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Invasion of Poland in 1939


When Adolf Hitler came to power, one of his major foreign policies is that he signed a nonaggression pact with Poland in 1934. This move wasn’t supported by most of the Germans that supported Hitler. In any case, they were not happy with the fact that Poland had gotten former German provinces lie Poznan, West Prussia and Upper Silesia after World War I. however, Hitler continued with the pact because he wanted to be sure that the French-Polish military would not attack German before they could rearm.

In mid 1930’s, France and Britain adopted a foreign appeasement policy. Their target was to ensure Europe is peaceful by reducing their concessions to the demands by Germany. Moreover, in 1938, both France and Germany were not so well prepared to fight against the Nazi Germany.

Germany made several demands to which Britain and France acquiesced. In 1938, France and Britain gave Germany the control of the Czech borders. This signing was known as the Sudetenland and was done during the Munich conference. The two countries then proceeded to pressurize Czechoslovakia, an ally to France, to give in to the demands posed by Germany.

In 1939, Hitler negotiated a nonaggression pact with the Soviet Union. The pact stated that Poland would be split between two powers. This gave Germany the confidence to attack Poland without fearing that the Soviet Union would intervene.

On the 1st of September 1939, invasion of Poland by Germany happened. Within weeks after the invasion happened, the Polish army was defeated. The German had over 1000 tanks, more than 2000 tanks. They easily broke into the defenses established by the Polish army.

The result of the invasion is that Britain and France Declared War on Germany on the 3rd of September 1939.

Had this not happened, you can be sure that Hiroshima would never have been bombed by the USA. After Germany invaded Poland under the leadership of Hitler, UK and France declared war on the country and thus resulting into World War II. We are all aware that this war led to the emergence of the US and the Soviet Union as the world superpowers.

Germany got split into west and east where it was respectively occupied by the Allies and the Soviet. The Arms Race and the Cold War are blamed to have been triggered by the war which came to change the political world for years to come. What is more notable is that the United Nations was formed. We cannot however, forget that the Hiroshima and Nagasaki children got deformed.

This invasion of Poland by Germany was a historical event that impacted on the world as we know it today.

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Invasion of Poland in 1939


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