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How To Create And Sell An Online Course – The Exclusive Guide You Can Use But Only If You Are Awesome

create and sell an online course

I’m super pumped to write today because I just got this from a person who unsubscribed from my list:

“I did enjoy reading your stuff though. At least it’s not some boring shit like everyone else is shoveling.”

I’ve gotten a lot of Awesome emails through the years, but never from a person who, for some reason, decided to unsubscribe from my list.

This is what really makes me happy, I’m already rich, I mostly care about you now… this is why I write solid shit, and not try to waste your time with regular crap you can read anywhere.

Anyway, let’s get to the online course.

Before I tell you how to create and launch it, you have to know one thing about teaching that is vital… if you ever want to get rich, and not just sell a few copies:

You have to make it simple.

Like if you want to explain what a backlink is, draw an island and a boat, link them with a rope, or something like that.

You have to talk like your audience are five year old children.

Almost every course online (at least those I buy) scream: I’m so smart, I’m so authoritative… because they are made by insecure marketers who try to prove their course was worth it.

Nothing really wrong about that, other than showing wannabeness (if there is such a word, I know you get me), but it does’t sell.

People want simple and entertaining, they want to buy from leaders, and not wannabes.

That’s it.

Let’s get to the Guide.

1 Pre-launch the course

Create a landing page with the date and time the course would be released (or just tell people it will get released soon) and collect their emails to be able to notify them when the course is live.

You can use, it’s free and pretty awesome, it wasn’t free before, I paid about 70 euro for it…

or use your theme, or code the page, whatever you are comfortable with, just know pre-launching is powerful. Not only will you build a list to sell the course to, but people would be eager to buy…

…something about people’s psychology, but I’m not going to go that deep in this article.

As for creating the course itself you can use Teachable, they have a free plan, and their paid such are way cheaper than what’s out there… you can of course use a platform of your choice.

You can also pre-sell the course, yet that takes a little more mindfucking LOL… I’ll tell you some other time, stick with the pre-launch for now, you will make fast cash.

2 Make it a video course

You can use a theme if you are on a tight budget, just type ‘education theme’ in Google and you will find numerous themes for about 50 bucks.

It’s mandatory to create video lessons though. People don’t like to read that much.

3 Traffic

The fastest and easiest way to get hoards of traffic to your course is leveraging affiliate networks.

list the course on JVzoo (or wherever), but don’t stop there, contact them and ask how much it will cost to keep it in the top sellers for a while.

The more time it is at the top, the more affiliates will promote it, the more money you will make.

Read this article:

You can also create a FB page and build it using uplifting videos, read this:

…or read the blog and find more traffic ideas.

4 Upsell

Heard the saying: ‘money is in the upsell?’

It is.

Once people buy the regular course, upsell them, maybe create more advanced training, maybe some software that goes with your method… just find a way.

People who already bought something from you are very likely to buy again.

5 Downsell

Not a lot of people do this, and they make a huge mistake.

When I started online I thought when I created something cool people would buy it at any cost… and most times they do, yet some people just have that mindset that says:

‘I can get it cheaper’

…even when they know they are paying more than a fair price, you have to win them too, and you can do that by downgrading the price… by offering a Cheaper Plan, or maybe create a course that has levels and offer the first several for half the price.

I usually catch my visitors on the way out (when they try to leave the site) and offer them a cheaper plan, sometimes that is not even on the price table… that usually helps me get almost everybody.

And with courses I just give them limited access, maybe the first few videos for free.

You get the idea.

You’re now ready to bank selling courses, just keep in mind you don’t have to be Einstein to teach, you are ready.

Let me know if you liked this article and stay awesome.


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How To Create And Sell An Online Course – The Exclusive Guide You Can Use But Only If You Are Awesome


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