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The Flying Wayfarer – Travel Blogger Priyanka Singh’s story of rejuvenating her lost dreams!

For Delhi-based Travel blogger Priyanka Singh, blogging was a completely new field 3 years back. She didn’t have any idea of the term ‘blog’ until she searched it on Google in November 2014. After going through a couple of articles, Priyanka was able to understand its real meaning. With time, her interest in blogging became more intense. In January 2015, she started her travel blog The Flying Wayfarer to share her travel stories. Priyanka earlier worked as a Corporate Accountant. Although she enjoyed her regular cubicle job, Priyanka, however, had to take a break from her professional career after her girl child was born. It was during this time she decided to start a blog on travel.

Today, in this interview session with conflatingVisions, Priyanka Singh joins us from Delhi to share her story. In this conversation, she also tells us about her dreams and her travel blog The Flying Wayfarer. We hope this story will inspire many of you to start travel blogging!

Hi Priyanka, welcome to this interview session of conflatingVisions. To begin with, please tell us a few lines about yourself.

To start with I would like to thank conflatingVisions for giving the opportunity of sharing about myself. I’ve done Masters (double) in Accountancy and Business Administration. Professionally, I am a Corporate Accountant who is on a break to take care of my girl. I love my cubicle job and never found any reason to complain about my 9 hrs/5days weekly routines. Also, I have a sensitive corner for animals and nature and have 3 pets. Friends know me as witty, fighter, inspirational who always smile and don’t quit easily.

What inspires you to travel?

I can’t simplify in words, literally, that will not do the justice with my adoration. Yet, the stillness of the expansive nature, smiling faces of people from varied culture, the unique aura and smell of every distinct place are enough to inspire me; to make me realize how tiny I’m against this vast creation so as with my worries-all are momentary.

Life is too short so acknowledge every minute of the beauty of this world; it’s not going to happen again.

Please tell us about your travel blog The Flying Wayfarer. Why the name The Flying Wayfarer?

You’ll laugh at me if I tell you that I didn’t ever hear the term blog until I searched on Google about how travellers earn and what are the scopes to earn as a full-time traveller or what are the interesting options of income in travelling when I came back from our Andaman (India) trip in November 2014. I was only lost in the world of Debits and Credits. As a non-IT person, it was hard to initiate from scratch while setting up a website (though it was on WordPress). I’ve got enrolled myself for a short-term beginners course of photography even I purchased my Nikon D5300 for that.

Overall, before starting my travel blog and that too alongside a full-time job, I researched a lot for 2 months about the world of bloggers, SEO, quality of content, strategies involved in the promotion of any blog required. It was not like a sheep trail, everything was a hard effort to make it perfect.

The Flying Wayfarer – Wayfarer (traveller) and I chose Flying as I would like to make a career in the Aviation industry. For some reason, I couldn’t pursue that dream. Still, being as an adult I love to watch flying planes/helicopters, in fact sometimes I spend hours to observe them flying back to back. This fills me with some kind of inspirational feeling, leaving behind all stress and worries and escape in the sky of hope and in the arms of nature!

How do you fund your travels?

While indulging in the responsibility of kid and family I can’t be a full-time travel blogger. I am dependent on the savings for the current travel plans. For funding and more travel exposure, I’m attempting to find a new way soon.

While writing a travel blog, what are the things that you keep in your mind?

On minute details about the topic that makes my post lengthy and editing of relevant pictures. That should be attractive and do justice with the blog post as sometimes people ignore to read the full story but photographs speak their own language.

Priyanka, every blogger follows a strategy to bring traffic to their blogs. What strategy do you usually use?

For the time being, I’m clashing with the concern of my consistency though I know, top of the above regular posts are the quintessential requirement for maintaining a good traffic. Besides that, I’ve listened a lot about the contribution of Pinterest and Flipboard. I would like to learn more about them and apply the same in my travel blog The Flying Wayfarer.

What was your most recent trip?

It was a family leisure trip to Rishikesh (land of spirituality), India. Rishikesh is a city located on the banks of river Ganga. It was an amazing experience to feel and to be a part of the divine aura of the surroundings. I saw foreigners practicing yoga postures on the sand of the banks and on the other hand a bulk of energetic young people rafting in the chilled water of Ganges. It was like an amalgamation of recreation and devotion at one place.

You are blogging on travel for quite some time now and must have come across a couple of memorable events. Please share a few of your travel experiences with our readers.

Exactly at this time, last year I was surprised and thrilled to receive the invite for Naropa Festival that held once in 12 years in Leh, Ladakh (India). It was a once in a lifetime achievement for me or for everyone who attended the event. It was so magnificent and on that grand scale that I’m falling short of words. Almost a week long trip that too in the fresh nature of Ladakh where not only I did get the chance to attend the festival as a part of media but met other bloggers too around the country, moreover encountered with many celebrities face to face.

Which is the best place that you have visited till date?

Every place (city/country) serve their own unique vibes that you can’t compare. Every time, I fall in love with the place I travel, so much to absorb, so much to learn and so much for rejuvenating self.

Which are the top 5 destinations that are on your bucket list of travel?

Greece (as my only dream location), Vancouver, Maldives, Lakshadweep, Amsterdam. And entire India is on my list without which my list is incomplete as there is so much to explore in the country itself and for that, a single life can become short!

Where will you go next?

Not sure, but might be someplace in Punjab (India).

Anything else you want to share.

Stay happy, don’t compare lives. Everyone has their own story, struggles and smiles. The grass always seems greener on the other side but with efforts, concentration and patience we can make it too. Live and let live, life is too short to crib. Everyone has one chance so don’t spoil. Life is tough but is there any alternative other than to live?

And one last question of this session Priyanka, if you have had one wish…

Wish I could have started earlier to travel the world, to live for self, to explore some dreams out of the prescribed safe bars of the society beyond studies and living one patterned life. Being a single or with an alike partner, travelling is fun but once we share the responsibility of kids, the situation becomes demanding and things need to be prioritized.

Many of us are not that privileged to become a full-time traveller or a travel blogger. I wish I’d done this earlier ‘TO FALL in LOVE WITH SELF’.

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The Flying Wayfarer – Travel Blogger Priyanka Singh’s story of rejuvenating her lost dreams!


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