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What is Man?

What is Man?

For countless years man has attempted to Understand what Man is. Religious gurus, scientist, philosophers, have dedicated lifetimes in pursuit of answers to the mysteries of how man fits into the universe, and how he functions. The religious minded say; God Created man in his own image and likeness (son). Scientist credit the evolutionary process for the status of today's man and his capacities. Some philosophers say that involution is the cause of every effect including man.

Likewise is man's quest to Understand who or what God is. The religious minded say God is the Supreme Being, the creator of the universe, the Alpha and the Omega. Scientist refer to this Being as not only the creator of the universe but also the expression of the highest vibration of Spirit, that sets at the top of the evolutionary process. Yet in the very beginning philosophers brought forth the original idea of a Supreme Being generally referred to by such names as; The Principle, The Absolute, The Causeless Cause, The Universal Spirit, or my favorite, simply the ALL. The ALL is everything, and everything is in the ALL.

Most would agree that the All being everything brings us to the terms; Omnipresent, Omniscience, Omnipotent. It then follows that Omnipresence includes the being of man. If then God (The ALL), is present within man, then man must also have inherited the other attributes; Omniscience, and Omnipotent.

This brings us to "God created Man in His own image", " the Kingdom of God is within", and "God is in His holy temple". We are therefore sons of God. A part of the Universal Spirit. Please Understand that a part of anything possesses the same substance and qualities of that which it comes from. Thus, "ye are little gods". Please be reminded that these quotes are taken from the "Holy Bible".

I find it particularly interesting that when you do the etymological research on the word "man" you find reference to the word "mind". Take the scripture " God made man in His own image", replace the word man with mind. It now reads "God made Mind in His own image". Thus, "you have the mind of Christ" (scripture).

Mind is stagnant (at rest), Thought is energy. Thinking is the process of this energy acting upon mind. The result is manifestation of that thought impression. The nervous system( brain, nerves, and solar plexus ) is the mechanism within man that works in conjunction with The Universal Spirit (God).

Thinking good thoughts, create good things (joy, peace, harmony). Thinking bad thoughts create bad things (fear, anger, jealousy, anxiety). You have the power to create that which you want. All power comes from within!

Now take a moment to look around. Every physical manifestation is an "effect" "caused" by the thinking of some man (or woman). What is Man? We are creators. We are the instruments through which " The Universal Mind" creates!

One final note, we have been given the greatest power ever conceived. More powerful than the worlds most powerful killing machines. This power has not, and will not ever be equaled, or duplicated by all the scientist of the world. That is the power to create another MAN. Another MAN to continue the evolutionary process.

"You must BE before You can Do; You can only DO to the extent of who YOU are, and YOU are what You THINK".....unknown

"Simply Become Who YOU Are".....unknown


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What is Man?


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