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Why “Cheap” Is Unlikely to be “Hip” (A Client Blindly Demanding Low Fees May Likely Hurt You)

“But Tayo, somebody did this same thing for me last year for ten thousand naira: why is what you call a promo offer so much higher priced? In this period of recession, all I want to hear are low prices”.

Prospects and clients have said stuff like the above to me in the past, with regard to my Web Marketing System development service offers. Most times they did it in a bid to beat down my fees to what they felt was “reasonable”.

I have however always been one to focus on finding clients with a good fit. Anyone too focused on paying a low fee regardless of value to be had, was NOT good for me. So I learned to tactfully offload such individuals, by asserting myself without offending them.

What follows below are excerpts from the text transcript version of an audio response I sent to one such CEO – an example of how I do the above.

You must be able to look at what value people offer you in terms of solutions they offer, compared to what someone like me is offering in terms of using the web for business promotion.

We need all to find customers. Every person who is in business is not joking around. You and I are looking for buyers for what we sell. Your purpose in marketing is to find somebody that will pay to buy what you are selling.

It’s stating the obvious, but I’m emphasizing it because I want you to understand what I’m offering to do for you from that perspective.


So, it’s not theory. We are looking at you saving money using this proposed solution, with regard to your business marketing, so that you can increase your profit margins.

How much is it currently costing you to get people to buy from you?

This has to do with your Cost of Sales/Cost of Customer Acquisition.

If you are able to cut down your above mentioned cost, by 25% for example, that would mean you’d have increased your profit margin by the same amount. That means the amount of money you put in your pocket or the amount you retain in your business, will increase by 25%.

So THAT (i.e. reduced marketing/sales costs) is one immediate benefit you are likely to reap from implement a Web Marketing System I will setup for you, if you use it the way I recommend.

It will enable you focus your time, effort and energy to doing the things that matter the most.

The second thing is that you want to attract people that are more likely to be willing to pay you what you want them to pay to buy from you,

So, the second benefit of the WMS I propose to setup for you, is that you will have a system, which even when you are sleeping, will be capable of influencing people who fit the above description to find you, and ultimately make contact with you.

So it’s 2 things. This system will make them find you, and then it will make them arrive ready to do business with you, 80% of the time, on your own terms.

The above implies you want to find potential buyers in bulk. You want people, whether they are within or outside your immediate area, to buy from you.

So, whatever will help you find this people in larger numbers, with a greater degree of frequency and bring them to you, when you are just doing things that I recommend you do, using the system I setup for you, is something that definitely will NOT require an investment as low as ten thousand naira!

Like I tell clients and prospects all the time – the solutions I offer are designed to be pocket friendly/affordable, but NEVER cheap.

However, I use a low risk entry pricing strategy, – like this 12 month FREE Web Marketing Support Service – to give selected potential clients a taste of what I offer. What I do for this group of CEOs is then used to showcase to others I approach, what they stand to benefit if they signup.

It’s never wise to let people commoditize services they offer you. Especially not Web Marketing solutions.

I did not study IT. I’m an Agricultural Extensions Services graduate., but believe me, what I do in terms of the way I used the web has put me way ahead of 80% of those who possess degrees in IT, in this part of the world. 

In addition I’m very unique in terms of the way I use the web, especially because I don’t advertise. And yet I make sales to buyers within and outside the African continent.

The irony of it all is that I get these great results by using a marketing weapon or instrument that costs me only a fraction of the total income I earn annually from using it.

If you look at it from that perspective, you will understand  that what I want to do for you has nothing to do with what someone else may have done for you, or what s/he may be offering to do for you, at some cheap rate. And it certainly cannot be done for ten thousand naira.

Then the question to ask is: Is this something that interests you? Would you like to be able to operate the way I just described?

I refer to a situation in which you lower your marketing costs and at the same time, almost simultaneously, and boost your marketing reach and impact.

A situation in which people who are ready to buy from you, at least 80% of the time will come to you, on their own, discovering you, even if they never knew about you before, and be willing to do business with you on your terms?

That’s how over 80% of my clients found me. No one told them about me: They discovered me on the web. The same probably applies to you READING THESE WORDS right now.

Every time I have a sales conversation – and I’m having them almost every day now – it’s amazing the results I get most times.

I have so many stories to tell in this regard – and some have been shared in my past articles (like this one – click here to read). This is because this system continues to builds on your past successes – it continues to grow.

That’s the beauty of Web Marketing the way I do it. You will continue to leverage previous encounters. Your activities online are going to be reported by Google in a manner that enables more and more people to find you, or as long as you remain authentic.

So the WMS – as I conceive and implement it – is not or crooked or unserious people. It’s not for marketing fraudulent offers. Instead it’s something that’s for authentic providers of solutions, whether product or service.

In summary therefore, my WMS offer at any time will be designed to empower the client willing to make the required investment, in a way that ultimately delivers the desired benefits, while at the same time equipping him/her to carry on competently using it, independently of me, after I’m done.

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Why “Cheap” Is Unlikely to be “Hip” (A Client Blindly Demanding Low Fees May Likely Hurt You)


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