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Of Queenfish & Cavatelli
Saltshaker · 20:19 14 Aug 2018
Menu #34 August 9-11 – 2018 – 9-11 de Agosto Standout Plates / Platos Destacados Ceviche – queenfish cut in cubes and marinated for 30 minutes with red onions, black toma… Read More
Spinning A Yarn Of … · 15:36 14 Aug 2018
1. SOLITUDE I linger unperceived in the labyrinth of solitude, not knowing the onward path or the path of my return I see a flight of stairs a portal to a past forgotten the contours of shad… Read More
This Is Yester-Jay · 11:01 14 Aug 2018
Content Warning: This post is designed to make you think about normal things in not-so-normal ways. It could bring about existential thoughts for some.I've become quite interested in mind-bl… Read More
Seeing Hearts · 09:09 14 Aug 2018
A couple weeks ago, a few of my friends in the Landmark leadership program had went on their monthly trip to Chicago.  Apparently, Phillip noticed the heart necklace Shiva was wearing… Read More
The Five Fish - Orga… · 08:56 14 Aug 2018
I had a set of knives gifted to me back in December 2016. For the past 18 months I struggled with these knives in my kitchen, I never had the right sharpness for what I was looking to accomp… Read More
Codziennik · 07:30 14 Aug 2018
…śpiewa w mojej głowie Kortez. Bo to przecież miłe, kiedy ktoś pamięta o twoich dziwactwach – a Natalia pamiętała, dzięki czemu moja… Read More
Career Advice | Jobs… · 06:00 14 Aug 2018
For a portion of one summer when I was younger, I had a valet job at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club outside of Detroit, Michigan. I worked during the lunch hour and spent most of my time sitt… Read More
Sobre La Inmigración
Mi Boina · 05:00 14 Aug 2018
La inmigración en España llega de diferentes puntos del planeta. La principal arribada proviene de Iberoamérica 36% (+-), después están los que proceden d… Read More
Paul Heaton
Un Alma Navegante · 04:03 14 Aug 2018
Paul Heaton era el líder de la banda "The Housemartins", los escuchaba con atención en los 80, me los había recomendado una amiga.Los recuperé ahora hace poco, re… Read More
VWash Plus
Ari's In Wonderland · 02:18 14 Aug 2018
A lot of us women are kind of picky when it comes to what we use in the shower. What shampoo to use, which body soap is best, or even if you should get a loofah or not. But what many don't r… Read More
The Breadbin · 01:00 14 Aug 2018
Father Raymond J. de Souza used to write for the Toronto SUN, back before that tabloid went full crazy. He now writes for the staid sister to the SUN, the National Post. I've always found hi… Read More
When I Grow Up · 23:04 13 Aug 2018
‘Do you think I’m pretty?” The nine year old girl asks eagerly. Her parents had just told her older sister she was looking pretty that day. It was a compliment she had neve… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 22:51 13 Aug 2018
Evaluating your brain and the thoughts it creates about your life and the situations you are in will lead to a greater happiness.  Look for the ideas of separations, stabilizing en… Read More
Ah, That Felt Good
S. Weasel · 21:35 13 Aug 2018
This is a scene from the village fete of a very posh, very beautiful little settlement we visited this weekend. It’s the thing where you throw wet sponges at some poor bastard in the… Read More
The Beauty Of Nature
Carina … · 19:08 13 Aug 2018
The more I take random roadtrips in my country, the more I realise how beautiful it is. No matter how much I travel the world, I think that Estonia will always have the best nature and is go… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 17:52 13 Aug 2018
Assuming one is genuinely serious about protecting the environment, of course, mere Euro-wog jiggery-pokery with solar panels and other green crap will hardly suffice. As is well known, beca… Read More
Andy Writes Poems | … · 15:20 13 Aug 2018
The wires are loose at the wall and the fibres are slowly depleting. I’m losing my will to go on some days I just don’t feel like eating I’m finding it hard to connect ther… Read More
Adventure Before Dem… · 14:01 13 Aug 2018
[star rating="5" max="5"] Origin by Dan Brown is a super read. He is a Master of the Genre. Intrigue, technology, monarchy and religious factions all contribute to yet another page turner! T… Read More
Northview Diary · 13:29 13 Aug 2018
Perhaps the only place to find answers...Farm Side research for the week has had me reading blogs and news stories from far-ranging sources. Australian news seems to offer more balanced cove… Read More
Hospital Bag Checklist
Daisarella · 11:37 13 Aug 2018
I packed my hospital bag at 30 weeks pregnant, and when the moment came….I left all three of my bags in the car. My labour happened so quickly that myself and my partner didn’t… Read More
Vivoforte · 09:06 13 Aug 2018
(Madeleine Delbrel)Non devi temere di metterti di fronte a Lui insieme con coloro che ami e con ciò che ami. E questo, non con il desiderio di "esaltarti", né di demolirti, ben… Read More
The Drama Queen Strikes Again.
Field Negro · 00:57 13 Aug 2018
  * I heard Omarosa's secretly recorded taping of her firing by John Kelly today on Meet The Press (MTP). And sadly, I couldn't help but think how vulnerable this White House… Read More
Tui · 00:47 13 Aug 2018
I had long forgotten about this blog. So you probably have too.But if anyone should happen to wonder and wander and stumble across it, this is a hello from four years into the future.Where I… Read More
Words R Beautiful · 00:40 13 Aug 2018
“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” -Victor Hugo I don’t know about you but I’m a huge music lover! Pop, rock, h… Read More
A Quick One
Snoskred – Life In T… · 19:00 12 Aug 2018
Adding just one Aunt to the mix can add in a LOT of unexpected events. The other day we both had the day off so we went out for a lovely 5km walk near Vincentia, then we ended up going into… Read More
Um Dia Em Menorca
Maria Das Palavras · 18:15 12 Aug 2018
Então deixem-me continuar o relato antes que me esqueça totalmente de como foi, mas já a soluçar violentamente porque as féria vão longe. Relembro q… Read More
The City Of Joy · 15:25 12 Aug 2018
When the whole world is watching and raving about a movie, I'm avoiding it. Why? Because I haven't finished reading the book yet. Yes, I refer to Sacred Games. Just 30% into the book and I c… Read More
The Cat
Da Goddess · 13:37 12 Aug 2018
Fletch has been a lovely boy lately, allowing me to sleep a bit longer and cuddling up next to me. It’s so sweet and comforting to have him near. He’s my reason for getting up ea… Read More
1808.12 HEATWAVE
To Baldly Go · 09:58 12 Aug 2018
If there's one thing most people will remember about 2018 it will be the record breaking heatwave and it would be remiss of me to mention it. I've chosen to use this current hiatus in the so… Read More