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Resistance Band Workout | Resistance Loop Band Exercises

If you’ve ever seen an astronaut landing back on Earth after some time in space, you have probably seen them stand for the first time. These incredible athletic people have trouble even taking a few steps on their own.

That’s because they lacked one thing in space:


Gravity gives us the resistance we need to build strength. It’s necessary to normal life. That’s why astronauts have trouble with even the most basic of tasks. They didn’t get enough resistance to even maintain their musculature.

Resistance training is all about using that necessary force to your benefit. You could know it by another name, like weight training or strength training. The dictionary has a boring definition for it: the attempt to prevent an action.

We prefer to think of it as making something harder. The harder it is, the more resistance you’ll feel. And in turn, the better your body will become.

When you keep using resistance, your muscles get larger and stronger. They have to overcome that resistance you’re applying to do what you’re asking of them.

So how do you perform your own resistance training workout?

Types of Resistance Training

Resistance comes in many forms. You can use weights like barbells, dumbbells, weight machines, or medicine balls. You can use your own bodyweight to create resistance. Think of push-ups, pull-ups and crunches. You’re forcing your body to counteract the effect of its own weight to work a muscle group.

Or you could use resistance bands.   Resistance bands are basically large rubber bands. The more you stretch them, the more resistance they provide. It’s a convenient way to create more resistance in your workout to see more efficient results.

We want to focus on that part of resistance training today. We want to give you all that you need to have the ultimate resistance band workout.

But we’re going to take it one step further.

Not only are we going to give you the building blocks to create your own workout, we’re going to suggest some of the best brands we’ve found to get you started.

By the end, you’ll be as equipped as possible to start your own resistance training to make you bigger, buffer, and all around more fit because of the resistance band training benefits, you’ll soon see.

Benefits of Resistance Training

Most qualified physical fitness personnel will agree that resistance training is an essential part of building up your athleticism.

Adding resistance helps you achieve that athletic approach to anything you do. You build up muscle growth, improve bone strength, mobilise joint function, improve bone density (an often forgotten health benefit), improve ligament strength and better your heart and lung capacity as well.

Even minute amounts of resistance training work to just maintain your body’s overall health. Which is why space agencies are insisting on some form of weightless resistance training in the absence of gravity while they’re up in space. It keeps the astronaut’s entire body functioning better as a result.

Resistance Training

This is exactly why anybody would want to start resistance band training; the benefits are innumerably important.

So, the question is:

Why do you want to do resistance training?

Resistance Training for Beginners

Let’s start at the beginning. What are these crazy resistance bands and how do you use them as a part of a workout?

Let us be clear: this isn’t just for the beginners.

Resistance band training will sustain your workouts well past your initial exercises. You can incorporate them into every activity you do. We just want to get you started on the right resistance and get used to the basics of the activity.

All you need to remember is that you can create an infinite number of variables to alter your routine. You can change up the reps, the sets, the frequency of your workouts and the intensity of the bands you use.

As you’ll see soon enough, there are enough bands out there to suit just about any physical shape you’re in. Even if you’re training for the Olympic Games, you can still use resistance bands that match your ability.

Enough faffing about…let’s get into the meat of the article.

The Ultimate Resistance Band Workout

We happen to love resistance bands because they offer you a consistent resistance. It’s not jarring or sudden. Resistance bands start gentle and increase the resistance as you stretch them. This makes it perfect for beginners, the elderly, anybody recovering from injury, or if you’re in rehabilitation.

Let’s have a look at some of the resistance band training exercises you can do, across your entire body.


To give you the complete resistance band exercises for legs, remember one thing:

Your legs both push and pull your body. You need to incorporate a push and pull resistance band training for the legs to get balance and consistent results.

Front Squats

Building up your quads will require some effort. So, start with this exercise to get used to how resistance bands work.

Positioned with your feet shoulder width apart, stand firmly on your band with both feet. Bring the handles of the band up and over your shoulders, holding them there with your hands. Do a complete squat. You should feel the maximum resistance of the band at your fullest height. Adjust the band until your stretch up requires some effort.

Do 10-12 reps per set for 3 sets.

Leg Curls

To work the other side of the muscle, tie one end of your band on a door handle and the other end on your ankle.

Lying face down with your legs outstretched, bring your ankle up towards your buttocks, getting the maximum stretch at full extension. Hold for a few seconds before releasing. Alternate between legs and remember to hold the maximum stretch.


You can easily work your core with some simple movements.

