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Obstacles Aren’t Excuses To Be Lazy, Procastinate Or Quit

Sometimes I have bad days. Like, really bad days.

In fact while I was overseas in Thailand, the following happened within a 24 hour timeframe:

  • I came back to my hotel room to find ants all over and INSIDE my laptop… it got me scared because I heard ants can actually damage your harddrive
  • Just as I was about to hold an interview with a prospective virtual assistant, the internet at my hotel crashed
  • While editing 2 hours of video footage, my laptop decided to implode and lose everything

Okay so you can tell my laptop isn’t a big fan of me lol.

And yeah, even after facing all these hits in one day it’s easy to become discouraged and want to just smash my Laptop in half. The world probably hates me and is trying to tell me I shouldn’t be doing this online Business thing, right? I could just stop right now and go watch a season of Lost on repeat.

Yeah, no.

That’s not how I took this situation. Instead, I took these hits as challenges to overcome. I wasn’t going to let these obstacles give me reasons to not keep doing what I originally set out to do (and that is to work towards my dream.). I wasn’t going to use it as an excuse to be lazy.


So what did I do instead?

  1. I spent an hour or so carefully cleaning out my laptop
  2. I organized another interview at a nearby local cafe with the potential VA within the next 3 hours of the hotel internet crash
  3. I re-did all my video footage at the cafe and even recorded some new content pieces there

I actually found myself SUPER productive while at the Cafe – more so than I would’ve been if I had chosen to work in a confined Hotel room! Ironically it wasn’t loud or disturbing, but rather its dull buzz was inspiring and mentally stimulating.

It was pretty awesome, I knocked off all of this (and more) and it wouldn’t have been possible if I had given up at the first petty problem – this is the “easy” way out.

In today’s society we’re all conditioned to want things fast but when we don’t get what we want fast enough, we’re quick to let obstacles dominate us. So often in life we’re not used to pushing hard enough against these roadblocks but instead give it permission to stop us from progressing.

By identifying obstacles as opportunities and not excuses, we remove ourselves as “victims” of the situation and stop focusing on what we can’t control and instead what we can control and do to keep moving towards our goals.

End of the day: If the goals important to you, you’ll find a way to get through the the tough times. There isn’t an “If” you’ll make it, it’s “When” you will and with this flip of the switch you won’t see circumstances as a struggle – you’ll continue to work through life’s resistances and find SOLUTIONS.

What do you do when you face obstacles? Do you make excuses or use them as challenges to overcome and opportunities to grow? 

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Marco Reeves
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Obstacles Aren’t Excuses To Be Lazy, Procastinate Or Quit


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