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5 Insane And Too Innovative Ways To Promote Your Brand

This pic cracks me up LOL

5-innovative-ways-to-promote-your-brandI’ve found them… I’ve found the 5 Insane and too Innovative Ways to promote your brand… they are too cool, one of them can be quite costly (unless you are in the army… you will see what I mean).

And you thought it was all about SEO, paid Traffic, blogging and useless funny videos… ok, maybe not, but most do, anyway, this article will be interesting no matter what you thought, so let’s start with the ideas.

1 Release a rap song


This is just too hilarious, check out this video:

I even work out to this LOL, it’s so cool.

and I’ll surely be drinking a lot more iced coffee even though I’m not a big fan of it, I like my coffee black.

If you think you need too much cash for such a video I’ll give you something to think about right now:

the more unprofessional and funny the video is the more people it’d attract… that’s what I think, and you don’t need too much money to get a friend to shoot a video of you rapping among a few girls and maybe next to a fancy car (and if it’s not even yours and the guy catches you, it’d be even more fun).

The crazier the video the better, and you don’t need money to be Crazy LOL.

2 Take a Viral selfie

Everybody pretends to be too sophisticated for selfies, but they all dig them… and they can get you crazy popular if they are cool enough to go viral.

I’ll be giving you examples today as I haven’t written too many of those type of articles (evidence based or whatever the fuck they are called), here’s the first and only selfie I’ve ever posted, it didn’t go viral, but it sure got quite a few eyeballs having in mind I login to FB mostly to run paid ads…

Nothing can go viral faster than a cool selfie like this

3 Make a f***ing awesome video

Traditional video marketing doesn’t deliver too great results anymore, cool and fun videos like this are the way to go:

As you can see it already has about 20 millions views and it is on a boring as hell shaving blades topic LOL, but as I’ve said before:

“all it takes to be huge online is finding a way to be entertaining”

I might have not said it exactly like that, but that’s what I meant… and here’s how to create entertaining content:

4 Drive a tank through times square

that might be a bit of a challenge LOL…

Sir Richard Branson did it though, when he entered the US soda market and promoted Virgin cola.

5 Message in a bottle

I forgot who did that, but it’s a hell of an idea, it is cheap, Innovative, crazy and cool all at once… and it works.

I’d personally be amazed to see a message in a bottle while lying on the beach, and I’m pretty sure most people are like me.

I’m gonna finish here, I know you want to read more, and this is why you have the form down below, use it, and I’ll send you every fucking crazy cool article I write, plus free business and marketing advice… if you want.

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5 Insane And Too Innovative Ways To Promote Your Brand


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