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"What Did I Learn Today?"


When I started composing my very first blog posts it took me ages to complete each and every single one. I talk about DAYS! It was just frustrating. I sat in front of the computer hours long thinking about what and how to Write. And the more I concentrated on bringing valuable contents to my readers, the more I had the feeling that I was trying to write on demand without really tapping into the real source of inspiration inside of me. That indefinite source of inspiration which guides the fingers on the keyboard, as on automatic pilot, transforming thoughts into words and letting them flow spontaneously and fluently. Words just did not flow. I had written and posted a couple of articles, but I had not really that much fun in doing it. It was time and energy consuming and I needed to find a solution to speed up the process and start enjoying that. Because if you don't enjoy something what's the point of keeping doing it?

So I took a break. A long break. Doing that I broke the commitment I had taken to write regularly and concentrated in getting my mind free to finally find my inner voice. And I have got the feeling that I am now on the right path.

I realised one thing. If you are not used to write at all, trying since the very beginning to follow too many rules, as I was doing, can make the whole process even just too complicated. We all have to start small in order to progress gradually and develop to higher levels of mastery through constant exercise and dedication. But it is something that needs to be done step by step. Nobody becomes an expert in one day.

For sure following Writing rules can make your writing style more entertaining and appealing for your readers, or can allow you to be found easier on the web, but I realised that for me it was like trying to learn writing before even knowing the alphabet. You need to learn the basics first. And then you can move to the next level.

The very basic for me at the beginning turned out to be to first develop the habit of writing regularly. And to do it from a space of inspiration and peacefulness. Without concentrating too much on delivering the best valuable content to my target but rather trying first to share my thoughts in the simplest way possible, as if writing a personal daily JOURNAL.

The best way to do that is to ask yourself: "What did I learn today?".


This is a powerful principle I have been taught when I first started to look for that inner voice. But I was pointing my focus a way too far.

I was so concentrated in finding valuable knowledge to teach that I was not even really aware of what was exactly the lesson that I wanted to share. And the most important point in teaching is having clear in mind which is the lesson. What was my daily lesson? So I realised that moving the attention from "What can I teach?" to "What did I learn?" took much of the pressure and stress away.

Now, before starting writing any blog post, I am writing on the top of the page: "What did I learn today?". And I just let words come out fluently. Not too much of control. Not too much of a plan. Just the intention to go with the flow... and have fun with it!

Sincerely Yours,

Valentina Colombari

Air Hostess and Online Marketer :-)

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Valentina Colombari - "What Did I Learn Today?" - Top of Page

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"What Did I Learn Today?"


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