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Stuart Jeffery · 18:22 22 Feb 2018
Maidstone people, make sure you tell M&S what a bad idea it is to close one of their town centre shops by merging and reducing it into the other while opening a large out of town shop th… Read More
Northern Reflections · 15:00 22 Feb 2018
If you had any doubts about Donald Trump's exploding insanity, yesterday should have put them to rest -- because yesterday he floated his solution to school shootings. Amanda Holpuch and Pau… Read More
Against 'Culture As Destiny'
Sunday Posts · 14:22 22 Feb 2018
I write this post mainly as a record and a response to a debate that I participated in last week. The question we were concerned with is the well-known one, why did Western Europe, and parti… Read More
Atlantic Review · 15:07 21 Feb 2018
I agree with much of Eliot Cohen’s criticism of the Munich Security Conference. I like his creative phrases, but the SAIS professor is too harsh, too macho and too much in love with his… Read More
Banjo Conmen
Slantblog · 18:53 19 Feb 2018
Note: This was written in 2012.  Upon hearing the news of Earl Scruggs’ death earlier this year (Mar. 28, 2012), my thoughts went straight to a 36-year-old memory connected to a… Read More
Boycott VISA
Dick Mac (Alive!) · 17:25 19 Feb 2018
by Dick MacVISA, the credit card company, offers a card branded by the NRA (National Rifle Association).The NRA promotes and supports unchecked, limitless private ownership of machine guns… Read More
Trump Takes Low To New High
The Daily Nooze · 19:26 18 Feb 2018
Trump has blamed the tragic mass shooting in Parkland, Florida on the FBI’s preoccupation with the Russia investigation. Let that sink in. He is saying if the FBI had spent more time… Read More
Wise Conservatism | … · 17:08 18 Feb 2018
We at Wise Conservatism and Tom’s Place wish to offer our sympathies and prayers to the victims and their families of the Parkland murderer. The bodies weren’t even cold when the… Read More
Commenterry · 20:06 16 Feb 2018
Is an occasional chair only occasionally a chair? A great cure for someone with alligator arms is to hand them the bill. Some things are better left unsaid. Other things are better left unsa… Read More
Bobfrombrockley · 13:31 16 Feb 2018
East West StreetPeter Ryley is always a wonderful writer. Here he reviews Philippe Sands' East West Street, and then veers into a brilliant set of asides about nationalism.Antisemitism: Geor… Read More