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Penny Leads On Facebook: You Don’t Need [email protected]#K You Money To Get Boat Loads of Facebook Leads (That Will Make You [email protected]#K You Money)

penny leads on facebook

Can’t help it, I just love those long titles that say:

“this is impossible to ignore”

I’ve talked about getting cheap Facebook traffic before, but this time I wanted to tell you how to get that traffic and convert it…

…you know, since someone contacted me and said they paid 30 dollars a Lead.


yep, that was my reaction as well.

I’m not gonna lie to you, converting FB traffic is no pie, it’s not like converting Google traffic. People on FB are time killers, or marketers – both not that great for business…

…but don’t be like:

“well, forget about it then”

…Fb traffic is still the bomb, cause it’s cheap… funny cheap.

I usually pay about 20-50 cents a lead… and if I put more time into ad and landing page optimization I get them even cheaper.

Here’s what I do (and you should too)

1 Social lead freak

I use this tool to laser target my audience… it is fast, user friendly, one time fee and can be used to extract people by interest, demographics and behavior (it has more options, but these are what I care about).

You can extract people who already bought something similar to what you have.

Fuck yes!

That’s how you get serious with Facebook marketing.

All about laser targeting your audience.

2 Make your ads fun

It’s all about entertainment. Make your ads stand out, don’t be just the next person trying too hard, people are not dumb, they can see it.

I mean, what does an ad like this say:

“here’s how to make 17,000 in a day”

with a weird looking guy in the pic?

it says they are some wannabe who don’t know how to sell.

I recently saw an ad something about a trunk monkey, you might have seen it, and it cracked my up. It was dead funny and I might even buy another car although I don’t need it.

You have to understand no one cares how super duper awesome your training course is (even if it really is)… people want to know how they will benefit, and how they will have fun benefiting.

Instead of running the regular boring ads (like most marketers do) like this:

“Just released, one of a kind bla bla bla”


“we have the best product on the internet, we are the kings of the world”

run ads like this:

“This is how you get rich online. Click here to… ”


“Read my book and get rich! Fuck yes!”

By the way, you should read my book (if you haven’t yet) if you like life changing shit.


“what the heck is wrong with you?? (they got mad)”


“12 cent leads… have you seen this?


“ok, I was wrong, I admit it, this works like CRAZY”


“Entrepreneurs only!”

I’ve used the latter for years and you can’t imagine how well it works, it makes people click since no one likes to be called they are not an entrepreneur.

Just get creative and think about what would make you click a Fb ad, here are 101 power words for your headlines that will help:

3 Send people to a simple capture page

Simple wins all the time.

Video capture pages tend to convert better since they are more personal and people get to see what they are getting into.

This is important.

There are a gazillion marketers promoting and they all want what you want… you have to stand out.

That’s the key to converting people into leads and then sales.

Take a look at me, I talk to you like I talk to my friends… which shows I care about you, and am not just after your Money like almost everybody in this industry.

That’s why I’m successful and can get Penny Leads any time I want.

More about that simple capture page.

– Shoot a video

Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. My first video capture page was ridiculous… I stood before a plazma TV and talked while some shitty show was going on the background.

I’m serious, I had just lost everything and had no money for fancy decor and shit.

The video was ridiculous, yet still converted people because I was myself. I talked straight and people saw I wasn’t some quack who only wanted to sell them.

– Install a simple optin form that converts on the same page.

Like the one you see to your right.

You can of course play with the copy and test to see what would convert the best.

Read this to learn how to write copy:

You are going to need a tool called optinmonster to install such a form… I use it cause it is cheap, awesome and pretty perfect…

…but really get you have to covert people on the same page.

If you send them to a confirmation page or whatever you can lose a lot of leads.

That’s if you use double optin.

If you use single, you can send them straight to a sales video… you should know people use a lot of fake or secondary emails nowadays.

That’s what happens when the whole world wants your email.

I used to run single optin campaigns in the past, but not any more.

Read this if you want to get to know why a bit more:

– Install a FB commenting system

It will get your even more FB traffic and make your capture page more real.

– Play a bit with the design and adjust it to your needs.

Make sure to use the right colors too:

Black means power

Blue – authority

Green – growth, also relaxes people.

Read more about colors:

You can use Clickfunnels for proven pages and funnels, and get all the coding, testing and wondering out of the way.

I use Clickfunnels and to tell you the truth have no idea what I would do without it.

That’s it, you are ready to get them cheap leads… simple as that.

Let me know if you liked this article and stay awesome.


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Penny Leads On Facebook: You Don’t Need [email protected]#K You Money To Get Boat Loads of Facebook Leads (That Will Make You [email protected]#K You Money)


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