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Taking inspiring actions vs forcing it


If you're familiar with the teachings of Abraham Hicks, you know what I mean by taking Inspiring Actions vs forcing or trying too hard. However, understanding it on an intellectual level and feeling it on a cellular level is totally different!

We are hard-wired to believe we have to work hard

I've been listening and applying, or should I say trying to apply, the LOA (Law Of Attraction) in my life since I decided to go for my dream and become an online entrepreneur. It's been the one thing that has given me the strength to keep going, to Overcome my fears, to have faith that everything works out for me. The problem is that even if I was listening, we are so hard-wired with limiting beliefs in our head that it's not always as easy to apply these teachings. Even though I wanted to and what I would hear made total sense, I was so used of thinking in the old traditional way that often, without even being aware of it, I would go back to my old limiting way of thinking.

Become consciously aware of your thoughts

Now that does take discipline and energy. But it really is worth it. Being aware of your thoughts is how you're going to catch yourself going back to old patterns. These old negative beliefs that have been holding you back most of your life. And it's how you're going to start to be able to change them. Create new neuronal paths and get rid of the old highways that your brain is so used to take. The goal is to focus on feeling good.

Taking forced action

This is why being aware of how you feel (ie your thoughts) is so important. When you take action in a state of mind that is vibrating in a low frequency, you work with resistance. And this is what we're being taught since we're born. "Life isn't supposed to be easy", "work hard and you'll succeed", "life is hard"... and so on. This is true if you decide it to be true. If you want something but believe that in order to get it you're going to have to work like crazy, then you're going to have to work like crazy to get it. That's why most people work so hard, often for little result. And why others seem to work just a few hours here and there and get everything they want.

Taking inspired action

These people are not genius or exceptional or lucky. They just understand how the LOA works and use it to their benefit. That is, the higher you vibrate, the better you feel and the more inspired you get. That's why, instead of working hard to get something in order to be happy (so you may believe), you have to approach it the other way round. First, get to this place where you feel happy within yourself, not depending on external factors. Then, listen to yourself. See what actions you feel inspired to take and take them. By doing so, you'll see that you begin to feel that work is easy, that the ideas flow and that the only thing you had to do was to shift your state of being.

Trust the process

Now I know, this may seem pretty simple. However simple doesn't mean easy. And it's not easy. The reason being that as I said at the beginning, we are hard-wired with beliefs that truly hold us back. The easiest way I have found to overcome those beliefs and fears is to surrender. To let go and trust the process. I know the life I had before, this corporate life is not for me. I tried for 20 years way enough of trying. In order to make the jump, to go for my dream and build my online business, I had to overcome fears. I had loads of them. Those fears were blocking me from moving on, I could feel it so clearly. The only way to overcome them is by releasing this energy that is stuck. And once you let go, you start realizing that those fears truly aren't real.

Learn to trust the process, to have faith in yourself and in the Universe. Know that everything is always working out for you. Focus on feeling good as much as possible. And start listening to what comes. When you feel like there's resistance in doing something, don't do it and do what you feel drawn to do (I'm not saying spending your day watching Netflix ;) ). Inspired actions will get you to where you want faster than when you force things. And you'll start to really see shifts happening in your life, in every area.



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Taking inspiring actions vs forcing it


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