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Get Your Time Back With Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

We have become ultra connected beings. The rise of smartphone adoption and the widespread availability of WiFi and mobile data have led us to be constantly connected.

Having access to the Internet from the most remote places on earth has many advantages. We all know how Technology can help us improve our lives, our health, our access to knowledge and even some aspects of our social life. But like most good things, with excess comes less positive outcomes.

Using innovative technologies to get our time back

As human beings, we need to disconnect from time to time and take a step back. We need to pause and think. We must restore and rest. Ultra connectivity is not always a good thing. Solutions allowing us to take back full control of our time and attention are needed.We need to find the solutions which will allow to take back full control of our time and attention. We need to do it in way that will only be better and more useful than the current state of affairs. This means offering a solution which allows people to answer immediately to most incoming requests and communications while being disconnected at the same time. People got used to get answers immediately to most questions and our technology needs to do the same. Sounds like magic? Probably not. Possible? For sure...

The rise of artificial intelligence

The solution to this excess of technology surprisingly comes from technology itself. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on everyone’s lips. It’s one of the hottest topics in the Silicon Valley. Will robots replace us? How can we compete with AI? Will it improve our daily lives? Answers to those questions are complex, long and wildly different depending on who you are. Still, AI and machine learning offer the potential to solve an important part of what requires us to be constantly connected today.

Instantgo and the rise of intelligent systems

AI can certainly help us better manage our time. This is one of the reasons why we are adding an artificial component to Instantgo. The system we have just introduced lets people save their questions and discussions and automatically retrieve answers for similar responses in future. This means that using Instantgo, you can now automatize a large part of your conversations and get a smart assistant to answer for you whenever you want.

The more answers you provide, the more the system can answer for you automatically

This also means that such a system lets you gain back a lot of time.We don’t need to answer every interruptions we get during the day. We can spend more time focusing on task at hand and simply take the luxury of disconnecting for couple of hours everyday. One of my personal goals is to be able to have lunch without having to constantly look at my phone and see if someone needs something urgently. I want AI to do that work for me (and not only when I am having lunch).

Filtering what really matters

Most of the requests we get are not really important. We could treat them at a later stage or let a smart assistant answer them for us. You shouldn’t theoretically need to answer them yourself. For more urgent and pressing matters, a smart system should be able to tell you when it requires your full attention. This is what we are creating and perfecting at Instantgo among other aspects which should help improve communication, access to knowledge and many other facets of our daily lives. To learn more about our technology, read the following article here.

Instantgo’s new smart personal and virtual assistant

This is just the first step in a long journey to get to this new paradigm. A paradigm in which we will all be able to better manage our time and the demands on our attention. A time when we as human beings will be more free from technology thanks to technology.

In order to help us on this journey, download the free Instantgo app and get started now by feeding the system with your knowledge:

Instantgo on the App Store

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Get Your Time Back With Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence


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