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Getting Patriotic
Coconut Grove Grapev… · 08:00 24 May 2018
It's that time of year again, the US Flags are up, gracing the Center Grove just in time for Memorial Day, thanks to the BID who mans this job.In the past, the flags went up right before or… Read More
Deutschland, Umgeben Von Feinden
Ppq · 06:11 24 May 2018
Deutschland, von Schurkenstaaten umgeben.Nun also auch noch Italien. Die "Zündler von Rom" übernehmen die Macht, allesamt Populisten und ausgewiesene Europafeinde, Hasser dessen, w… Read More
Enquanto Isso, No Rh… · 05:15 24 May 2018
MarinêsEu quero a minha vida Como ela é Como o povo sabe Com o chão no pé Como a água doce Pra matar a sede Me deitar na rede Tomar o caféSer… Read More
Living Dead Prepper · 15:06 23 May 2018
This is a simple YouTube video showcasing vertical gardening.  Vertical gardening or square space gardening is a great solution for the urban prepper who wants to grow their own food.&n… Read More
Il Blog Di Andrea Sa… · 13:23 23 May 2018
Lessi Pastorale americana, il più celebre romanzo di Roth, qualche anno fa. Lo trovai inizialmente poco entusiasmante ma continuai la lettura, sperando che si riprendesse. E infatti s… Read More
El Entrometido · 02:04 23 May 2018
No hay para todos. Ustedes,mermelienta oposición, deben buscarse otra opción:Tuiter, Féisbuk o las redes. Tanta chilla. ¡Mercaderes y comunistas del mal! Con la Te… Read More
Iraq, One Nation One State
Oufi · 08:38 22 May 2018
Let us try to define what a Nation is.  From the many definitions, I have come across this is the best: “a human group willing to forming a community, sharing a common cultu… Read More
La Iglesia Y La Educación
El Lobo Feroz · 08:35 22 May 2018
foto atarifa CC Un poco de historia. Durante siglos, la educación ha sido privada y para élites. Patronatos reales, nobleza, gremios (FP). La Iglesia ha tenido un protagonismo… Read More
Making People Move
Robert Bruce Carter … · 04:18 20 May 2018
Rewriting the script today. We did a table read on Wednesday. The beginning doesn’t work, the story takes too long to gets moving. And I’ve been trying to figure out how to handl… Read More