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Network Marketing: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Part 2)

Network-Marketing-The-Good-The-Bad-And-The-UglyI really don’t know if you care about Network Marketing that much (I don’t), but a lot of people ask me what I think about this MLM company and that MLM company and I decided to write a sequel to the two years old one of the top viewed posts: MLM – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Network Marketing is the first thing most people stumble upon when they get online to make money, since MLMers are everywhere prowling through the internet for fresh blood LOL… and yes, it is exactly as I’m describing it, I got into Network marketing when I first started online and it’s not that I have anything against it (well, I do actually), but I just can’t take network marketers seriously.

Now, don’t get offended if you are a leader in a company or anything, you know I’m a truth guy, network marketers always have that tension, that weird look that says:

“I know I’m offering you something totally useless and way too overpriced, and I know it’s wrong, but I want you to buy it, cause you know, I might secretly think so and you obviously can see it, but someone says it is a cool product and you have to buy it”


I mean, it’s like they can’t think, they go to events, pretend to talk about something that matter and try to pitch whoever the fuck they can get their hands on.

A few years ago while I was still running my offline business a friend came to me and started to talk about making lots of money, I was always open for business and listened to them and everything they had to say, though it wasn’t much…

I was like:

what is this business?


well, I don’t know really, but it’s a new thing that will change the world (that’s what they all say)


ok, but what is it?


there is this event that is special and people pay to go, but I can get you in for free, they will tell you everything there.

I hardly held the laughter, but I’m an open minded person, I had to give the guy a chance. I went to that event (thank god I had connections and could go in for free LOL) and there were a bunch of people there talking about Kiyosaki (by the way the guy is just a marketer), bragging how they had bought some cheap cars and talking about the secret and such…

it’s like I entered a cult, they were all faking, pretending to be happy and rich, talking crap and basically looking ridiculous, and since us entrepreneurs can smell fake from a thousand miles I just couldn’t hold it anymore and started laughing, talked to a few guys about things that did not matter at all and left.

They guy was very mad I didn’t join their thing and stopped talking to me. LOL

Do i really need to tell you more?

ok, I will…

network marketing is not all bad, it has some advantages like building networks and connections and such, however there are two things that could happen if you got into an MLM

1 Get rich and famous by actually selling nothing…

yeah there are companies like Avon that sell normal products (my girl uses some of their stuff), but don’t tell me you think you can get rich selling lipstick.

read this to see how to get rich in a MLM:

you might be like:

“for a guy who doesn’t care about MLM you have quite a few articles on it”

I hear you, I don’t care about MLM, but I care about you and since no one writes the truth about it (half are in and lie, and the rest run away from it like from the plague and don’t know the truth) I had to save your ass… maybe that was too much, you can make money in an MLM, just don’t get hung on all the stories and the crap.

Almost forgot about number 2 (not that number 2, this joke just doesn’t get old LOL)

2 Get tired and frustrated with a lot of people and wanting to take a poop on their heads

The latter is most likely to happen.

As I said it still has some upsides and let’s see what they are .

The good about mlm

you can make a ton of connections, and they are everything in the world we live in… you can also use them to sell your own product(s) later on.

The bad about mlm

well, I’ll put it like this: if you want to be huge in this kinda business you have to get in the top group of people who push the business and start lying the crap out of everything, or you will make funny money…

that’s just how network marketing operates:

1 a bunch of people gather up
2 think of something to sell (no matter what)
3 start pushing the product as hard as they can, you know, using motivational quotes and all types of motivational stuff, cause uplifting people sells
4 target all the grandpas and grandmas in the world as they are the only gullible enough to believe the hype and shit
5 start adding upsells as the uselessness of the main product can only make them a limited amount of money
6 get people to get to as many events as possible, cause that’s really where the money is

The ugly

Network marketing is a bunch of people selling crap to each other no one actually needs.

If you are the kind of person who likes to fake smile… a lot LOL, and fake whatever is needed to make the sale, then this business is for you, if you are a serious entrepreneur who likes adding value to the marketplace you will NOT like this kinda business at all.

let me know if you liked this article and stay AWESOME.


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Network Marketing: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Part 2)


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