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Alto Valle Night · 02:17 14 Aug 2018
SUEÑO ETERNO18 DE AGOSTO, pasada la medianocheCASINO MAGIC NEUQUÉNENTRADAS EN eventpass, la caja magica y alto comahue shoppingPRECIO: 225 y 280 pesos Read More
Day 3154
Some Assembly Requir… · 02:16 14 Aug 2018
I spent some time talking with auction houses today. I've got to finish consigning things before I totally lose interest in this downsizing venture. I wish I'd methodically inventoried every… Read More
Intj · 22:13 13 Aug 2018
Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon -The Patient Rebel- The sun in Aquarius moon in Taurus combination suggests a personality that is otherworldly yet down to earth. You think about the future but have… Read More
The Journey – We Are… · 19:34 13 Aug 2018
One of my wife’s favorite TV programs is HGTV. She loves watching how a team of workers can take a run-down house and restore it to a beautiful home. I admire people that possess that… Read More
Weathering Summer Storms
Catching Happiness · 15:57 13 Aug 2018
It starts with a grumble in the east. You quickly glance up at the sky—what’s the cloud situation? Is there lightning? The Spanish moss hangs limp from the oak trees and there&rs… Read More
Foster Peach Harvest
Walden Effect: Homes… · 10:00 13 Aug 2018
I dropped by one set of foster peaches this past weekend to see how their pruning and thinning had done. Success! Actual ripe peaches. Unfortunately, the taller limbs that I'd left in… Read More
Sítio Das Ideias · 08:26 13 Aug 2018
Olhei para esta bela ponte e surpreendeu-me os detalhes que não param de surgir a cada passo em conjunção com a Natureza. #ponteromana #chaves #monumento #riotamega #… Read More
Life 101 · 23:50 12 Aug 2018
We have a new swing in our backyard. It's actually an old swing that someone gave us. They were going to toss it. I picked it up before they changed their minds. We found a place i… Read More
Forever Lighting The Way
Memories Matter · 10:19 12 Aug 2018
Today’s blog is a repost taken from The Real Estate Reporter and ERA Grizzard Real Estate. Thanks for the history reminder. Set against the backdrop of the Harris Chain of Lakes… Read More
Treat & Trick · 09:48 12 Aug 2018
An easy recipe of quick bread using tropical fruit, jackfruit.As I have a balance of jackfruit, am thinking what to make out of this  fruit  which  was rich in dietary fiber… Read More
Enameled Traders
Wordmall · 21:00 10 Aug 2018
During the recent 2018 Traverse City Film Festival, founder Michael Moore invited Jane Fonda to attend in order to receive the festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award. She did, in fact… Read More
Optimistic Ows...
Owsblog... · 17:51 10 Aug 2018
Not the bookies' favourite but I predict Arsenal will win the Premier League this season. Chart from Statista Any comments or questions re articles or images on Owsblog please contact… Read More
Loose Feathers #658
A Dc Birding Blog · 14:00 10 Aug 2018
Eastern Kingbird perched on Showy Milkweed / Photo: Tom Koerner/USFWSBirds and birding newsA colony of Least Terns off the coast of Alabama was free from predators but unfortunately not from… Read More
Portoria · 12:22 10 Aug 2018
El pasado 7 de Agosto, en el marco de la VI Edición de la Semana del Comercio Exterior en la ciudad de Santa Fe, tuvo lugar la Asamblea General Ordinaria de la Federación de C… Read More
The Louvre
Mumbaijamming · 06:37 10 Aug 2018
  MonalisaEgyptian exhibitEgyptian exhibit How does one approach the biggest museum in the world? Even for a self confessed Museophile, the Louvre is a challenge, an enigma, an ec… Read More
Being Human…
Type Oh! The Manual … · 00:18 10 Aug 2018
When I ride my bicycle across the state of Iowa.  I see people on bikes that look like they cost $79.95 who pass me and finish strong.  I see people on bikes that list for over $10… Read More
The Commentator · 17:21 09 Aug 2018
Fundamentally? From a purely freedom of thought, expression and speech perspective? He's right. This is what it looks like they did. Try and see this in high resolution. It's irrelevant w… Read More
Tom Rizzo · 09:30 08 Aug 2018
— BANDIT TURNED BANKER — Dave Tucker worked as a sheepherder. Not a bank robber. But on the first day of October 1896, he stood outside the front door of the First Joseph Bank of… Read More
The Right Way To Procrastinate
Expat Mum · 09:12 08 Aug 2018
Did you know there's a right way to procrastinate? Me neither. I am a bit of a one for procrastination, even though I manage to give the impression that I'm a do-er. It works for me so I don… Read More
Rough Book · 05:24 08 Aug 2018
​when I stand in this place ,I realize, that it won't take a long to make it happen..It is in this place we perceive we can float.  Read More
Dreamingofsquirrels · 04:03 08 Aug 2018
I’m stuck! Help me!! The thing is, my little friend Buddy, you aren’t really stuck.  You got up there; you tippy-toed through the water and climbed up on your perch, tail w… Read More
After Hours - She Wa… · 15:04 07 Aug 2018
Vanessa D’Alessio wrote a great piece over at TitsandSass around the issue of showing your face in conjunction with your online escort work. My response got eaten by the Intertubes, I… Read More