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My Life Blogs Observations Blogs Sexuality Blogs · 07:00 19 Mar 2018
Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside ~Coco Chanel Fancy a pamper sesh after work? A few hours out of your day maybe, experimenting with makeup and learning how to perfe… Read More
Loving Lately
Beautifully Glossy · 04:51 19 Mar 2018
I've stopped doing monthly favourite posts whilst I'm concentrating on panning, mainly because I use the same things all the time, so monthly favourite posts would be a boring mix of the sam… Read More
For The Fainthearted · 21:33 18 Mar 2018
An amber warning of snow and ice across the West Country was issued by the Met Office. Across the lowlands of Sedgemoor, the snow was more a niggling nuisance than a serious obstacle, on the… Read More
Creating A Masterpiece
Aahaachennai · 16:21 18 Mar 2018
The sun's rays are at it againA stroke here,an outline thereand the effect is visible.A shadow so perfect,making childrenrun after... chasing it.Alas! It slips away.There is a vivid message… Read More
Snow Birds
Homepage - Woman Aro… · 11:12 18 Mar 2018
To millions of people, when they hear the term “snow bird,” it conjures up images of Disney World, the beaches, an escape from the frigid north to warm weather and all that goes… Read More
In My Heart · 09:30 18 Mar 2018
We all have our own list of TRAVEL MUST HAVEs! Mine are six (6) travel must haves that I believed to be truly important. Setting aside the basics such as passport, ticket, cash or cards &nda… Read More
5 Reasons To Wear Sunglasses
Confused Mango · 05:39 18 Mar 2018
Sunglasses are a favorite in today's world. There are many women and men out there who love wearing sunglasses. Wearing a sunglass was not something very common in India even till the last d… Read More
How I Break Bad Habits
Kelsea Ventures · 20:00 17 Mar 2018
Everyone has bad habits, and I think I speak for most when I say that it’s not easy to break them. Sometimes, you manage to break one bad habit just to repeat it again months later, it… Read More
Summer Wind · 10:00 17 Mar 2018
Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! I hope your weekend is off to a great start. Today I'll be downtown celebrating the holiday with friends and family. I celebrated downtown last year a… Read More
The Matter Of Time
Bringing Out Happine… · 05:56 17 Mar 2018
Today I and my teenager son Nishant were having breakfast as usual. I always look forward to the breakfast time with him. It is the time when we sit facing each other. Though briefly, we can… Read More
Musings Of A Fat Chi… · 02:06 17 Mar 2018
Yep, it's a big word - and it was a new one to me.... until January.  That's when I was advised this was the procedure which would get rid of my excess skin.  Some doctors do an ab… Read More
Chips Burguer
Doce Maldade Feminin… · 18:36 16 Mar 2018
Para os apaixonados por hambúrguer, este é um lugar super bacana para comer, se divertir e curtir um ambiente super legal: Chips Burguer! A hamburgueria que fica na regiã… Read More
Bayart · 18:10 16 Mar 2018
There are some groups of believers out there who believe that being forgiven is a license to sin. ‘Well Jesus will forgive me of it so I can do it’. This type of thinking is dest… Read More
Holy Cow
Jack · 14:48 16 Mar 2018
The ritual of disclosureThat striptease of discoveryMakes liars of us allYet those forgeries of loveAnd softly spoken fablesSoon become our sacred cows Read More
Madeleine Cocina | R… · 14:29 16 Mar 2018
En marzo mis amigos de Entre Panes (en Guadalajara) nos tienen un delicioso Giveaway! para participar ve a mi Facebook de CurioGastro o al Instagram @CurioGastro! Tienes las 2 redes para par… Read More
The 10X Path · 10:54 16 Mar 2018
Do you know what is the common point between Athletes, top speaker, Martial Artists, Special Forces, and various top performers? Yes! They all use their breathing to perform better. And ev… Read More
Izzy On The Eye · 08:48 16 Mar 2018
I lost the only person whose love I never had to question. I lost the only person who made me feel less alone. In 2007, I lost my mum. And for years, I felt lost and went through all kinds o… Read More
The Good Vibrations Of Josh Isn't
Go Retro! · 22:45 15 Mar 2018
Since launching Go Retro a good decade ago I receive many requests on a fairly regular basis from artists, musicians, businesses, and the like asking for free publicity on this site. You've… Read More
A Contar Vindo Do Cė… · 15:53 15 Mar 2018
"Morrer — dormir, nada mais; e dizer que pelo sono se findam as dores, como os mil abalos inerentes à carne — é a conclusão que devemos buscar. Morrer &mdash… Read More
Moorea Travel Diary
Cheryl Shops · 15:00 15 Mar 2018
I don't know exactly when, but several years ago, I decided that I needed to do something big for my 40th birthday, and that something was a trip to Bora Bora, which I'd always wanted to vis… Read More
Morning Beans Blog · 13:33 15 Mar 2018
“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” –Sylvia Plath  I have lived my life with a challenging contradiction for as long as I can remember. [...] Read More
Voucher Codes - Vouc… · 10:58 15 Mar 2018
The title says it all, simply spend more than $50 at the Fisher Price store (no code needed) and you will automatically qualify for free shipping! This is an ongoing promotion with no expiry… Read More