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5 New Ways To Build Links (SEOs will get mad I gave these away)

new ways to build links

Haven’t published anything on the blog for about a month.

It’s really becoming harder to find time now that I run a currency exchange business as well…

…and although I have a lot of people helping, I don’t accept guest authors, I believe a blog is only worth reading when the articles are published by a person who cares about their readers… like I do, which is why as long as I run this blog, it will be only me who writes the articles.

Since I’ve been away for a while I’ll share with you something special…

…I’ll show you 5 new way to Build Links.

Before I start I want you to know link building is not an overnight process, it took me a little over a year to get a link from The Huffington Post to this article:

I didn’t even try, they just liked the article and included it in their “from around the web” section.

Building links takes patience, like everything else, if you are in a hurry and want traffic fast, you have to go with paid marketing.

To the meat

1 Create a unique traffic technique

…or just name one that already exists something entertaining.

You’ve probably already heard about the ‘skyscraper technique’, you know, the one that teaches how to search Google, find famous articles, rewrite and publish them and crap like that… I even read about the ‘little red horn’ (or something like that) technique just about an hour ago.

Basically each marketer comes up with something weird and starts promoting it on their blog… because people love reading about ‘new’ shit that gets traffic and links, even if it is close to useless.

How about the flying saucer technique?

Sounds magical.

You only have to pick a traffic (or link building) method, name it the flying saucer technique, publish it on your blog and watch how people start linking to it.

2 Buy the SEO course by Jon Cooper

I’ve talked about this course before, a few thousand sales later I want you to know I still haven’t found anything more valuable for 67 bucks.

if you don’t have 67 bucks, don’t even think about link building… better yet, don’t even think about building a business.

Maybe find a job and save something first.

If you do have the money, get the course (this is an affiliate link, yet that doesn’t change the price).

3 Get someone to build links for you

Here’s how

You can do all this yourself if you have the time, though I prefer paying people to do the little things for me so I could concentrate on what really maters, like blogging.

Step one

Create an infographic

You can use, they have a free option, or pay someone to create it for you.

Step two

Search google and find blogs with relevant articles.

Step three

Create a list with those blogs.

Step Four

Write a reach out email to offer the infographic to the blogs with relevant content. Make it something cool, don’t be desperate.

Step five

Go to fiverr and get someone to send out those reach out emails through the websites’ contact forms.

Step six

Reply yourself to those who write back and are willing to publish your infographic on their blogs.

That’s it, it’s as simple as that. Not everyone would publish it, but a lot of people would.

Take me for example, I don’t mind leveraging other people’s content, this is why I even have from around the web section.

4 App-Based SEO

This is so new even I haven’t done it yet… planning on though.

Apps are the real deal nowadays, some say they might even kill websites (I don’t think it will happen any time soon though… if it happens at all) now with Google implementing app streaming, which allows you to access deep linked content within apps.

Have no idea what that shit means?

Google hosts the apps and let you see relevant stuff, something like Netflix streams movies.

Anyway, you can create an app, rank it on Google and link it to your site… there’s also a feature called deep linking, here’s what it means:

“This functionality allows you to structure links that point to interior pages or screens of your app, giving Google the ability to link to those pages or screens directly in search results”

You can read how it’s done over at Google’s guide as this shit bores me LOL:

Your app has the chance to rank as the competition is slim, not like with websites, your site (and app) will get links and you will kill the game…

…or as Ali G says: booyakasha LOL

5 Take some pictures

Everybody needs images, paying for them though is not fun, especially when you write a lot. I don’t mind paying for stuff, but most people do…

…and they look for free images, you can give them what they want and get links in exchange.

Just take awesome photos, create a gallery on your site and let people know they can use any image they want if they link back to you.

Easy as pie.

Who said link building was boring?

Well, I did, a lot of times LOL… but it can be fun too.

Let me know if you liked this article and stay awesome.

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5 New Ways To Build Links (SEOs will get mad I gave these away)


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