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Chemnitz: Kanzlerin Im Krisengebiet
Ppq · 11:20 17 Nov 2018
Der sächsische Staats- und Parteichef Kretschmer empfing die CDU-Vorsitzende Angela Merkel mit großem Gepränge. Beim Ausrollen der Bundeswehr-Maschine TT356 auf dem Feldflugp… Read More
Rightforamerica · 06:00 17 Nov 2018
Blue-state refugees turn red states blue faster than Central Americans because they can vote right away.The post Blue-State Refugees appeared first on RightForAmerica Read More
Imperfect Women · 01:15 17 Nov 2018
One lucky winner will have the chance to win a $100 Wyatt Lily gift card as well as a $200 Amazon gift card. The post $300 Gift Card Giveaway appeared first on Imperfect Women Read More
Il Blog Di Andrea Sa… · 17:51 16 Nov 2018
Da qualche tempo mi arrivano tonnellate di commenti spam, più o meno nell'ordine di svariate decine al giorno, commenti che ovviamente non appaiono grazia alla funzione di moderazione… Read More
The Text Of Undoing
Wade On Birmingham · 04:00 16 Nov 2018
His motivation revealed itself in a few poorly chosen words. • • • Read more haiku. Subscribe via RSS to Wade’s Daily Haiku. Or have it delivered daily by e-mail Read More
Lgstarr · 18:34 14 Nov 2018
From a friend of a  Facebook friend, Patrick D. Hampton, who makes incredibly awesome points in this very conservative opinion piece.I’ve added new friends and some are shock… Read More
El Retrato Del Joven Kim
Cuba En Hialeah · 12:19 14 Nov 2018
Kim y Diaz Canel Waldo Acebo Meireles No creo que tenga el mismo valor y significado que ‘El retrato de Doran Gray’  pero la prensa le ha dado  una valoración un… Read More
Robert Bruce Carter … · 17:33 13 Nov 2018
Another gem I picked up at Austin Film Festival: the crap +1 fallacy. The fallacy is that you see a bad movie and think that all you have to do to succeed is write something a little better… Read More
The Crc Review: Home · 13:00 12 Nov 2018
The Constitution of the United States protects Americans from government overreach and retaliation, contained in the first ten amendments known as the Bill of Rights. While these freedoms an… Read More