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Top 7 Utilizari Ale Granitului
Blog Comercial · 09:43 24 May 2018
Top 7 utilizari ale GranituluiNimic nu se compara cu rezistenta, eleganta si versatilitatea granitului!Gratie structurii si compozitiei unice, granitul este unul dintre cele mai extravagante… Read More
What Did I Just See
Northview Diary · 09:38 24 May 2018
In his element...liquid beaver at sunsetGot up extra early to fix my computer as it crashed last night while doing the huge new Windows update. While walking doggies I spotted some deer, may… Read More
Do Not Be A Victim
Career Advice | Jobs… · 06:00 24 May 2018
When I was growing up, my mother was an investigator with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. Essentially, her job involved listening to various peoples’ complaints alleging they… Read More
How Truth Died In America.
Field Negro · 00:49 24 May 2018
Remember when Hillary's e-mail was a thing?"Late on Monday we learned that President Trump has stubbornly resisted staff efforts to secure his smartphones, leaving his cameras and microphone… Read More
The Breadbin · 00:13 24 May 2018
I should be cutting the lawn right now. It desperately needs it. But our extension cord  for our mower is badly frayed--a zot! waiting to happen, I suspect. So Eva's going to pick up a… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 22:05 23 May 2018
  A human mind is a powerful tool. It can recall information, perform intricate calculations, all while still managing to keep a physical body functioning appropriately. A mind has the… Read More
The Endless Road
Black Tie And Old Sn… · 20:32 23 May 2018
Winter roadsThat most do fearLong black nightsThat never endThose dirty dangerous areasWhere others never treadSeparated from familyAnd friendsLost in the backgroundOf daily lifeTaken for gr… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 19:59 23 May 2018
The doom of the species by natural forces, The drowning of cities with human resources, The growth of the desert, the loss of the ice, The tragic extinction of weather that's nice; The prosp… Read More
Némaüzem · 19:30 23 May 2018
Az a helyzet, hogy borzasztó nagy előny, hogy a gyerekek már két éve olvasnak, mert nagyon könnyedén veszik a legtöbb akadályt az isk… Read More
Tall Cactus Potholder Tutorial
Moogly · 16:59 23 May 2018
The Crochet Cactus Potholders make a super cute set – and they each present their own challenges! But I’m here to help – and I’ve created separate video tutorials… Read More
Vivoforte · 16:43 23 May 2018
(John Henry Newman)Sii, Signore,in me per rinforzarmi,fuori di me per custodirmi,sopra di me per proteggermi,sotto di me per consolidarmi,davanti a me per guidarmi,dietro di me per seguirmi… Read More
Sassyhacksaws - Musi… · 16:00 23 May 2018
I think we are finally past the wintry weather in Wisconsin. At least I hope so because recently I planted the garden for the year. In one fell swoop, I put the fate of my harvest in hands o… Read More
Santa Monica
Wayne's World · 14:13 23 May 2018
Good morning.We've just returned from a 5 day trip to Santa Monica CA.It took us about 5 1/2 hours to drive from Vegas. There is a lot of traffic in  the LA area, and we had to go aroun… Read More
Bite Marks #58
Saltshaker · 11:54 23 May 2018
The hot new thing in BA is Asian street food. Actually, street food of any sort, though Asian seems to be leading the pack. And, not served on the street, because the local government still… Read More
Seeing Hearts · 10:08 23 May 2018
We were still visiting China in Summer 2015, when Peter noticed his folded napkin casting a shadow – shaped like a heart Read More
Busy With The Backfill
Rashbre Central · 09:29 23 May 2018
I'm rushing about a bit at the moment, and the blog is suffering from a lack of posts. My snapshot of a favourite view of City Hall on Thursday could illustrate a kind of speed distortion, a… Read More
Marca España
Mi Boina · 05:00 23 May 2018
¡Basta ya! Hasta cuando los españoles debemos aguantar un gobierno, que es el sostén demostrado, de un partido político creado para enriquecerse trincando, el dine… Read More
Skuds' Sister's Brot… · 23:57 22 May 2018
I’m not sure what to make of the new ‘listening report’ feature on Generally I am happy to just listen to music without analysing it all, but it is sometimes fun t… Read More
Trying To Write Again.
Sarah's Dreamscapes · 21:40 22 May 2018
As you have probably gathered...I decided to take another unscheduled blogging break.   Actually, I would say I have taken a complete break from writing in general...well, apart fr… Read More
S. Weasel · 21:25 22 May 2018
D’awwww…you get the most adorable results when you Google Image Search “sleepy weasel.” Though most of ’em are ferrets. Puts me in mind of the time I ran acro… Read More
Sorry Everyone
Angela - Mother, Wif… · 20:36 22 May 2018
Beach at BerwickHi Everyone.  I am so so sorry that it has been so long since my last update.  It has been a very stressful and hectic few months. Sit back, relax and I will fill y… Read More
The Purple Dachshund · 19:32 22 May 2018
I never had the best skin. Always had acne, breakouts, dry patches or something to keep me unhappy about it. One of the best skin care options are masks, treatments and so on. However, that… Read More
The Label Maker
Snoskred – Life In T… · 19:00 22 May 2018
I bought Mother a gift voucher to have her nails done for Mothers Day. She wasn't sure about it - she thinks she is not a person who has their nails done. I used to think that, before I lea… Read More
Wet And Wailing
[ Unsung ] · 18:02 22 May 2018
Avengers or no….?We spent most of Friday afternoon top dressing the lawn with dirt and seed. What an exhausting day. I think I hit close to 23k steps. I sure hope it helps the lawn. I… Read More
Ultima Thule
Dave Macleod Blog · 16:05 22 May 2018
For about 15 years I’ve been exploring the Scottish Islands and opening many trad routes on all sorts of cliffs, big and small. I’ve often focused on the Hebrides and also had a… Read More
Student 2018? · 14:11 22 May 2018
/Detta inlägg görs i samarbete med Vad är en av de viktigaste grejerna när man tar studenten? Självklart är väl kläder, mössa och… Read More
Depression 3.0
It's Just Life. – On… · 12:54 22 May 2018
They could never see, Feel, The world that you lived in, For to see this world, your eyes had to be open, Childlike-imagination, Turned broken, Close your eyes, And you’d find yourself… Read More
The Five Fish - Orga… · 10:16 22 May 2018
Twirling the events of the past year through my head like balloons whipping in the wind, The Chad and I are just amazed at all that we have experienced over the last nine to twelve months. I… Read More