florida.

” Where Fitness And Rehabilitation Never Ends”
Richard Haynes PTA
Total Joint Fitness LLC

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How To Prepare Your Body For Growth And Repair First Thing In The Morning


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