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Firefox or Chrome? Which is the best Browser for Windows 10?

best windows 10 Browser

For a long time now we have had numerous top Browsers for Windows including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mosaic, Firefox, Maxthon, Vivaldi and Chrome. But the rate at which time changes is unpredictable, and so do the web browsers. You can change your Browser at any given time as you wish.

Windows 10 comes with two preinstalled browsers – Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11. Edge is Microsoft’s default browser while IE is only included as an alternative for compatibility issues. But that does not limit you from installing any other browser.

Some users have gotten used to Firefox as their favorite Windows browser while others switch to Vivaldi for some sites like BBC iPlayer. Personally, I prefer Edge when it comes to Gmail because I feel the display simple enough. But browsers are extreme consumers of phone resources – especially Chrome – and so it’s important close them when they are not in use.

The new version of “reboot PC” is closing and opening browsers. This can be problematic and even cause a hung if you closed your browser with lots of tabs open. But some browsers like Opera, Vivaldi, Firefox and some few others do something called “lazy loading”. In this case, a web page will only load after you click on a given tab.

The battle of Titans – best windows 10 Browser

All the three major tech firms have developed their own default browsers. Google brags to Apple’s Safari with its own Chrome while Microsoft proudly advocates for the use of Edge. These three – Safari, Chrome and Edge – have been developed so as to profit the companies that produce them. Only Firefox and Opera are developed with the interest of the users as the first priority. That best explains why I prefer Opera.

best windows 10 Browser

Firefox easily takes a leading edge in preference, considering it is the only major browser that runs on an open source code. Google releases the Chromium code as open source, and there are other browsers based on Chromium – Opera and Vivaldi included. But when it comes to Chrome, Google adds propriety code.

Installing several browsers ensures competition is maintained. We don’t want one company to dominate this area and have websites optimized for specific browsers. Instead, both the browsers and websites should be based on agreed common standards.

They all do well on Windows 10

With intense coding, all the main browsers have been made to operate relatively well on Windows 10. However, each comes with a set of advantages over its rival.

The most popular of the 4 Titans is Chrome and effectively supports most web standards much better than Opera and Vivaldi. Its security is also unquestionable. By using different threads, Chrome has made sure that one tab cannot crash the entire browser – but this ends up consuming enormous memory and resources. It loads quite slowly if you open several tabs at a go.

Firefox speed is relatively comparable to Chrome but is more configurable. The browser’s handling of tabs is also much better. You can scroll through dozens of tabs with a mouse-wheel, pick them off a drop-down list, or find them by typing the site’s name into the address bar and selecting “Switch to tab”. The memory consumed is also less compared to Chrome but one bad tab has the ability to bring down the entire browser. If you open too many tabs, the speed declines and you may need to a restart.

best windows 10 Browser

Edge is the kindest browser to your battery apart from being fast and more secure. Avoiding it is impossible because of the potential of integrating Cortana in it. Furthermore, it is standard compliant just as IE11 or Safari. The only drawback associated with Edge is a shortage of extensions.


Top browsers are now developed with extensions for the sake of roles like saving passwords safely, downloading embedded videos, saving browser sessions and conduct an image search on the fly. You may want to install several cool extensions but this may not be kind to your browser.

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Firefox or Chrome? Which is the best Browser for Windows 10?


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