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How To Apply Digital Emotional Intelligence To Fast-Track Your Online Business.

In this article I want to explain what Digital Emotional Intelligence (DEI) is, and how you can apply it to your online business. Here's the hack: DEI can directly be applied through using Seth Godin's Permission Marketing techniques...


Have you been seeing a lot of IQ Test apps popping up on your browser lately?

Over the past 100 years there has been an emphasis on the grey matter we have been born with, and measured by your Intelligence Quotient or IQ Test.

They say, the higher your IQ, the more chance you have for success in life. The average IQ score is about 100 and anything over 120 is considered very very smart.

Fun facts: Rowen Atkinson (Mr Bean) has an IQ of 178 which is considered a super genius even above the great Alfred Einstein and Stephen Hawking at 160!

Whilst some famous women with genius type numbers include the not so dumb blond character from 'Friends', Lisa Kudrow with 154(!), Madonna at 140 and Nicole Kidman coming in at 132.


"Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically."

Over the past decades EQ has become the buzz word and a key factor for people to rise in the corporate world, and to succeed in business. 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' anyone?

People who demonstrate these traits are seen as having the modern skill sets to climb to the top even if their IQ's are not in the super genius category.

Recently, a new set of skills have been added to the basket, they are now required for future proofing your career in this age of technological disruption.

These skill sets are called Digital Intelligence. Digital Intelligence is the ability to understand and synthesize digital data into customer-centric insights.

In other words, your ability to bring together a whole lot of data about people and be able to deeply understand who this person is, and what they need, and how to get this stuff to them, fast!


But arguably the future proof set of skills that trumps them all now, is the powerful combination of high Emotional Quotient and Digital Intelligence - Enter: Digital Emotional Intelligence (DEI).

With DEI we have a powerful combination of being able to understand data on an intuitive level (DI) and also being able to use this data effectively, or more importantly, empathetically (EQ) to create relationships with individuals within our niche market.

This is really drilling down into the nitty gritty. And this is what you need to do to create a loyal list of customers that keep coming back for more.

Ok, so we know what it is, but how do we apply it with a strategy?

In a book that was written nearly 20 years ago, by the godfather of online Marketing Seth Godin, he introduced a concept that would revolutionize online marketing called...


Permission Marketing!

Godin explained that traditional marketing techniques rely on interruption marketing like loud TV ads, blazing bill boards, or pop ups that interfere with viewing your website that would literally interupt what you were doing and intrude into your personal time and space.

These worked in the past when everyone watched the same TV shows, there was no internet, or when we were in the early days of the internet.

Companies had monopolies on advertising.

All they needed to do was to throw more money at a product, and the more they threw, the more attention they would get, and the more sales they would create.

But as the internet has taken over, and there are literally hundreds of cable channels, print media has decreased, and bill boards have become almost obsolete, interruptive marketing just doesn't work anymore.

In today's overload of messages, adverts, (fake) news coming at us constantly, Godin predicted 20 years ago that a marketing strategy that personalised its approach to customers and avoided mass marketing would be the most effective and profitable strategy ever.

3 Key Aspects of Permission Marketing:

1. Personalization: Permission marketing helps you target a specific audience according to their age, gender and geographical location.

2. Long-Term Relationships: By using social media and e-mails, you can interact and build long-term relationships with customers.

3. Marketing Reputation: You're marketing to those who are anticipating your information. This is important when you send materials to people so they don't feel uncomfortable about receiving it, because they already want to know about what you want to send.

Ok, so now let's look at some examples of what we mean by Permission Marketing.

Social Media is one of the most powerful formats of permission marketing that we have around us right now and it's all thanks to Godin's work.

'Friending', 'Liking', 'Following' anyone? Do you get how all of these actions are about asking and giving permission?

Facebook - To make someone your friend you need their permission right? You send them a request, they accept, then you can send them posts or your posts land on their page.

When you set up your business page, you want people to 'like' the page. When you have gained their permission to do this, they will already be open to receive information from your posts and this will drive traffic to your sites with people who are already interested in your products.

YouTube is also used by a lot of companies. You can upload, view and share videos and subscribe to different channels voluntarily. Importantly when advertising on YouTube, you can really go in deep to target the appropriate people in your niche.

All these are examples of permission marketing at work.

Ok, so where does this leave us with our DEI? Well, having a highly developed DEI matched with the power of Social Media enables you to be an extremely effective marketer.

Understanding how your customer feels about aspects of their lives, empathising and building trust with this customer and knowing how to answer their needs...

This is where you combine your DEI and Permission Marketing to turbo charge your online strategies.

If you want to find out more about the latest techniques in permission or attraction marketing to help your online business, come and meet my mentor Stuart Ross. Or click on the surrounding banners.

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How To Apply Digital Emotional Intelligence To Fast-Track Your Online Business.


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