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How to find Online Courses Ideas with High Earning Potential to Quickly Make Money on Udemy

In a previous article, I explained how to use Udemy Insights Tool to find Udemy courses ideas that have high earning potential.

Udemy Insights: How to Find Profitable Online Course Niches to Make Money Online

In this article, I’m showing you five online courses topics that can make you money on Udemy, assuming you produce a high-quality course.

Udemy Marketplace Insights in a nutshell

When you access the Udemy Marketplace Insights platform you will be presented right away with five promising topics:


As you might notice right away, most of those topics are based on a niche and are quite technical.

For a topic like Dagger Injection Framework, you can make as much as $1,275 per month:


This, of course, assuming you’re able to produce a course that is of high quality compared to the few others available.

Other courses topics, like “Bug Bounty” can make you even more than that:



Yet those courses are for highly specialized professionals. So how do you make money on Udemy if you’re not a programmer, yet you want to produce some extra income?

Find broad interest areas for online courses

Online course opportunities aren’t only in very niche topics but can also be found in a more general matter, say Search Engine Optimization. in fact, if we look at the data as of now of Udemy Marketplace Insights you can see how a top performing course makes more than five thousand dollars per month:


The most popular topics within SEO are:


WordPress, Marketing Strategy and AdWords seem to be quite popular and with a high earning potential.

Find the interest into a broader topic to create your first online course

Other topics, like Growth Hacking, also have a good potential for monetizing on Udemy:


As you might notice in the top interests within Growth Hacking, there is Google Analytics. Thus, even within a wider topic, you can find an interest, a niche that can work well regarding monetization.

In fact, when I look at Google’s Analytics I find out that the earning potential is way higher than the more generic topic of Growth Hacking:


This process can go further. In fact let’s say that you are familiar with other free Google tools, like Google Tag Manager. You see that if we look at the earning potential, although lower. In fact, the top-selling courses about Google Tag Manager make $730 per month. However, there is to say that the topic is so specific that no course, for now, last longer than two hours.

What factors can you look at to make the final decision on what topic area to pick for your next Udemy course?

It’s all about conversion rates

Producing an online course is a challenging activity that requires so much efforts that you want to make sure you’ll at least recover the course expenses in the short term and keep making money in the long run.

On Udemy this not always works. In fact, you might work on a high-quality course yet not being able to monetize it properly. This happens because usually courses on Udemy are sold at aggressive discounts (often Udemy runs $9 courses temporary offers). Therefore, if you opt to create your course to make it available on Udemy, you better make sure that you’ll have enough traffic and conversions to build a long-term passive income. Otherwise, you’d be better off producing it on other online platforms, like Teachable, that allows you much more flexibility; the ability to have total control on pricing, and your audience.

Instead, if you decide to go for Udemy as an option; look at the conversion rates each topic has. This is information you get in the Udemy Marketplace Insights Tool:


Also, you want to make sure to select that topic that has the most potential in terms of acquisition channels.

What would acquisition channels help you understand whether the course is the right one?

If you are deciding to produce a course for Udemy, then you have to make sure to exploit its network as much as possible. As Udemy is a quite popular website, with its loyal user base, the two most important channels are:

  • Udemy discovery
  • Udemy search

Those channels are crucial so that you can take advantage of Udemy’s sales and marketing potential without spending resources in selling or marketing the courses on your own (especially if you’re just starting out).

Udemy discovery

The Udemy discovery comprises things like course recommendation emails and homepage recommendation. This, together with Udemy search is the most critical acquisition channels for your course. If the conversion rates on this channel are high, you can feel more confident that without you having to push the courses the sales will come in. Of course, before your course get recommended by Udmy discovery mechanisms, you have to drive your audience, to make sure to grow the review and enrollments quickly.

Udemy search

Udemy search is also critical. When someone searches for a course on Udemy, making sure that you are positioned and ranked well on the Udemy search results page is crucial to have sales come in. Also in this case, before you get good search volume, you want to make sure to optimize your course landing page with critical terms that cover the intents your students might have. For instance, if you created a course on financial analysis, don’t use just related keywords. But try to investigate the intent of your potential students. Is it a pay raise? A career advancement? Or to pass a test? Well, those will be your keywords (get a raise, advance your career, or pass the test).

In general, the higher the conversion rates and the higher the conversion rates on Udemy discovery and search, the more you can be sure that your course can be successful and make you money!


Key takeaway

Make money online has become very competitive. Thus, before you adventure in building an online business you want to make a bit of homework to make sure at least, you’ll recover the costs of your project and make passive income in the long run. To do so, Udemy makes available a useful tool, called Marketplace Insights, which allows you to analyze the several topic areas to find the ones that have the most earning potential.

As we saw, the specialized niches so far seem to be the ones with highest earning potential. However, also broader topics (like SEO) seem to be promising. Within those broader topics, you can find narrower areas of interests (like Google Analytics) that can make you an excellent passive income (assuming you produce a high-quality course).

Looking at the top-earning courses isn’t enough though. As you’re opting for Udemy as online course platform, you want to make sure you’ll have enough enrollments coming in. How? By looking at the conversion rates for the topic areas. But the Udemy discovery and Udemy search enrollments conversions are the key ingredients to make sure you’ll have enough sales coming in even though you won’t be doing much marketing in the long run (initially you have to make sure to push the course in any case).

So, what topic did you pick for your next online course?

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How to find Online Courses Ideas with High Earning Potential to Quickly Make Money on Udemy


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