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How will Immigration Affect the Global Economy in 2017?

The entire world is awaiting the United States presidential election that is set to happen in just a few weeks. Supporters of both Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, and Donald Trump, the Republican choice have been firm in their backing of their respective choices. There have been two national debates that have brought about what each candidate thinks of certain issues that affect their country and the rest of the world. One of the main topics is the Immigration policy, in which both candidates have contrasting views.

Hillary Clinton’s stance

Clinton’s stance on immigration is to integrate Illegal Immigrants and provide them with a pathway to eventual citizenship, knowing that while they are in the United States, they are contributing to their local communities and overall American economy thanks to the jobs they have, as well as providing for the needs of their families. Clinton believes that the family must stay together, so if there is an illegal immigrant with his family in the US, and the immigrant has a job and is working, then she will not quickly deport them, but rather look for a way to integrate them.

Clinton also believes in President Obama’s recent executive actions regarding illegal Immigrants, and even though the Supreme Court handed down a decision that was not in their favor, she remains steadfast that what Obama did was correct and showed her full support.

Donald Trump’s stance

Donald Trump’s immigration policy cannot be further from Hillary Clinton’s. While Clinton thinks that illegal immigrant integration is the proper way, Trump believes that the proper way is to deport all illegal immigrants – numbering about 11 million. He believes that Americans deserve the jobs that undocumented immigrants are holding and that most undocumented immigrants are burdens to the American people, since they do not pay taxes.

One of Trump’s famous (or infamous) quotes is when he said he will build a wall between the US and Mexican border and make the Mexicans pay for it. He also previously said that he will ban Muslims from entering the US, but has since softened his stance to only those in terrorist-linked countries. Trump will dramatically restrict immigration, thru deportation, although he has said he is open to allowing legal immigrants back in, especially those who go thru voluntary deportation.

Trump has been vocal about Americanism being his credo. Jobs should be given back to Americans, so that proper taxes would be paid, according to the Republican candidate.

Effects on global economy in 2017

This issue alone can have two differing effects on the global economy, depending on who gets to be president come November.

If Clinton wins, then expect forecasts to be steady, since most of Clinton’s policies are a continuation of Obama’s.

If Trump wins, there is additional risk involved due to his volatile character. Deporting 11 million people is no joke as well, and could hit the US economy if the process is not systematic. As a result, this could also affect the global economy in a negative way, especially trade partners of the US.

A green card attorney’s advice is for potential immigrants to go through the legal process, rather than risk getting caught if doing it illegally. While some illegal immigrants have been successful in the US in terms of getting jobs and living life rather comfortably there, there are also a lot more that are cramped into small rooms, having difficulty looking for food and jobs, and basically living miserably. By going thru the legal process of immigration, one can be better prepared with knowledge prior to stepping foot in the United States.

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How will Immigration Affect the Global Economy in 2017?


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