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For Real · 07:52 26 May 2018
The 11th of May marks a historic day for all Kenyans as the country becomes the only ninth African country with a satellite. At exactly 1:30 pm, astronaut Norishige Kanai from the ISS. The s… Read More
Weinstein  In Handcuffs
Slavenka & Obi · 15:43 25 May 2018
Former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has been charged in New York with rape and several counts of sexual abuse stemming from two separate accusers. Mr Weinstein turned himself in to poli… Read More
The Daily Droid · 15:04 25 May 2018
None of what I wrote recently about how birthdays are meaningless notches on the tree of life and that saying "happy birthday" is dumb applies to cats. I never knew this before today, but I… Read More
Neurocaffeine · 09:04 25 May 2018
Caro il mio Financial Times ma, ancora meglio, miei cari eurocrati tutti, io vi stimo fin dal primo momento in cui ci siamo conosciuti, ma dire che Roma ha aperto la porta ai barbari è… Read More
Beauty Bae · 06:52 25 May 2018
  The first thing I do in the morning is… open my eyes. Mythical! I would never leave home without… my legs moving in a way that ensures I actually leave my house. My stap… Read More
Sohbet · 01:49 25 May 2018
fethiye sohbet sitemiz sizlere kaliteli ve güvenilir bir sohber ortamı sağlamak için kurulmuştur. fethiye chat sayfamıza giriş yaparak sunucumuz üze… Read More
Did You Know It? · 00:10 25 May 2018
Sitting near the top of Lake Michigan is Beaver Island. Today, Beaver Island is home to 657 residents, but the isolated island’s history is rich with colorful characters. One of the st… Read More
Studente (Non) Per N… · 16:20 24 May 2018
Un episodio avvenuto l'altro giorno mi ha fatto riflettere sull'esempio etico-morale che i professori indirettamente danno agli alunni. Ora ve lo racconto:Ultima verifica scritta finale di q… Read More
Thank You, ABD
Otherwise... · 10:45 24 May 2018
AB De Villiers, the Mr. 360 of cricket, announced his retirement from international cricket yesterday. This had to happen & would have been equally sad whenever it would have, for even l… Read More
You May Call Me LORD
Eighty-Four Glyde · 21:46 23 May 2018
I can’t believe it. I was ordained as a Kentucky Colonel for less than a week before I wrote an entry all about the experience, my newfound powers and my future plans as a Colonel… Read More
Tuesday Fun & Tummy Tuesday
Comedy Plus · 07:10 22 May 2018
How about we do something fun for Tuesdays. Post a funny picture. Post a not so funny picture. Post whatever weirdness you want. That’s it. Grab the Tuesday Fun linky code on my naviga… Read More
Life ... · 06:09 22 May 2018
Hi Fellas, So I told you last time about how teens act grown up and say the (over)smartest of things? Well, now I met some 20 year olds that say their hearts are broken and that they feel o… Read More
The Payoff
No, Seriously... · 01:42 22 May 2018
My daughter would make a natural politician. She has the gift of gab, she can manipulate the stripes off a zebra and when all else fails, she knows that most problems can be solved with col… Read More
Word4Words78 · 22:39 21 May 2018
Lost in the world like a wind a tale of faries and a despacito of Justin..Life has been cruel to some but you can never judge the book by it cover..Life is real, Life is a clown,Life is a pu… Read More
The Frictionary · 16:06 20 May 2018
Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:6896. A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words. (C.S. Lewis)6897. Ye… Read More
Ramadaan Gifts.
Ms. S · 14:58 20 May 2018
This year we made Ramadaan gifts for her friends. Her gang includes 5 girls and 1 boy. She was pretty excited and so was I. She helped me willingly. We made simple m&m cookies. Ms.S. mix… Read More