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The power of decision

The only thing that stands between you and the achievement of your desire is the decision to achieve it, and the commitment to follow through on that decision

People everywhere are stopped from making any real progress towards their goals due to indecision.

Ambiguity and 'sitting on the fence' creates within us a build-up of unresolved issues that gather around us like a fog and cause much despondency which can lead to unhappiness and suffering on mental, emotional and physical levels!

Every one of us is faced with decisions to make each day and it is those who are adept at handling this skill who progress through life and toward their dreams...

If you haven't yet learned to harness the power of decision you can with practice!

This doesn't mean we should always know what the right decision is in every circumstance - how can we? It means that we do something rather than nothing, it means we take some action on the situation that lies in front of us so that we can continue moving forward!

The power of decision

This is the whole life experience - to learn from OUR OWN choices and to keep moving forward so that we can become wise in our own way and develop the freedom that comes with true self-knowledge...

A lot of us are afraid of making the bigger decisions in life in case we make the wrong ones... But let's face it - it's the 'wrong decisions' that actually give us the most valuable lessons and allow us to learn the correct actions to take in the future. They actually turn out not to be so wrong after all but absolutely necessary!

Our society has created a sense that failure is bad and that if we don't 'get it right the first time' then we should give up! But if this was the case we wouldn't have nearly all of the inventions that we take for granted these days... Thomas Eddison's creation of the incandescent light bulb is a great example of this!

The power of decision

This attitude is natural to us and so it should be...

For without it, we would not even be able to walk! We would have attempted to learn to walk as a toddler, then fallen over and stayed laying on the ground with the thought "Oh well I guess this walking business just isn't for me..."

Trial and error, living and learning and course correction are absolutely vital in the progress and development of all life, without them we would just stagnate. The ability to move forward without addressing present circumstance and taking some form of action is impossible.

When you are faced with uncertainty - know that you have in front of you an excellent opportunity to learn and grow - even if you don't make the choice that gets you to your desired outcome straight away! For it is in the process of moving towards our target that we discern the knowledge and wisdom to eventually get there...

When we look at any truly successful people in the world, whether that be in business, sport, art, the overcoming of immense personal challenges or otherwise, we will always find that the individual in question will have come up against huge odds and will have most definitely 'got it wrong' numerous times but picked up and continued on...

The power of decision

The Path to success is NEVER going to be a straight line, it may be in your mind but as soon as you put your foot out and begin to move forward you will be met with obstacles that you will need to surmount by making choices.

The problem is that although a lot of people want to change their lives for the better they are afraid of making the committed decision to do so because they don't know how they are going to get there... Well, the truth is that anyone who takes on a Grand Vision doesn't know how they are going to achieve it - otherwise, it wouldn't be called a grand vision!

They only know that they will achieve it...

It is as if you are walking along a misty path at night and all you have with you is a torch, you can see the few steps ahead of you but that's all. However, as you continue to walk the next few steps become clear, and the next and so forth...

Living like this we can develop an unshakeable trust in life, the feeling that comes from being able to make our own decisions, to learn from them, then to continue on towards our success is a truly liberating one...

"This thing is God-to be Man with thy might,
To grow great in the strength of thy spirit,
And live out thy life as the light"
- Charles Swinburne

With the internet now it is more than ever all too easy to be swayed by the opinions of others, with online reviews and forums for just about anything its a wonder that any of us make up our own minds about anything at all!

Of course, this resource can be useful to a point such as when booking hotels and looking for restaurants etc. But it really can become a big obstacle on the path to following our own instincts as we become confused and lost in the multitude of other voices and reasonings out there...

The power of decision

We can step out away from the mass uncertainty and forge our own path in life...

Make the decision TODAY that you are going to be the authority on your own life, that you will make your own choices, informed of course, but true to yourself and with the intent of creating a life YOU WANT for yourself...

Once you begin to harness the power of decision, you will truly enter onto your own path of self-discovery and you will find that as you make more and more decisions that the skill becomes stronger and your confidence in your ability grows. The confidence to handle any outcome of any decision that you may make...

Clear yourself of the clutter of opinion and stand alone, not as an isolated unit but as an individual portion of the whole...

Keep on gently pushing through and your confidence will catch you up!

I did this and my whole life started to change...

The power of decision.

Dan Gifford - Wellness and Energy coach

Create the life and business you love! Access your freedom now!

I discovered my online voice and found a way to bring it to the world by learning how to use the internet in the most productive and enlightened way! Click here to meet my mentors...

Dan has spent the last 20 years of his life studying the principles of happiness, health, prosperity, and freedom within many different cultures and had the opportunity to learn from many masters. He has delved deep into what makes us tick and has now made it his life's work to bring his knowledge and experience to the world with one mission: To inspire others and lead them onto their true life path - creating a better world for all!

Dan is a certified Wellness coach, a master practitioner of NLP, teacher of Qigong and Taoist meditation, and practices Reiki at master level, along with other energy healing techniques.


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The power of decision


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