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About Me

A quick story

I am Shngain Kupar but My friends and family called me Ngain. Ngain is actually four letter word in our custom language where ‘Ng’ is a one letter / symbol . We pronounced it “ang”.

I used these username in the internet #ngain #skupars #skupars61 #wellomcbrain @KuparShngain #ngainshullai and #shngainkupar.

I’m 40 years old and live in the North Eastern Part of India and have been making a full time working online for years.In my life I found that Internet is my passion that gives me so many things to do or engaging me at all my spare time. Because I always wants to keep on learning anything new. I am very much interested in building my own Blog. 

I used to feature my Blog in so many different social media platforms in order to get myself recognised by those audiences who are interested in it. I have tried to write down here what ever I have learned so far so that I can minimise the mistakes of blogging to someone who is interested in blogging.

My Background

I am the founder of the Blog “”. I am a full time Internet Blogger now. After I finished my graduation I was very interested in doing anything online. Everytime I am free I am always online. But, due to struggling for my business I could not start a Blog of my own for all the years that are gone from my life.

My extra part time jobs are Small Landscape Developer and Real Estate, Poultry, Piggery and Fish Farm Owner, Natural Resources Transporter.

I am helpful, happy, truth-oriented, God’s belongings and beliefs, etc..

I work here Full Time and I have chosen my specific niche of helping peoples getting their sweet and simple life fulfilled with passion to work. Live a beautiful lifestyle through their specific field that they are interesting in.

I love Rock music, Gospel Songs, Football, Explore the un-explore world especially The Remote rural places, Development, Online Legitimate Business and Blogging.

My passion is cooking, learning about new ideas, writing unique contents and staying healthy. 

My niche here at Get Sweet Simple Life website is to open the unlimited opportunities to some specific audiences who are looking for a change through Working Independently at the best online industry available in the world today.

I am available here at My Website to show and teach peoples how to earn revenue from Amazon, Ebay, ClickBanks or any other Affiliate Associates Company that you signed up with your future niche website.

You can also earned through Google, Bing and Yahoo from the advertisements you signup with them through Adsense.

You can even open up a store at Amazon through your website. And there are lots of other ways that you can represent your website for making money from the comfort of your home with the help of your laptop.

Say, you maybe become a Full time writer like several other DIYers or newbies in this industry.

Everything will be based upon your own interest that will also turn into your passion, where you will not want to stop working due to its unlimited potential presence. 

In this generation, Technology have made it possible for any newbie (DIYers) to Building a website on its own from just a few clicks.

And writing your contents at your website becomes more easier and interesting because you are going to write something which is a specific ‘chosen one’ niche by your ownself; About your own field of interest; That you are having it as a Whole Life Talent.

Then, that will later be incorporated with the related market which are vast but less competitive caused from your specific niche compatibility.  

My Experiences

Being almost free, I somewhat fall again at those intervals of time doing nothing. I used to always love to be online with anything at all; May it be social media or anything useful and earn able.

Since being in pyramid MLM once, I used to search something else in the Net excluding the Network Marketing or Downline System.

I found Blogging and Affiliating and becomes very interesting because according to my life experiences I know and I am sure I can help so many peoples like me in this planet with the help of my website. I can help to direct ideas in different strategies and building of websites and blogs here with me.

I reviewed about Blogging and Affiliating not less 14 hours a day for a long two months. But it need only your interesting systematic hard work. I want to meet my goals day by day and face to face through hard work.

In the first three months of my blogging I was all alone and no one response to my blog. I was becoming hopeless but continue to create and upgrade my blog. Until the end of 4 to 5 months, My blog starts to get response through some peoples with different intention or niche who also wants to start blogging like me while I was a newbie. This is where my passion also increases and love working with it.

Importance of Owning a Blog

Building your own Blog is similar to Building your own House. It is one’s everlasting permanent asset that one may have in a lifetime. The royalty it pays is increasing ascendingly with respect to time. The older it gets, the bigger it pays. 

A well-builded Blog my even cost hundreds of million bucks. A Blog is unique in nature because the specific niche of one blogger is different to the specific niche of another blogger. Each and Every Blog have its own specific audience. 

I am also building this blog anytime I am free. The truth is that I am longing to see my own populated contents, tutorials, videos, courses, podcasts, etc. be one day flooded in this Blog and It will help others building their own. And at the same time providing passive incomes through many sources.

We can advice peoples through our Blogs to signup with legitimate platforms that they need to fulfill the requirements of their blogs with respect to their choices of themes, hosting, marketing tools, ads., etc.. And instead you will earn a commision on top of that as an Affiliate. 

Where do I based my blog

In the very beginning I have tried blogging through,,, and many more. No doubt I have learned so many experiences from these too. These above stated platforms are free to join.

Later I launched my blog through a paid or premium membership hosting and learning programs Company. But, after two months I quit being premium member and continue to blog on my own through their hosting platform.

I am going to tell you all the details where I based my blog at the next article post ” “

Interesting strategy to get my blog rolling : SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization in Google, Bing or Yahoo (Search) is our own strategy of marketing our blog through several Social media platforms where We focused on growing visibility of our blog in non-paid or free search engine results. The technical and creative tactics required to improve our blog rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in all search engines.

This Blog is for you

I have build this blog from my own personal knowledge and experience. I have tried to build this blog in a very simple steps and so that it’ll be easy for you to follow.

Somewhere there’s hard work, there is no talent

I discovered you will surely find a star when u concentrate at the empty space of stars in the sky

Are You Ready To Earn Money From Home Peacefully and Quiet?

I have owned and made this cute blog. I am very happy now. The interesting part is : Simple and Almost Free

Want to work with us? I’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions about anything , please leave your comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Again :::—-> I am going to tell you all the details where I based my blog at the next article post ” “

Welcome to My Blog!

Longing for you,

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