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7 Actions You Must Take to Stand Out in Your Chosen Career

You’ve put in your resume, done the rounds of interviews, and finally secured your dream job. Getting hired is only the first part of your career journey. In order to make it to the top, you need to create a good impression and set yourself apart from your colleagues. Here are 7 effective ways to stand out in your chosen career.

  1. Know Your Job and Go Beyond What Is Expected of You

Employers tend to evaluate their new hires within the first few weeks. Study your job and the various tasks that go with it. It helps if you clarify your job description and expected roles with your Manager. Once you’ve defined the confines of your job, go above and beyond it. Take initiative and voice out your interests in taking on relevant projects. Show integrity by handing in your deliverables and finishing your commitments on time.

  1. Be One Step Ahead

Anticipate the needs of your boss and co-workers by being observant about what goes on in the office. Managers take notice of employees who can work with minimal supervision and who can do their jobs without being constantly reminded. It also benefits you if you have a sense of urgency when completing projects.

Being proactive also means you think of the bigger picture and look into the future. Employers value workers who invest in themselves and find ways to continuously upgrade their expertise. If you already have the skills, you should consider having them recognised. Your skills, knowledge and work experience can officially be given credit with the help of the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment process. In case you are not able to provide enough evidence supporting your competency in the required units for the RPL process, you may consider undergoing gap training to fill in the relevant unit requirements. Having your expertise officially qualified adds credibility to the kind of service you can provide. An employee whose skills are nationally recognised can be a huge asset to a company.

  1. Be Resourceful

An exceptional employee is able to handle any problem by looking at various ways he can solve it. Avoid saying “it can’t be done” to your managers. Instead, exhaust all effort in coming up with a solution. In cases when something really can’t be done a particular way, be prepared to provide a number of alternatives that are equally effective. Being resourceful also showcases a person’s flexibility and adaptability, a necessity especially in today’s ever-changing work landscape.

  1. Keep Things Private

The workplace offers so much information, be it voluntarily or involuntarily disclosed. Just because your boss shares intimate details about his health or his affairs does not mean you have to do the same. Under-sharing information makes it easier for an employee to separate work and personal life. It allows for that person to focus on important job matters, rather than pondering about the latest office controversy. Avoid whining to your workmates about your boss or the task given to you (that’s what family and friends are for). Be mindful of everything you say because they reflect on your personality, and they can eventually be used against you.

  1. Connect with Your Colleagues

Keeping certain things to yourself does not mean you have to be snobbish or closed off to your colleagues. Camaraderie in the workplace is encouraged because it gives you the support system you need, especially when dealing with problems. A great employee is also a good team player and is able to adapt and work well with others towards a common goal. Having proper people skills also makes you sensitive and empathic to their needs.

  1. Be Consistent

Employers value workers that are hardworking and consistent. Your company hired you for your knowledge and skills, so make sure to deliver quality output every time. Pay attention to details to avoid submitting substandard work. If ever you do slip up, make sure you follow through on any mistake, take ownership of it, and take the necessary precautions to ensure that you can still be relied on in the future.

In order to ensure consistency in delivering high quality of work, take additional classes to hone your skills and improve your expertise. Read about the latest trends, and research how you can utilise this data to help you hand in exceptional work constantly.

  1. Have the Confidence to Ask Questions

Your boss expects you to be acquainted with your job description, but he doesn’t expect you to know everything. Employers value workers who have the confidence to ask questions. Just make sure that you’ve done everything you could to learn more about the subject yourself. It also helps if you take down notes to help you remember the answer to your inquiries and to avoid the embarrassment of asking about it again. Asking the right kind of questions helps show your managers that you are eager to learn. Be like a sponge, and absorb even the tiny details handed to you by your colleagues and your superiors.

Getting ahead in your career takes more than just completing your day to day to-do list. Managers appreciate seeing the right kind of attitude and personality in their employees. Investing in yourself, taking initiative at work, and working well with the team reflect the value you bring to the company. It makes your managers secure in promoting you and advancing your career opportunities. Heeding these useful tips will help you stand out and make your employers realise that you are indeed a worthy investment to the company.

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7 Actions You Must Take to Stand Out in Your Chosen Career


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