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Why Forums Are Bad For You (and can make you a marketing chump)

why forums are bad for you

Funny how years ago when I started the blog, it took me a day to write an Article and I still blogged every day, and now it takes me an hour and I can hardly find time.

Life is always like that.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to write this article is the other day I got a weird comment (another one) from a guy who obviously hangs in Forums a lot. I usually just skip them, but this time the person was cool, I sensed they were very confused, and crippled by forums, so I wanted to help.

One thing led to another and I promised them to write a whole new article when I get a chance.

And the reason I know forums are the problem is because of that comment.

People in forums are always bitter, because they think they know stuff but are unsuccessful due to outside reasons.

And the only reason they are unsuccessful is because they can’t sell, because they hang in forums.

About 6 years ago a friend recommended Warrior forum.

I went there and tried to find something to read. I was new to online Marketing but not to entrepreneurship. I had just lost my online company the previous year mainly because of the looney – Bush Jr’s politics.

Go to Amazon and read my book for a life changing story.

First thing I noticed was a bunch of all the same people answering all questions in, to say it politely, a pretty rude way…

…Like: listen to me newbie, and don’t talk, just listen and do as I say.

Not only that but they were giving people horrible advice.

I later understood one of them, the one with 15,000+ posts, was some fucking idiot who did not know squat, they were using a fake profile so they could just switch to a new one if called out. (and they did get called out)

This is what they do: they post shit for years and when someone new comes and sees all those posts they are like:

“this guy must know his shit, I’ll do as he says”

…and thus end up following a wannabe with 15k posts who doesn’t know how to sell.

All of those people are like that.

Successful people have no time for forums.

These 15k posts also help them use the forum as a platform to sell useless WSOs.

That’s it.

So, I left and never looked back.

Haven’t logged in since.

But a lot of people go there fresh out of the box (LOL) and fall for it.

They read all that crap and start talking about clickbait titles, selling being bad and shit like that… and all that is called MARKETING.

You should learn to write clickable titles, you should learn to tell stories, you should learn to sell… if you want to make money.

If not, switch to something else.

Maybe go to California, start a tech and then hire marketers to do those things for you.

Clickbait tittles are what gets you clicks whether you run ads, or are on page one of Google. And when you get clicks, you get traffic. And when you get traffic, you make money.

If you don’t like it, online marketing is not for you.

You should also entertain, it’s all about entertaining, not so much about facts.

Forums are full of idiots.

If you hang there, you will become an idiot, too.

A bit harsh, but you will thank me later.

I saved you… or at least tried.

Let me know if you liked this article and stay awesome.


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Why Forums Are Bad For You (and can make you a marketing chump)


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