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The Mystery of Famous Companies Logos

We all know that logos are everywhere. From the clothes we wear to the electronic gadgets we use, we’re completely surrounded by them. Although simple looking in design all of them have some hidden meaning which usually describes the motto of that organization. We will cover various logos and their meanings.

  1. Escale Solutions

Escale Solutions logos with hidden messages

Escale Solutions is a client-oriented company which is reflected in its colourless logo. The company is known to mould itself according to the needs of the client. Each alphabet in the logo above has one side plane and the other with a curve which Represents the fine balance between simplicity and style, demonstrating the work ethic of the company and its employees. An arrow inside the ‘E’ alphabet represents an E+ scale.

  1. Beats

logos with hidden symbols beats

Beats, a producer of audio equipment is based in the USA. The red colour in the Beats logo represents passion, energy, intimacy, and excitement. Although the logo looks like a circle, it’s a human head with the alphabet ‘b’ representing Beats’ headphones. The customers get a personal feeling after seeing the logo.

  1. Cisco

logos with hidden meanings cisco

Cisco is the world’s leading networking company based in San Francisco, USA. The blue stripes above the Cisco logo represent not only an electromagnet but also the famous Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. It is simple and elegant.

  1. Baskin Robins

logos with hidden messages Baskin Robins

Baskin Robins is known for its unlimited delightful flavours of ice cream. If one carefully observes, BR is made of ‘31’ in pink, with the idea that a customer can have a different flavour every day of a month. The logo also represents the excitement and joy which one might feel after eating an ice cream.

  1. Amazon

logos with hidden meanings Amazon

Known all around the world for online shopping, the logo depicts exactly that. The arrow from alphabet ‘a’ to ‘z’ implies that they sell everything from a to z. The arrow also represents a smile with the arrowhead giving an indication of a smile with a dimple. The smile indicates the happiness of people once they shop with Amazon.

  1. Vaio

logos with hidden images Vaio

Sony Vaio aka Visual Audio Intelligent Operator is known all around the world for its technology. The logo represents the integration of analog as well as digital technologies. The letter ‘va’ appears to be an analog wave and the ‘io’ represent signals ‘1’ and ‘0’,  representing a digital signal or binary code.

  1. Picasa

logos with hidden symbols picasa

Picasa, known for its organizing capability is actually made up of two words- pic which means picture and ‘casa’ which means home in Spanish. The logo giving an initial impression of a shutter actually forms a house in the middle which signifies the work they do – a home for all pictures.

  1. Eighty 20

logos with hidden meanings eighty20

Eighty20 is a consultancy based in Cape Town South Africa specialising in delivering customer-centric strategies and solutions to their clients. It is named after the 80:20 rule. The rule generalizes that 20% of the input generates 80% of the output. It is analogous to the fact that usually, 20% of the client base generates 80% of company value.


  1. London Symphony Orchestra

logos with hidden images london symphony orchestra

LSO was founded in 1904, is the oldest of London’s symphony orchestras. The LSO is a self-governing collective, made up of nearly a hundred players, and performs over 120 concerts a year. The first thing that one observes is the acronym for LSO but if we observe carefully, we’ll also be able to visualize an orchestra conductor holding a baton in his hand. The conductor—has a very strong conceptual connection with the essence of the business; which makes this logo very special.

  1. A.G. Low Ltd.

logos with hidden messages AGlow

AG Low is a construction company with a simple logo. It resembles a laid out floor plan of a room.

  1. Newman

logos with hidden symbols newman

Newman is a French clothing company with a tricky logo. If one observes carefully, the logo can be read as Newman both from above and below. This reflects a company’s innovation and the multipurpose function of their clothes.

  1. GameCube

logos with hidden meanings GameCube

Not only is it a cube within a cube, but the outer cube forms a ‘G’ around the inner cube, leaving a ‘C’ in the negative space. It has even been suggested that an eye was also intended to be part of the logo, which can be seen by viewing the logo as a two-dimensional object.

  1. Lion Bird

logos with hidden images LionBird

Lion Bird is a company that has founded companies, scaled them, taken them public, sold them, and managed multi-billion dollar businesses. The logo is mastery of visual manipulation. The face is made up of the body of the bird, and your eyes fill in the rest in the negative space. The lion represents the way the brand attacks its profession, and the bird represents their power.

  1. Spartan

famous logos and their names spartan

When you look at the logo from one side, you see a golfer taking a swing with this trajectory displayed beside him. From another side, you can see the profile of a Spartan in his helmet.

  1. FedEx

logos with hidden messages FedEx

FedEx is a well-known shipping company established all around the world. There is a hidden arrow between the negative space of E and x. This arrow signifies the idea of moving forward with speed and precision, much like the FedEx brand.

  1. Carrefour

logos with hidden symbols Carrefour

Carrefour is a French multinational retailer. French for ‘crossroads’, the Carrefour logo features two arrows on both the left and right sides. Hidden between the two in the negative space is the letter ‘C’, standing for the brand name.

  1. Unilever

logos with hidden meanings Unilever

Unilever makes a lot of products, and to showcase that they created a ‘U’ out of a variety of icons symbolizing some of their core products. It’s a fun way to show they have their hands in a variety of areas and gives the viewer something to piece together.

  1. Toyota

logos with hidden images Toyota

Toyota has been around since 1990 for producing high-quality automobile vehicles. The logo contains three overlapping rings that symbolize the unification of Toyota customers and Toyota products. The background space represents the scope for technological development in the future.

  1. Audi

famous logos and their names AudiThe four rings represent the four different companies that came together to form the original Audi, Auto Union.

  1. Gillette

logos with hidden symbols Gillette

Gillette is a razor company. Their razor sharpness is reflected in their logo. The intricate and precise cut in the ‘G’ and ‘i’ look as though they’ve been carefully removed with an extra sharp Gillette razor.

  1. Kolner Zoo

logos with hidden meanings Kolner Zoo

The Kolner Zoo in Germany has a logo with many hidden meanings. In the picture of an elephant are a giraffe and a rhino. Hidden in the back legs of the elephant is the Cologne Cathedral, a famous local landmark.

  1. Hope for African Children Initiative

logos with hidden images Hope for african children initiative

The Hope for African Children Initiative (HACI) is a pan-African effort created to address the enormous challenges faced by millions of African children who have either been orphaned by AIDS or live with parents who are sick or dying from AIDS-related illnesses. The logo appears to be the simple outline of Africa but after looking carefully we observe that it is created by the contours of two people – an adult and a child.

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The Mystery of Famous Companies Logos


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