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Cats and Dogs Memory: They both have a similar way of remembering things

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Cats and Dogs Memory

Cats are creatures that spend much time plotting various ways to murder things due to their aloof and frown-prone nature. Often, it is thought by researchers that dogs are actually much more intelligent as compared to the cats, particularly when comparing their relative brain sizes. However, the cats compare relatively intelligent and independent than dogs.

In the journal Behavior Process research suggests that cats are indeed just as clever as their canine counterparts. This is based on how the two handle memory.

Episode memory – Cats and Dogs Memory

Let’s first have a look at something referred to as “episodic memory.” This kind of mental recall is related to autobiographical events which are times, places, emotions, event, and so on. They are accompanied by context including perspective geographical locations, other people’s contribution and many others.

Episodic memory also adds in the individuals own perspective on how things played out and everything associated with it. It also involves the recounting of events too. This implies that each memory is completely unique to each individual even if others are going through the same event.

Any other animal endorsed with the ability to process this type of memory (among others) is considered to  be having an advance form of cognition. Amongst those having it are humans beings. Dogs have it too. Up to now it has not been confirmed whether cats have it or not. Perhaps this is because cats are rather bad at both paying attention and cooperating with other stuff.

Cats and Dogs Memory

How the Study was done

Using a series of bowls of food, the team allowed the cats to eat a few before taking them out of the room for about 15-minute interval. Based on their behavior when they are allowed back into their rooms, it was obvious from observation that each of the cats remembered the amount of food they had eaten from various bowls.

Upon second viewing of the revisited sources of food in the room, which had been moved elsewhere by the researchers, implied that they remembered where the food initially was. Essentially, they seemed to remember the room and how it had changed as a result of them behaving differently. They seemed not to investigate the room as if they had not seen it initially.

Granted, it’s not the most inventive study, but it finally confirms that cats have the same type of episodic memory which dogs also have. In this regard, then, cats are at least as smart as dogs. Generally, though, the jury is still out – even if, according to the same researchers, cats have a clutch of the laws of physics.

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Cats and Dogs Memory: They both have a similar way of remembering things


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