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Por Que As Mulheres Traem?
Hugo Com H · 22:44 21 Oct 2018
A sua companheira pode ser um anjo — ou, pelo menos, aparentar isso.Mas isso não quer dizer que você está livre do maior perigo que os casais enfrentam: a trai&cced… Read More
K-Minos · 21:26 21 Oct 2018
No sé por qué exactamente me provocó tomar esta foto. Llevé a mi perrita, #Korathedachshund, a pasear, estoy sentada bajo una ceiba espectacular en este dí… Read More
Day 21: Drain
S. Weasel · 20:00 21 Oct 2018
Drain. Did not much stir the imagination. I suppose I could’ve drawn a whole chicken being sucked down a drain, but that’s too much like work Read More
Némaüzem · 19:46 21 Oct 2018
Régen viszonylag sokat politizáltam a blogban a magam indulatos módján, de egy ideje már nem teszem, mert olyannyira felháborít nagyjà… Read More
Girando A Mi Alreded… · 19:30 21 Oct 2018
Y no me canso de hacer piruetas en el aire, ni doblar las esquinas en redondo o burlar los esquemas de un cajon desastre.No me canso de sobre volar el suelo, ni de vestirme de mi mismo o igu… Read More
Berry Rainy
Snoskred – Life In T… · 19:00 21 Oct 2018
Last weekend we dropped over to the Berry Markets. It was raining. We did not mind but the stall holders were Not Thrilled and many had packed up and gone home. On the way back to find lu… Read More
Oltre Il Cancello · 17:14 21 Oct 2018
Il vento di ottobre, così repentino, è un presagio: è l’autunno con la sua mestizia, con i suoi muti dolori, con i suoi tanti tormenti. Eppure la sua grazia resta… Read More
The Purple Hermit · 17:05 21 Oct 2018
“Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack, a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen, Anthem Photograph by… Read More
Codziennik · 16:35 21 Oct 2018
Podobno Ray Charles zawsze miał do swojej sekcji rytmicznej tę samą uwagę: Wolniej! Wolniej! Ja mam podobny zarzut do twórców gier logicznych &nda… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 15:04 21 Oct 2018
Daily Positive Thought Project: Raising Consciousness One Thought at a Time Generous-showing a readiness to give more of something, than is strictly necessary or expected. There are people w… Read More
Northview Diary · 14:36 21 Oct 2018
Scrolling through Facebook this morning when I realized how fortunate I am in the friend department. Some I have hugged and laughed with in person; others live thousands of miles away in pla… Read More
More Than A Little Wet.
Wayne's World · 14:25 21 Oct 2018
Good morning.I've just returned from my walk......and I'm soaked!Never heard me say that before right? We had rain  move through the valley during the night. Must be the first meas… Read More
Seeing Hearts · 10:08 21 Oct 2018
May 2016 Every once in awhile, I like to enjoy a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich, along with a tall cold glass of organic skim milk.  YUMMY!!!!!!! Speaking of yummy, I just t… Read More
Da Goddess · 19:14 20 Oct 2018
Sorry for the blackout. Demonic code was the culprit. It’s probably a good thing it happened when it did because I was in a dark place, too, and you’d have been subjected to RANT… Read More
Don't Shred
Rashbre Central · 14:40 20 Oct 2018
With today's protest, it is good to look out for the best slogans. I thought Jacob's Crackers was quite good, but now the Banksy-inspired "Don't shred the UK" has become my favourite. It fit… Read More
El Cuarto Intento · 14:37 20 Oct 2018
Nos conocemos, nos reconocemos a través del otro, porque es el otro, el que nos muestra, lo que nos permite ver reflejado lo que somos. Y es cuando el otro. los otros, las otras, les… Read More
Our Bolivian Lunch Adventure
Saltshaker · 13:27 20 Oct 2018
So, this video is apparently from the opening of My Bolivia, Av. Rivadavia 7495, Floresta, about a year and a half ago…. I wouldn’t say that in that year and a half the… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 13:10 20 Oct 2018
Yet another ghastly cabal of wogs has administered yet more Nazi-style punishment to Britain's plucky little rulers, this time over the inalienable democratic right of the Conservative Party… Read More
La Vida Después De Ti
Mi Boina · 05:00 20 Oct 2018
La vida después de ti… Mi reloj siguió avanzando, aunque sus manecillas dejaron de marcar la hora en que te vería. A las fechas importantes del calendario las… Read More
Week 7 Check-in...
Not Even A Tshirt · 00:09 20 Oct 2018
Hey there.  I can't believe it's been seven weeks since surgery!  Time has flown by!  I went back to work this week which was a good thing because I missed my people, but blec… Read More
Melanie's Life Onlin… · 20:52 19 Oct 2018
I made my last two posts about GF private in the off chance she gets a hold of my blog.  I can’t afford the risk.  So now, all my posts about her are set to private. We&rsquo… Read More
On The Ganga Mail · 19:10 19 Oct 2018
Today is Vijaya Dashami. Usually on this day, for the past few years, I’ve been taking the flight back to Chennai after spending Durga Puja in Calcutta. This year, however, I did not t… Read More
Krazicat's Blog · 18:28 19 Oct 2018
So today is the last day of a very festive season in India, Durga Puja, Dussehra, Navratri and what not. So for most of us, these are the days, we look forward to visiting our homes, family… Read More
Braces Memories · 17:29 19 Oct 2018
Even for those who have never had braces, they can provide interesting memories. Often friends and acquaintances will undergo orthodontic treatment. Here is a true account of being an observ… Read More
Summer Dreaming!
The Bucket List Proj… · 14:42 19 Oct 2018
As winter approaches, it can be good to start planning our summer trip and get excited about the warm weather ahead.  Indeed, many people at this time of year start feeling rather withd… Read More
Ohmybuhay · 14:27 19 Oct 2018
October 19, 2018 My husband told my daughter this morning while we were having breakfast that I risked my life by riding on a tricycle in a major highway with speeding vehicles. Meron pang z… Read More
Autumn Amore Mittens
Moogly · 14:13 19 Oct 2018
The final pattern for the Autumn Amore Crochet Along is the Autumn Amore Mittens! These moss stitch crochet mittens are quick, cozy, and the pattern includes 3 sizes to fit your family!… Read More
5 Hubby And Wife Wellness Tips
Dear Crissy · 14:03 19 Oct 2018
These hubby and wife wellness tips will help all couples get on the same page and on the same team to reach their healthy lifestyle goals. Hubby and Wife Wellness Tips I’d like to tha… Read More
Vaccinationer · 10:12 19 Oct 2018
/// Detta inlägg görs i samarbete med sveavaccin /// Jag är den som verkligen tror på vaccinationer. Mina barn är alla vaccinerade enligt svenska vaccinations… Read More
Life In A Break Down… · 10:00 19 Oct 2018
The post Win with ProCook appeared first on Life in a Break Down. OK your probably looking at your screen, scratching your head and wondering why a competition on Friday. I'm actually going… Read More
Hot Toddy Recipe
Wisconsin Mommy · 01:08 19 Oct 2018
It seems like there is already a bunch of sickness and junk getting passed around. Seems like just yesterday it was 80-something degrees and now the temperatures have plummeted and people ar… Read More
Tongue In Cheek · 21:10 16 Oct 2018
Several months ago Yann heard about a group that offered motorcycle tours but not just motorcycle tours, Yann rides a  motorcycle nearly every day, rain, hail, snow, in the evenin… Read More