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How To Use Affiliate Networks To Become Famous

how to use affiliate networks to become famous

Warning: this Article might be a bit too real, the truth takes a lot of brains to handle, but I know you have it… since you are at my blog.

You know what Famous means, right?

A lot of Money.

While in the past it might have been about blogging or SEO, it’s all about popularity now…

…not that blogging and SEO don’t work, they do big time, only you have to become famous first.

When I started online it was like I entered space – a lot of weird things happening, a lot of weird people making money, and me working my ass off with no results…

…just like it is in space LOL.

Ok, I don’t know shit about space, just wanted to tell you the internet might be a bit confusing… especially when there is so much misinformation and so many people lying the shit out of everything to make sales.

So I started online and stumbled onto a few people who were idiots, but rich… I followed everything they taught with no results, just a few sales and a loooooot of weird emails.

I was like:

“how the heck do these guys make so much money, when they don’t know business?”

I mean, I had made millions and couldn’t manage to make 1,000 bucks online… and I did everything as told.

I struggled for a few years and then it hit me:

They knew how to pretend they were famous, until they got famous.

Read that again, it’s the secret to success online.


This article gets me a lot of emails from people saying they are tired of those fucking fakers.

Look, I am too, and you can see that in my articles, which by the way is why I started this blog, I wanted you to have a place where you could read shit that makes a difference, which is why I write the truth, and not just fluff to sell…

…and which is why I wrote this article as well, you should understand marketing is pretty much faking.

Do I like it?


Do I approve it?


but it is what it is, accept it, be famous and make money.

How do you think Tony Robbins became a life coach?


Not a lot of people know this, but his campaign motto was:

“this is not true, but it’s perfect”

yah, tell me about it, read about him here:

By the way, what exactly is a life coach?

Someone talking about nothing really to uplift people.

I don’t like pretending and don’t do it, and don’t even need it, yet marketers have no boundaries… and eventually they become famous even if they weren’t in the first place.

I’m more of an entrepreneur.

One of the people (in the company I was years ago), who had self proclaimed a blogging guru, had only written a few articles LOL, yet people went to get blogging advice from them…

…they did, because he had become popular via an affiliate platform.

yeah, but how?

Worry not, I got you.

1 Invest time and money in creating some software

You need a product to sell, it’s a lot better if it’s something badass, yet a simple traffic report or anything like that would do…. It’s all about the marketing anyways.

2 Open a JVzoo account

JVzoo is simple and easy, but you can use CLickbank or whatever.

3 List your product

4 Create as much buzz as you can about the launch

You can hire a few people to push the launch, or let them make 100% commissions… most marketers make their money off of launches as they don’t know business, they know how to promote, how to create buzz, which eventually dies off…

…my point is they would gladly promote your product, and the launch, when you give them an opportunity to make bank doing nothing but promoting.

5 Shoot a crazy sales video

…not the regular:

“hi, my name is bla blla bla and I just wanted to bla bla bla…”

people watch videos like this all the time, they don’t sell.

You have to shoot an entertaining video, everybody is funny, I know you can be too… take your time and think what would make people like you and want to follow you.

read this article for ideas:

6 Create a simple capture page with the video on it.

Like I said the other day:

“simple wins all the time”

7 Let people promote that video page for you

Nothing builds a connection like video… even if you don’t manage to sell that much, you will become famous and people will be ready to buy the next time you launch a product.

People love to buy, especially those who have money, but the thing is they like to buy from people they like and trust.

No one cares how special your software is, everyone cares who you are and why they should buy from you… give people the reason to buy from you and you will be rich pretty soon.

8 Read this article to see how to keep your product on the JVzoo’s top sellers list

this step will pump it up a bit more for you, as the top sellers are preferred the most among affiliates.

That’s how you become famous using Jvzoo, or any other network of that kind.

Let me know if you liked this article and stay awesome.


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How To Use Affiliate Networks To Become Famous


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