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Providing Instant Gratification With Video Content

Today’s technological advances have fostered an on-demand economy of mobile, impatient consumers. With smartphones providing information at the click of a button, immediacy has become a priority for the modern consumer. Google reported that 3 in 4 smartphone owners use their mobile devices to search for information related to their immediate needs. You can instantly know who won the 1998 Super Bowl or find a YouTube video that teaches you how to install vinyl flooring.

But it’s not just information that has pushed this shift in behavior. Direct access to products and services is also at the heart of the “instant gratification” revolution. Companies like Uber and Amazon Prime have conditioned consumers to have their needs met the same day or hour as requested. Instagram and Facebook make online users hungry for immediate content. Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Video have made television and movies available whenever and wherever the viewer is ready to watch.

Moreover, Google reported that searches for “open now” have tripled in the past two years, while the searches for “store hours” have dropped. People want places that are open right now—those restaurants and stores that can address their needs in that very moment.

How can businesses use instant gratification?

This “right now” revolution means that companies need to bend and flex in accordance with the consumer need for instant gratification. In fact, one of the strongest ways to gain a competitive advantage in today’s cutthroat marketplace is by providing options for instantaneous fulfillment, whether through knowledge, products, or services.

Furthermore, connected consumers have become highly impulsive. When they see a product or service, they research it and buy it then and there. Companies have begun to thrive on these impulsive behaviors as a way to push initial sales. Marketing departments then follow up with corresponding “lifestyle gratification” through engagement tactics like branding videos as a way to maintain that client’s consistent loyalty.

How does video provide instant gratification?

Tubular Insights predicts that video will account for 79% of global internet traffic by 2020. Thus, your business will need a video strategy to keep up with the competition. The reason for this video-based majority is heavily to due with the fact that video solves the growing demand for instant gratification.

According to Wyzowl, 69% of online users would prefer to watch a video than read about a product, service, or information. They want to spend a few minutes being told everything they need to know rather than spending time searching for relevant information.

For example, they can watch a one-minute Animoto found that 96% of consumers find videos helpful when deciding whether or not to purchase, simply because of the sheer volume of info videos provide.

If you want to convert searchers into instant customers, videos are a necessity.

Moreover, videos slow down your consumer. Consumers are rushing towards instant gratification, but a video can slow them down and keep them connected with you longer. Bright Cove reported that the average user spends 105% more time on a website that has video on their landing page. That’s over double the amount of time than non-video websites.

How can you utilize video for instant gratification?

If you want to reach today’s consumer, your business needs to be mobile, connected, fast, and accessible. Not only will you need video to meet the growing immediacy demands of the online user, but you’ll also need your video to provide some form of instant gratification.

Below are the top five ways you can ensure your video content strategy will engage your audience and push for immediate satisfaction and impulsive decision-making.

1. Short videos

Most of your brand videos should be no longer than two minutes. If today’s on-demand consumer is willing to watch a video longer than two minutes, they want it to be a strong investment. There needs to be a thorough storyline that provides some form of value or entertainment beyond traditional advertising.

2. Leads and conclusions

The average attention span of today’s consumer is eight seconds. You need a strong hook in order to capture your viewer’s attention. The introduction should immediately discuss what the video will cover so the viewer will invest the time in watching. Start by asking the questions that your video is going to answer.

Moreover, you should end with a direct and immediate call to action. What are the next steps for this consumer? Assuming your video has provided a sense of instant gratification, your consumer now feels compelled to move on to the next step, whether that’s signing up for an email newsletter, making a purchase, or requesting a consultation.

To use instant gratification to your benefit, provide a strong call to action with next steps within the sales funnel.

3. Embedded links

A common call to action includes providing an embedded link in the video or just below it. Smartphone users are 50% more likely to purchase something in real time and act in the moment. These on-the-spot decisions can quickly and efficiently gain new customers for your client list… but only if you make the purchasing and checkout process as frictionless as possible. The video should tell consumers exactly how to purchase your product or service in just one click.

This is especially true on social media. If you are sharing videos on social media, you should provide direct links to the checkout or product page to avoid losing your customers along long click trails.

4. Trending topics

Your videos don’t need to be the hottest, most viral videos on the internet, but they should be up-to-date with the world’s goings on. If consumers want information, products, and services right now, they also want their brands to be up on what the market wants right now.

The consumer’s trendy, on-demand preferences should be reflected in the behaviors and topics of your brand’s content as well.

For example, you can use the “autumn craze” to market to your consumers or relate fidget spinners to your consulting company. Staying up to date with trends will show your audience that you also stay up to date with their purchasing needs.

5. Live streaming

One of the strongest ways to provide instant gratification through video is through live streaming. In fact, live streaming is the single most essential marketing tool in today’s content strategies. Live streaming videos give people an immersive experience in real time, helping them to better engage with your brand.

Even though it’s “behind the scenes,” you should still be providing quality videos with a production company that films and markets events. Check out the five things you should be streaming right now to learn more.

The Bottom Line

Today’s consumer needs instant gratification in the content they consume and the products they purchase. This can further lead to impulsive buying decisions based on that “feel good” sensation. Impulsive buying can gain you new clients, and you can then go on to continue to build a loyal client base from those new customers.

Video is your strongest tool if you want to hold your consumer’s attention for longer and provide them with a feeling of instant gratification. Videos also boost long-term retention by creating a deeper connection post-purchase.

Are you ready to take the next step? Request a quote with True Film Production to place your brand in front of the modern, on-demand consumer. Provide instant gratification right now!

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Providing Instant Gratification With Video Content


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