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Use Pokemon Go to get more business

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If you haven’t already heard, Pokemon Go is a craze that is currently taking over the world. It is now the most popular app, and every 20 – 30 year old I know is playing. It is the biggest trend I have ever been a part of, and there are some great ways you can use Pokemon Go to get more business.

Businesses have already started capitalising on this new trend, and you too can use Pokemon Go to get more business.

These methods work – so even if you aren’t interested in the game, give it a go for the sake of increasing business.

Here are some easy things you can do to use Pokemon Go to get more business for your small business.

Use Lures

If you have a bricks and motor business and have a Pokestop nearby you can put a lure on it. This means that people will come to the Pokestop searching for Pokemon. Lures attract Pokemon, and attracting Pokemon attract people. Each lure only lasts 30 minutes, so make sure you have a few (you get them by levelling up in the game) and choose when you use them. One example of a good use of a lure would be happy hour. You can even promote that you will have a lure at happy hour. I am not kidding when I say that people will go to your business to take advantage of the lure.

If you are doing a market, place a lure near your stall so to attract people to your stall.

Use pokemon go to get more business

Pokestops with Lures on them to attract Pokemon

Run a promotion involving Pokemon

People will do anything that benefits them involving Pokemon, so use Pokemon to get more business and get attention for your business.

Examples of competitions include:

If you catch a Pokemon in our store you get 50% off your order;

Snap a photo with a Pokemon and our business logo and share it on our wall to get 50% off;

Take a photo of one of your products with a Pokemon to get a store credit;

If you have a gym near your business, offer those who take over the gym a freebie of some form.

Use Pokemon Go to get more business

Gym where you can battle to have control. Currently controlled by Team Mystic (the best team 🙂 )

Share things about Pokemon on your social media

Pokemon is trending on all forms of social media right now, so write something about it, share a photo, use hashtags and be part of something everyone is searching. Like following any trends, this will help you get a little bit of extra exposure for your business. Another way to use Pokemon Go to get more business. Visit our Instagram Page where you will soon enough see some exciting posts pop up.

Go where the Pokemon are

This can be used in all sorts of different ways. You can simply go there and hand out flyers for your business. You can go and play Pokemon and just chat to people about your business. If you run a portable business, you can take your business to where the thousands of people are.

If you haven’t seen it for yourself you won’t appreciate just how massive this is. In every capital city that has Pokemon Go, there are places where thousands of people are going to catch Pokemon. Search for a Pokemon group in your local area and ask where people are going to catch Pokemon.

Use Pokemon Go to get more business

A Zubat hanging out on my computer screen

Market your products around Pokemon Go

So many people are so involved with this that they are willing to buy things to make their Pokemon Go experience even better. If you sell technology based products, make sure you have heaps of battery packs available, and sell them as being for use when playing Pokemon Go.

If you are a handmade store that makes fingerless gloves, market them as being perfect for when you are playing Pokemon Go.

If you are an artist, do prints of the teams on Pokemon Go.

Then market your products to groups that are formed around Pokemon Go. This opens up a whole new avenue of places to advertise.

Another important factor to consider, is to ensure that your products are available when the Pokemon Go addicts want them. If you run a coffee shop in a park, you may want to consider the possibility of extending your trading hours for a while to capitalise on the trend. People in the masses are out and about all night. I got a hot chocolate at 9:30pm last night from a coffee shop that would normally shut at 4pm. There was a huge line and I say well done to that shop for making the most of the masses of people.

Use Pokemon Go to get more business

There is no telling how long this craze will last, so make the most of it whilst it is here. It is still a new phase, so there is still a huge amount of scope for you to make money through it.

Businesses have already had huge amounts of success using Pokemon Go to their benefit.

If you want ideas how you specifically can use Pokemon Go to increase your business please let me know.

If you aren’t well acquainted with Pokemon Go and how it works, feel free to get in touch, or join one of hundreds of groups online designed for Pokemon Go users.

Enjoy the benefits your business experiences from what is possibly the biggest craze so far in the 21st century.

I am a self-confessed Pokemon Go addict and trust me when I say, you have no idea of the lengths people will go to in attempt to “catch them all”.


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Use Pokemon Go to get more business


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