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Become An Internet Marketing Genius In 5 Easy Steps (This is Awesome)

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become an internet marketing genius

Internet Marketing is hard for some people… for one reason only – lack of money.

That’s it.

People believe online marketing is free, you might think so too. I don’t blame you, free sells a lot, which is why marketers lie online marketing is free…

…but I don’t write to make you feel comfortable and slip you shit, I write so you could really get to know what’s what online and kill the game.

That’s what makes me happy. That’s why I put up this blog back in the day.

Look, I know it’d be a lot more fun to read about a secret technique that will get you 5 million visitors for 5 bucks, but there is no such thing…

…here’s how to become an internet marketing genius in 5 easy steps

1 Invest in yourself

You are your most valuable asset… when you are smart you can make all kinds of cash doing anything you want.

A few months ago I invested a few hundred bucks in currency exchange and turned it into thousands.


I spent about 5 years mastering that shit, learned everything I could – technical analysis (charting software an all that), fundamental analysis (countries’ economies), you name it…

…sometimes it was boring as hell, yet the results are totally worth it.

It’s like that with every business, you need to know your expertise, and you also need to be very selective what you read, most blogs only publish for traffic.

Information is vital, though it has to be right.

2 Pick a traffic method

You don’t have to be the best at everything, choose one way to get traffic and become ‘fuck me dead and bury me pregnant’ (this saying cracks me up LOL) good at it.

You think I was born a writer?

Fuck no.

I didn’t even like writing.

When I started this blog it took me a few days to publish one single post, now I’ve written hundreds of articles people say are the most friendly they’ve ever read, I even wrote a book that will blow you away…

…when you read it, you’ll be like:

“fuck me dead and bury me pregnant”


ok, I’ll stop with that, but seriously, you should read it, it’s possibly the only thing that costs 10 bucks but changes lives.

Now my articles rank on page one on their own, I don’t even have to do SEO.

3 Become friends with the ‘cool kids’

I know this sounds a bit douchey, but you need to get someone already famous to position you as an authority.

Let me ask you a question:

what would happen if I started telling people how you were some genius marketer?

A few million people who read my blog would recognize you as a famous person who knows marketing…. for years to come.

You don’t become someone because you are smarter or better at something, you become someone when you are positioned as such.

I want you to think about that for a while, and I’ll give you an example with Tony Robbins again…

How do you think he became rich and famous?

by being too smart?

too cool?

Nope, none of that, he was just positioned as a life coach by a few marketers (won’t mention their names, you can search them out if you want), he had been an infomercial guy, but nothing more that that…

…he’s still nobody to me, but that doesn’t matter, the whole world knows who the guy is.

Get what I’m saying?

Find someone to position you as an expert and you are good to go, that’s how most famous people become famous.

I didn’t, yet not a lot of people can push like me and build everything on their own… plus this way is a lot harder.

4 Fuck forums

Forum are full of forum marketers who pretend to be the best at everything to impress newbies.

Forum marketers know one thing – forum marketing.

I wouldn’t even use them to sell, I don’t have the time to answer a million dumb questions, and somehow people there find asking all kinds of questions before buying 5 cent WSOs normal LOL.

When I started online I went to check it out (won’t mention which forum), logged in and started reading a few threads… they were full of crap, and usually answered by a bunch of all the same people who spent their whole lives there…

…how they knew everything without leaving the forum is beyond me LOL

Logged in a few more times and never went back.

If you can name one successful person who hangs out on forums I would rewrite this article, but I believe that would be quite a challenge as people like me don’t have time for forums, neither do we have the need to go there.

If you still wanna go learn there, just be careful, most of the information is not only junk but damaging too.

5 Learn how to create fancy words that mean nothing

…like ‘inbound marketing’, which made Hubspot the badass company they are, or ‘life coach’, which to me is even funny.

The other day I read an article on Techcrunch written by a guy who was pissed off the market was flooded with meaningless buzzwords…

…which did not speak too well about them, those words are some next level marketing as you can see.

If you don’t like buzzwords, or meaningless shit, then marketing is not your thing… it sure is not mine, which is why I’m an entrepreneur.

Let me know if you liked this article and stay awesome.


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Become An Internet Marketing Genius In 5 Easy Steps (This is Awesome)


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