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Tilting At Windmills · 22:39 21 Jan 2019
This post is a division of MWNI haven't felt good today, I've amused myself by sleeping, watching war shows on American History, and debating a self proclaimed twitter nerd that thinks that… Read More
Inexpressible · 21:58 21 Jan 2019
The game of kings is highly peculiar and strange. It solves nothing. If I win, it means nothing. It doesn’t mean I’m smarter or cooler than my opponent. Maybe they’re just… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 20:46 21 Jan 2019
Not all the nonsense spoken by the Archbishop of Canterbury is a product of his flawed earthly will; at least one variety, which tends to emerge at a rather ungodly hour of the morning, is b… Read More
La Dama Oscura · 18:36 21 Jan 2019
Y le prometí, a aquella mujer, la que me devolvía la mirada en el espejo, que la protegería. Que nunca más dejaría que la humillaran, la menospreciaran o l… Read More
Ser Asertivo. Parte I
Poder Personal X · 17:33 21 Jan 2019
Ser Asertivo. Parte I En todas sus interacciones humanas, ya sean personales, profesionales o sociales, tener la capacidad de decirle a los demás cómo se siente, qué… Read More
Welcome To My Blog · 17:00 21 Jan 2019
So the other day. Like a  few weeks ago actually. I went over to my cousins house to attempt to paint a master piece on a few walls in her kids bedroom. One to start. (The other room is… Read More
Red And Icy But No Wolves
Rashbre Central · 15:59 21 Jan 2019
The instantly knowledgeable ones were talking about blood wolf super moons on the radio, so I decided to have a quick look. A slight problem was the cloud, then the mist, oh, and the cold. I… Read More
Daikon And Carrot Pickles
Chow Times · 15:00 21 Jan 2019
Ben made some daikon and carrot pickles as appetizer at home. I’m impressed by his patience in cutting the daikon and carrot into the match stick size. These daikon and carrot refrige… Read More
1000 To 1
Northview Diary · 13:51 21 Jan 2019
To be the title of this week's Farm Side. As in, one word could describe an entire thousand about the EAT-Lancet report.Links to research:Pork takePsychology standSpectatorDrovers … Read More
Ricordi A Gennaio
Oltre Il Cancello · 11:40 21 Jan 2019
Sono state giornate fredde, queste, ma anche soleggiate. Da sabato, però, l’umore del cielo è cambiato, e l’inverno ha assunto i suoi toni consueti. Mi chiedo se v… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 11:31 21 Jan 2019
Shoot for the moon and you won't  limit yourself in any way. If you want to be rich, set a goal for it. If you want to fall in love, set a goal and take action. If you want to be health… Read More
Garlic In Your Soul
Saltshaker · 10:12 21 Jan 2019
Off on a mini-vacation to São Paulo, but fitting in a last BA review before starting on stuff from here…. Our 52nd outing for the Roving Ravenous Horde…. Ajo Neg… Read More
Seeing Hearts · 10:09 21 Jan 2019
January 2019 Received a pic from my friend Diane, of Wiley the dalmatian dog – who has a heart spot over his nose.  I believe Wiley only gives Eskimo kisses. Thanks for sharing Di… Read More
Shadow Of The Tomb Raider
Codziennik · 09:51 21 Jan 2019
Jak na moje gierkowe standardy, to jest to gorąca nowość – premiera była we wrześniu 2018, a ja zazwyczaj ogrywam jakieś starocia… Troszkę zna… Read More
Valores Democráticos
Mi Boina · 05:00 21 Jan 2019
Corren unos tiempos en que todas las fuerzas políticas dicen sentirse defensoras de los valores democráticos. Así por ejemplo, encontramos que un rey nos habla de que l… Read More
What The Junk?! · 04:22 21 Jan 2019
My walk today was quite interesting.  Why? It was crazy windy out there.  It was cooler too, so that made it worse.  I was very glad to get home and out of that wind!  I… Read More
Field Negro · 01:46 21 Jan 2019
 I don't know about the rest of you, but when I was a kid in high school I spent most my time chasing girls, playing sports, and trying to stay on top of my classes by hitting my books… Read More
Digressions · 21:51 20 Jan 2019
The landscape flickered once and then became solid, more real than reality. Blue took three steps forward and felt her feet sinking into the sand, felt a breeze blowing in from the body of w… Read More
Goofballs World · 20:41 20 Jan 2019
Bauble after bauble Star after star The box gets filled The tree gets empty The lights are unplugged No more socks no more angels no more reindeer All the Christmas cosiness is boxed away… Read More
My Week In Review
Jill Of All Trades · 16:00 20 Jan 2019
Man, my life.  I just can't seem to slow down, but at least I'm productive.  Yesterday B and I hosted a baby shower for a friends daughter-in-law and the anxiously awaiting du… Read More
Vance Joy - Riptide
My Side Of Story Rev… · 15:21 20 Jan 2019
Vance Joy - RiptideI was scared of dentists and the darkI was scared of pretty girls and starting conversationsOh, all my friends are turning greenYou're the magician's assistant in their dr… Read More
A Possible World · 14:22 20 Jan 2019
I've decided to keep a regular video diary this year of how things are going on my allotment, which you can follow at my YouTube channel - see the links at the bottom of this post (for my Tw… Read More
@ Coos' · 11:41 20 Jan 2019
Yup… Read More
Finding Purpose · 17:17 19 Jan 2019
It is my sad duty to report that all is not well with the US Army Signal Corps. I retired from active duty in the US Army as a field grade Signal Officer after 33 years of service last A… Read More
Braces Memories · 16:51 19 Jan 2019
#TBT: Check out this 70’s billboard! For years, customers have gotten loans for important things — including braces!— Wells Fargo (@WellsFargo) A… Read More
18,000 Rpm – World T… · 12:09 19 Jan 2019
Thala, as he is fondly called is a Tamil Actor, aged 47 and simply calls and presents himself with the same age in his movies, as the story goes. His name also appears in the title card as j… Read More
Carnal Knowledge
Perking The Pansies · 10:00 19 Jan 2019
Following bountiful Christmas fare, and with emotions loosened by the Malbec, we plopped onto the sofa and cried our way through Mama Mia, Here We Go Again on DVD and Call the Midwife on the… Read More
Come As You Are
My World · 08:38 19 Jan 2019
You can choose to keep brooding over what wrong things you did in the past and curse yourself for being stupid or you can draw the right lesson out of them and happily move on. No doubt, it… Read More
Jahidur Rashid · 07:49 19 Jan 2019
We often need to write English for the sake of keep communicating with people from around the world. It's not a hard part of the communication but when you gonna communicate officially with… Read More
#10 Year Challenge
Seoul & New York Run… · 04:33 19 Jan 2019
For some reason, I didn’t take many pictures in 2009. I was able to find some that were taken in the years prior and after, but I must had been either busy, or just plain ugly that yea… Read More