Kneeling Crunch

Loop the band around something anchored up high like the top of a door frame. Kneeling on the ground facing away from the anchor, holding the band at your shoulders with your elbows in, crunch downwards.
It should feel exactly like a crunch on the ground, but we’ve stepped it up a level with the resistance band.

Side Twists

Be warned: this one burns your abs. Tie one end of your band to something at waist height. Holding both ends of the band out in front of you, hands together and arms straight, stand side-on to the anchor.

Keeping your body facing straight, twist your arms to pull on the band, keeping the arms together. Try really hard to engage your core, and not use your arm muscles for this exercise. As you twist, your core should stiffen, trying to keep your body stable.

Hold for a few seconds before releasing.


You can work both the biceps and triceps (push and pull movements) with these convenient resistance loop band exercises.

Bicep Curls

This one’s simple. Standing on the resistance band, create minimum tension in the band with our hands at your sides.

Curl your arms up to your shoulders, using just your biceps to complete this motion. Keep your palms facing out to make sure that no other muscles aid with this movement. Increase the resistance if the full motion is too easy.

Triceps Extensions

Take this one sitting down. On a chair, put the band underneath your buttocks and raise your arms up, elbows bent. Holding the ends of the band, extend your arms straight up behind your head, stretching the band all the way up.

You should feel the triceps engage as you stretch all the way back again, slowly returning to the starting position.

Back & Shoulders

Let’s not forget your back and shoulders, essential muscles to give you all-around stability and a complete health benefit.

Deltoids Fly

Create a loop with the band and put the loop behind your back with your arms straight out on both sides.

Keeping your arms straight, bring them together in front of your body, hold of a few seconds and then return to the starting position. You should feel like you don’t need much resistance with this workout. Your deltoids don’t need much resistance to be exercised.

Shoulder Press

Standing over the band, hold both ends while keeping your elbows bent, hands at your shoulders. Looking straight ahead and keeping your chest vertical, push straight up and hold for a few seconds.

You should rotate your palms from facing sideways to outward as you push up. Lower back down gently and repeat for 10-12 reps

Back Row

Stand over the band and bend your waist forward. Keep your abs engage and chest straight. No hunching!

The bands should be at minimum tension with your arms holding them at knee height. Pull them back up, pulling your elbows in as you stretch. Focus on pulling your shoulder blades together in this movement. You should keep your chest puffed out to refrain from using any other muscles to help you pull.

The Best Resistance Bands to Buy

You’ve heard some of the basic exercises you can do with these simple resistance bands. We’ve done some research, and we have what we believe are the best options for you to get started with your exercise training.

If you’ve ever asked the question “What resistance band should I use?”, then we can steer you in the right direction.

Insonder Fit Resistance Mini Band Set

Resistance Mini Band Set

Starting off at the most basic level, this 5 piece resistance band set should get you going. It even comes with a convenient workout guide that gives you step by step instructions to the most effective exercise you can do. These are cheap resistance bands in terms of price, but not in quality.

It comes with 5 bands, each colour-coded to give you the best workout to suit your skill level. Start off easy with the extra light band for rehab work and injury recovery. Work your way up to extra strong for serious muscle growth.

Best of all, these mini bands are perfect resistance bands for legs, working the troublesome areas you need to work below the belt.

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TOPELEK 5 Piece Resistance Band Set

Resistance Band Set

The TopElekversion of bands is a great purchase at an unbelievable price. This is actually not a band but a resistance tube. It doesn’t matter that much in the end because it’s still going to perfect your workouts.

We love the resistance band with handles because it provides stable grip that builds our confidence. You should absolutely give these a try because the price makes it cost effective to give it a shot.

You also get a door anchor as well as ankle and wrist straps to lock it all into place.

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Gallant Heavy Duty Resistance Bands

Heavy Duty Resistance Bands

If you’re serious about getting the best workout, we’d recommend using the Gallant resistance tubes. It provides you with a serious resistance training regime that you will feel.

The difference in this set is the strength. You can work with up to 20lbs of resistance in the extra strength tube. It also comes with a convenient carrying case and handles to perform just about any exercise. Lengthen or shorten the tube to experience differing levels of resistance. We’re sure you won’t find another heavy duty that’s so competitively priced and well-reviewed.

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Step up your workout with resistance bands…

They are so easy to use.

They travel well, they set up anywhere, and they give you your essential resistance training workouts right in your own home.

Build up a better body with this one progressive piece of equipment.

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Resistance Band Workout | Resistance Loop Band Exercises


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